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Magische Trüffel Hollandia

 4.5/5 (686)

    We ate half a pack each and we had an awesome trip !


    Great trip.


    So cool
    I was a bit afraid of testing mushrooms. I took juste an alprazolam 0,5 and tried just a piece. Not any panic so I ate all. It was a wonderful colorful trip ! I recommend for any people like visual effects. Everything seems to be smooth and easy, colorful and moving. My trip last for 5/6hours but it seemed to me like 1 hour. I’d like to do it again. For info I take escitalopram 10mg per day and no interaction was noticed.


    Super magic and beautiful trip
    I highly recommend the Hollandia truffles provided by Zamnesia. Fast delivery and easy to order. I have used these truffles for several trips and all times have worked well for me and my friends. I eat one pack (15 grams) each time I want to have strong visuals and chill, when I want to get a deeper trip and mystical experience, I usually eat 7 to 10 grams more. Nevertheless.. this is just advisable for people that knows already how to trip on psychedelics. For beginners, I will start with half a pack (7 grams) and in case you don't feel any effects in the first hour and a half, eat the other half. Always when I am about to trip I used to have an empty stomach or at least 6-8 hours of fasting after a meal. This is a very important thing to take into account so the truffles can make its work. Remember that the setting is important, tripping in a calm and safe environment brings really fruitful experiences.