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Magische Trüffel Tampanensis

Magische Trüffel Tampanensis

Der Psilocybe Tampanensis ist perfekt geeignet für fortgeschrittene Psychonauten. Diese Sorte wurde erstmals in Tampa, Florida, im Jahre 1977 gefunden und ist als "Stein der Weisen" bekannt. Auf unserer 5 Finger Skala geben wir ihm eine 3,5 - eine mittelstarke Sorte, die starke Hallus, kreatives Denken und ein Gefühl der Nähe zur Natur.

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Magische Trüffel Tampanensis - Perfekt geeignet für fortgeschrittene Psychonauten


Der Psilocybe Tampanensis ist vergleichbar mit dem Psilocybe Mokum, aber die optischen Auswirkungen sind intensiver. All Deine Sinne werden geschärft sein - tatsächlich wird die ganze Welt um Dich herum anders aussehen und sich ganz anders anfühlen. Warme Schauer (manchmal Schockwellen, je nach Dosis) werden durch Deinen Körper rauschen und Du wirst erfüllt sein von Euphorie. Diese magischen Trüffel werden aus gutem Grund "Stein der Weisen" genannt - nicht nur daß Du in die Lage versetzt wirst, auf sehr kreative Weise zu denken, sondern Du findest auch noch (sprituelle) Erleuchtung, bei hohen Dosierungen könnte man in der Lage sein zu verstehen, wie das ganze Universum funktioniert!


Der Psilocybe Tampanensis ist eine der stärkeren Sorten magischer Trüffel - wir stufen ihn als eine 3,5 auf unserer 5 Finger Skala ein. Bereits 7,5 Gramm sind ausreichend für eine erste Erfahrung mit einer leicht verbogenen Realität. Ab 10 Gramm sprechen wir von einem mittelstarken Trip und die volle Ladung von 15 Gramm ist genug Treibstoff, um Deinen Geist in unbekannte Höhen zu heben (nur fortgeschrittenen Psychonauten empfohlen). Für die meisten Leute ist die beste Methode magische Trüffel zu sich zu nehmen, sie einfach gut durchzukauen und zu schlucken - andere (die den leicht nussigen, säuerlichen Geschmack nicht mögen) machen einen Tee mit ihren magischen Trüffeln, indem sie sie in heißes Wasser oder Tee geben - verwende hierbei kein kochendes Wasser, denn es würde nur die Substanzen in den Trüffeln abbauen.


Jeder reagiert anders auf die Wirkung von Psilocybin - fang immer mit einer kleinen Dosis an und arbeite Dich von da aus schrittweise hoch, um die beste Dosis für Dich zu finden. Magische Trüffel sind nicht für Personen unter 18 Jahren bestimmt und sind absolut nicht geeignet für schwangere Frauen. Nimm keine magischen Trüffel, wenn Du mental instabil bist, in schlechter Laune oder deprimiert; kombiniere magische Trüffel niemals mit Alkohol, Antidepressiva oder anderen Drogen/Medikamenten - illegalen oder verschriebenen.

*Könnnen für maximal zwei Monate im Kühlschrank aufbewahrt werden. Nachdem die Packung geöffnet wurde, sind sie nur noch für zwei Tage haltbar.

*MushMagic Trüffel werden nicht in den Dosen ausgeliefert, es sei denn es wird angefordert.


    Von am 03/Okt/2017 :

    Titel : Great
    Kommentar : Shipping (within the NL) was super fast, it only took 2 days. The product arrived intact and in good conditions. I took the very same day it arrived the full load, 10g first and another 5g after one hour. The trip was very powerful, both for visuals and for the alteration of perception of reality - it lasted also quite a bit, 5h of full effect + 2 hours of slow 'recovery'. The feeling of euphoria was contained, but still rather strong, and I've had a lot of fun exploring philosophical ideas. I've also had a lot of fun observing the clouds above me out of my window! Overall judgment: 100% satisfied, will definitely do again - after I've finished trying all the others!

