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Magische Trüffel Valhalla

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    I think I'm done with truffles
    I had high hopes for truffles and especially the Valhalla strand. My truffle road-map these last weeks has been to start off slowly (Fantasia), then ramp it up (Atlantis) and then go for the strong stuff (Hollandia) and top it off with the supposed strongest there is (Valhalla). Honestly at this point I think I'm done with truffles as they don't seem to give me the experiences I was hoping for. You hear talk of hallucinations, seeing life in a whole new way, them being this life-altering experience. I unfortunately got none of that. For me by far the best "trip" was the Atlantis. That made me sit comfortably down in my chair and I could drift off to some nice music and it did give me another perspective. Not so much to life or anything profound, but just the way you see things, it was a pleasant feeling that lasted about 3 hours. If every trip was like that I'd probably continue to take truffles, but if I'm honest: I want to see some shit you know? I don't even want to see outer space, look outside the window and see dragons flying around. Some people make it sound like that's what it's like but to me it's almost like being drunk but without the downside of a hangover. Now my expectations were maybe unrealistic but I at least expected the Valhalla to give me the ultimate version of what I had experienced with the Atlantis, so I still got pretty excited. And before you ask, I waited a full week before taking other truffles, I know the effect is a lot worse if you take them too soon after one another and I always take them on an empty stomach and I take the full 15 grams at once. So after about an hour, the yawns kick in (I never get giggles or anything, just yawns) and I make it a point to go to another room in my house (the last 3 were in my living room and I wanted a new location). The effects start kicking in and the same as always happens: walls start to slightly move (I do mean slightly, this isn't some crazy "woooow, the walls are moving!" thing, being drunk does roughly the same) and then I start concentrating on specific things otherwise nothing will happen and I do start seeing things with a new pair of eyes. Honestly I couldn't even recall what happened, it's not like my video games suddenly came to life or if I thought I was in a different location, it's just an altered state of mind. It's certainly not an unpleasant feeling, it's quite nice really, but simply not what I hoped would happen. But after about 45 minutes the effects started going away and I went downstairs and in lieu of anything better to do I put on Spirited Away, the brilliant Hayao Miyazaki film. I figure that's a good one for truffles, but outside of me being glued to the screen a bit more, it's just me watching the movie on my couch. Nothing crazy about that. I find in general it's better to not watch TV, you have to try and lose yourself in the moment otherwise nothing really happens. If I needed to I could just function as normal with a bit of extra concentration, you can bring yourself back to reality way too easily. The three truffles I mentioned I tried in the weeks before this never gave me any problems afterwards; the trip generally last just short of 3 hours, I go to bed and that's that. But in the hours after the Valhalla wore off (which was after 2 hours, that's way faster than normal) I started feeling a bit sick and suddenly found myself rushing to the bathroom to vomit it all out (I had eaten some snacks a few hours after taking the truffles). I don't know if that were the truffles (bad batch maybe?) or the food (some light snacks so I doubt it), but that a pretty bad way to end the evening. And with that I decided to stop doing truffles: the effects are way too weak and it's just too expensive for what it is. Maybe I'll try the Atlantis ones someday, those were by far the most effective for me. I realize that it differs from person to person and reading the reviews, that definitely seems to be the case, maybe I'm somehow resistant to them? I'm also a very content person (not suggesting that other people aren't btw), I have a pretty casual, problem-free life, never did drugs, don't smoke, hardly drink (mostly at parties a few times a year) and I've always thought hallucinogenics were super-interesting and completely up my alley. That was the one drug I'd like to try in my life before I die, but sadly truffles did not give me any hallucinations or really anything close to what I was after. So unfortunately, my adventure with drugs has come to a somewhat anti-climactic end. Again, I know everyone reacts differently to things and don't let my mediocre experiences deter you from trying it for yourself, you might be riding dragons through the night-sky, I hope you do, but this was simply my own point of view and I think having multiple views is worth more.


    J'ai pris environ 10g de suite et un trip super sympa, plein de couleur, sensation de bien etre, ca a jamais ette trop fort a plus rien comprendre (c'est bien aussi) j'ai pris le reste du sachet mais ca n'as pas relancer le truc, j'ai pu manger avec un appetit d'ogre (le genre de gros repas du foncdé) et je me suis endormi comme un bebe, reveille super en forme et bien reposé! je recommande


    After 18h fast I ate 15gr for 70gr of body weight. Ingestion strait from the fridge chewing the truffles very slowly one by one. They have a nutty flavour and imho more neutral taste than shrooms, but then again I like the taste anyhow. The effect came on mildly after 30 min and although I thought the peak was in after 2h but there are actually several waves coming. The whole trip lasted 6h in total and if you like to travel, it will take you places! There were many insights offered, some visuals, deep thoughts, not much of an energy provider. Not recommended for beginners but if you feel you want to try, go for it. Measure your dose according to your experience. This was my second time on these philosopher stones but have much experience with psychedelics overall. Next time I'll try another kind just to compare. But many thanks to the Zamnesia team, fast delivery, great product and good service ;)


    Un beau voyage !
    C'est la première fois que je testais les truffes, un peu moins bon en goût par rapport aux champignons. Les effets ont commencés à apparaître au bout de 45min, une montée légère, puis ensuite sont arrivés les effets visuels, une distorsion des perceptions, des belles couleurs.. L'endroit était propice, et c'était juste magique !! Je n'hésiterai pas à en recommander, merci pour le voyage :D


    Premier trip au truffes aprés avoir consommé des champi normaux et d'autres Psyché il y a quelque années, et bien je doit dire qu'avec 9g j'ai passé 3h30 de trip plutot sympathique, visu pas extrêmement puissante mais bien présente, effet physique et mental exquis, je recommande pour moi ça vaut totalement un trip sous champot normaux, peut être un peu moins long (apres j'ai pas mal bu de truc sucré pendant le trip)


    Maby next time
    I don't know why but something went wrong. I took 10g. I was confused, a bit lost, sometimes nervous and frustrated. I had the impression that I was falling asleep but did not fall asleep or awake. There were many thoughts but it wasn't a trip. Not much has happened visually. Maybe I had bad setting or attitude.


    Snelle levering, één zakje Valhalla was niet vacuüm en is voor mij niet betrouwbaar vers
    Snelle levering, maar één zakje bleek niet vacuüm te zijn. Er zat lucht in het zakje. Andere zakje was wel wel dicht. Het open zakje is voor mij niet betrouwbaar meer omdat na opening maar enkele dagen houdbaar. Ik zal melding maken bij Zamnesia en hoop op een nieuwe verpakking die ik wel kan vertrouwen.


    Absolutely amazing


    C'est une bombe psychédélique
    Que ce soit les truffes Valhalla, Utopia ou alors Hollandia elle sont tous simplement énormes pour les personnes habitué 15g et vraiment correcte pour un voyage puissant et visuel de toute façon c'est le but recherché jamais déçu des produit de chez zamnesia respect à vous peace


    Great experience
    The delivery came home faster than I thought! I am experienced with psylocibin, mostly truffles, so I wanted to go for something strong. This has been definitely one of the best ideas I have had since we're confined at home! I will probably repeat. Thank you Zamnesia

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