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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'

 4.5/5 (322)

    good results
    the kit was very good and the mushis good as well . zamnesia has definetly an excelent customer service team which is great and very helpful .thanks a lot guys !


    Peu de récolte
    Je suis déçu, depuis un an par la qualité des barquette qui était très bonne il y a quelques années, mais la malgré un environnement adéquate je n'arrive à récolté qu'un flush correct mais les suivant sont très maigre.. Malgré un message envoyé à vos service je n'ai eu aucune réponse de votre part..


    Very good kit!
    Very happy with the B+ kit and the zamnesia support. First of all my first kit came and had no mycleium growth ontop of the kit.. I let if going but after 2 weeks nothing had happened. Zamnesia were straight on the job and let me place a new order for a free grow kit which came in less than a week! Very big mushrooms first flush around 100g. Hoping for more on the second!


    My favourite
    Love this strain , as always first class service from Zamnesia, love you guys !!


    Kit arrived fairly promptly, and shrooms grew well. First flush produced 190g wet weight and dried to about 20g. Tried a small dose using 'lemon Tek' (ground up mushrooms, soaked in fresh lemon juice and taken as a shot) We only had two grams, (after eating a meal, bad idea) between four people, just as a bit of a test - warm fuzzy light trip, with some giggles and slight visuals - bear in mind this was only about a half a gram each! Currently awaiting news of second flush, as my timing was bad and ordered just before Christmas and just before going on holiday, so no time to take them properly and have had to give kit to a friend for babysitting the second flush! Pins already appearing :) I do wish I had known to remove the whole cake from the box (sterile of course) to pick the shrooms from the side off, then replace the cake in box, but didn't do this after the first flush. This is because mushroom matter seemed to be left down the sides, and it's a worry that it may go rotten or mouldy? Hope not! Otherwise, all fantastic! Thank you Zamnesia :)


    Por enquanto tudo bem
    É a primeira vez que pedi estes kits, já fiz 2 colheitas com um total de 460g frescos, aguardando as restantes, obrigado zamnesia


    Excellent service and products
    I'm happy to see that Zamnesia are shroom shipping grow kits again to the UK. The service is hassle free and the kits are always delivered on time. I've never had them grow like they do in the pictures, as most seem to grow around the edges, regardless of whether I leave the kit in the box or not. I still get a good amount of shrooms though, when all the flushes have done their job


    Small first flush
    Its still early days, but first flush was just 2 large mushrooms (still drying, so dont know dry weight. It looks like only five or six fruits coming through on second flush. Both flushes at edge of box, nothing growing at all in the middle, so its not been great up to now, but still exciting for my first time growing :)


    I've ordered many kits, and B+ seems to be the most "flushy" of them all. As said in the description, it is possible to get 7 flushes, but ofcourse that needs some proper attention. Its not impossible to get nearly 50g of cracker dry shrooms with good care. Thanks, my only shop where i buy "magic" :) Warm fuzzy feeling inside when tripping, soft and calm trips. I have vivid imagination, so visuals comes out to existence already with +2g doses.


    B+ trip
    From big kit I get 40g of dry mushroom and I'm happy about it. Trips was very powerfull and magic, everybody was satiesfied. I RECOMEND IT for everybody!!!

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