    Von am 27/Sept/2017 :

    Titel : Hilarious
    Kommentar : Funniest experience ever, me and my boyfriend took these about 9am for breakfast, kicked in after about 40 mins. Non stop laughing, bright colours, some visuals and a hilarious trip. Only downside was the headache I experienced after, but that's to be expected. Just make sure you're not near any air conditioners when you take them hahaha

    Von am 13/Sept/2017 :

    Titel : First try - emotional trip XD
    Kommentar : These have been my first magic truffles. As a first timer I decided on taking about 5gr. I took them with no food on my stomach, they tasted kinda horrid XD have to look for ways of ingesting them without having to chew and feel every flavour. At first they made me kinda gag but managed to keep them inside. They took well over 2h to start taking effect. My trip was a very emotional/philosophical trip, I wouldn't say the best as I spent crying and thinking out loud for a couple of hours, but meaningful. They have changed some things of how I think - over time, I took them at the beginning of July and we are now mid September - they made me realize many things and retrospect quite a lot. Overall I liked them, but don't wanna repeat this kind in a while.

    Von am 01/Sept/2017 :

    Titel : Great support service!
    Kommentar : I took one full bag of 15 g, two friends took 7.5g each and another friend took 7.5 g and then the other 7.5 after two hours, but he felt nothing. It was the first time of my other two friends taking truffles and I would say they had a great time. For me, I expected a stronger trip, there were almost no visuals and no distorsions of reality, but inside I felt really relaxed. It wasn't bad, but I expected I would go crazy taking the whole 15 g. My first time with truffles I took 7.5 g of Atlantis and I tripped much more, maybe because those were lot stronger or it may really depend from trip to trip IDK Truffles I would rate them 3/5 and for strength 2.5/5. Customer service 6/5, great support, they will help you with everything!

    Von am 31/Aug/2017 :

    Titel : njam njam :)
    Kommentar : Heerlijk truffelsoortje niet te sterk en ook zeker niet te mild! Had ze genomen op een warme zomerdag in de hangmat samen met een ballonnetje .Wat een prachtige dag was dit! Bedankt voor deze ervaring zamnesia!

    Von am 08/Aug/2017 :

    Titel : Not the strongest but not bad either
    Kommentar : I got the feeling that the 3.5 strength rating is a little bit too high, led me to expect a little bit more. I've had much stronger and deeper experiences with a half dose of mexicana before which are rated here as a 2.5. Maybe that's just me though. Fairly interesting trip, took about an hour to kick in, quite creative and in the late stages very thoughtful but not much in the way of visuals or really losing yourself in it, the high point of the trip didn't last that long either. Not at all a bad experience but left me wanting a bit more, would definitely recommend for beginners.

    Von am 08/Aug/2017 :

    Titel : They take a long time to arrive
    Kommentar : These magic truffles are fine, but should make it clear that the environment is much more important than the mood, because you can see negative things even if you feel good. And they could also make a scale of reality, as these truffles keep you on the ground, but with more power can be an incredible journey and a great scare for the novice. Finally I consider that the effect of this magic is very interesting.

    Von am 12/Jul/2017 :

    Titel : Tampanensis
    Kommentar : Everybody's journey on these will be different. Mine? i'm a bedroom tripper. Full bag. They took well over an hour to kick in. Was flat on my back in a dark room with music through headphones. Limbs went heavy. The music got deeper. Started feeling every drum beat, every noise. At the peak, I got that glow of magic, dreamy contentment. So many ideas, so many big thoughts. I was conscious through the whole thing. On stronger truffles, one gets swept off to a deeper galaxy. Out of control in a rainbow of beauty. These, the visuals were not so strong. These are fine for a mellow sunday afternoon inner peace journey, they will get you there, but the colours won't be as bright. But that's ok.

    Von am 03/Jul/2017 :

    Titel : wow
    Kommentar : so interesting trip :)

    Von am 15/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Trippping major ballsack
    Kommentar : I read the reviews and i started to regret buying them because of the negative responses. I read a lot of comments about them being quite weak and not having many visuals. So, i took the full 15g straight after coming home from the gym. I didnt feel anything for about 45 minutes, but at the 45 minute mark i started to see swirls on the tips of my fingers and i knew i was in for a good trip. They hit me like a train and i lay in bed with headphones on and a peaceful soundtrack to the trip. I have never experienced truffles as strong as them before so it was all new to me. I saw galaxies spiral in front of my face then disappear and a single carbon atom floating in front of me (all this happened with my eyes closed). I experienced other beautiful visuals but typing wont do it justice. I would definately recommend them. The visual trip lasted about 4 hours and wore off completely at about 6 hours.

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