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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'

 4.5/5 (341)

    Super en soirée entre potes, rigolade assurée


    Good kit
    Good kit first flush 125gram fresh now waiting for the second flush


    First experience
    As my first experience with a mushroom grow kitI can't say honestly if the product is worth or not, or either better or worse compared to others. I followed the instructions very carefully, sanitizing everything around me to avoid contamination. After only a week I couple of tiny heads appeared. Now, after almost 3 weeks, I can count 5-7 small caps(0.5cm tall) and some "white foam" that looks mould. I don't know if I'm on the right path, but in my inexperienced honest opinion, it's quite slow and not very productive this first flush. Let's see in a couple of weeks if the situation is getting better!


    Best customerservice
    The growkit was contaminated after a few days. Customservice sended me a new one.


    Numero Uno
    I have been a customer of Zamnesia for many years and have ordered many grow kits. Have tried grow kits from all of their providers. The range of products and the superb customer service make Zamnesia "Numero Uno" on my list. Simply the best. Thank you.


    Bad Product when compared to other kits
    Couldnt grow a single shroom with this kit sadly. I will stick to growkits you flush first again


    Super service client
    Mon produit a eu un problème et il mon tout de suite proposé de me le remplacer il on un super service client en qu'à de problème


    No 2nd/3rd Flush
    Cannot recommend this Box. First Flush got 8g dried, second Flush got 1.2g dried. I did everything exactly as mentioned in the manual and worked very clean. Have thrown the Kit away after the "2nd. Flush". Support replies quickly but cannot help in my case.


    The B+ has started to fruit! And we are all smiles at my house.


    Great Kit
    Fantastic kit having a decent first flush so far, would recommend this kit


    Livraison génial
    Livraison génial très rapide, meilleur SAV !


    Thanks to customer service !
    I had some problem with my box but the service offered me some solutions, thanks !


    Beautiful grow kit
    Easy to use Many mushrooms Taste really good Thank you


    After several tries (some kits were not functionning or contaminated), and thanks to the customer service of Zamnesia (good support, reactive and understanding), I could grow and harvest my mushrooms. Thanks !


    4 weeks in and only tiny shrooms
    Four shrooms have broken the surface and the tallest is about 1cm - after 4 weeks! Not impressed...


    My first kit I ordered, to my disappointment didn’t even give me a single shroom. However thanks to zamnesias excellent customer service I received a complementary kit which has just had its first harvest. The first flush was pretty weak and I’m waiting hoping for more flushes, but I seem to have been more lucky using zamnesias “Fresh” kits and might stick to them more in the future. Over than that B+ seems like one of the better strains I’ve tried, but nothing beats the “Golden teacher” ;-)


    Best Customer Service EVER!!!!!
    Unfortunately my kit was contaminated from start but the exceptional support that zamnesia has they offered a free replacement. Shout out to the best customer support I’ve encountered. Grazie ragazzi, siete davvero i migliori!!!!


    Extraordinaria atenciĂłn al cliente !
    En calidad de producto y SATISFACCIÓN al cliente son los mejores. Rápidos, amigables y con un servicio al cliente extraordinario. Hoy día nadie te trata tan bien como Zamnesia.


    Excellent service
    Unfortunately my kit was contaminated from start but the exceptional support that zamnesia has they offered a free replacement. Hands down the best customer support I’ve encountered. You wont regret it! I will order all of my supplies from Z in the future :)


    Purtroppo anche questo kit non si è rivelato produttivo, nonostante l'assoluta precisione nel controllare e mantenere le condizioni indicate. Seconda spesa fatta è risultata totalmente infruttuosa. Pessima esperienza anche con il servizio clienti: sono al 100% insoddisfatta dell'esperienza di acquisto.


    Good kit
    I got the first flush (250g fresh) after three weeks, very nice mushrooms, the second flush e week after, a third flush pending. I recommand this kit, my second try a good results each time. I must say that the after-sales service is very responsive and efficient: I previously bought a kit that did not work very well (not a failure but a low yeld), after few exchanges that allowed me to explain the problem, a new kit was offered as compensation. A very good service I must say


    Not arrived (?)
    Order arrived but without containing my ordered growkits :( Very sad


    Very Top
    Je ne peux que conseiller Zammesia, pour leurs produits et le service


    Risate garantite.
    Funghi bellissimi, facili e divertenti. QualitĂ  ottima.


    very good, but
    ..i'd wish you would put out a more detailed manual/guide on your website, i.e you say "soak box in water and put with closed lid into cold place for 9-12 hours" i did that but i didnt know what i did that for, only later i found out through other people that it was to make mycelium spread better, but my mycelium didnt spread well - should have waited longer, so my flush was actually weak... otherwise a great kit!


    Awesome customer-care service
    After I bought a kit that didn t go well for somme reason, I contacted them to complain , and they sent me a new kit for free , as well as a smaller mexican kit from Supagro as a gift ! That is the reason why they are the best , very trustworthy and they take great care of their customers ! Couldn t be happier , thanks very much !


    Pacco nato contaminato. Peccato.


    Easy Grow, Big Shrooms
    Easy to grow kit, follow the instructions and bingo. Big sized shrooms, will do several flushes


    Quick and easy
    This kit has worked like a charm. By following the instructions I got the first flush (~220g fresh, ~22g dried) after two weeks and the second flush is beginning to peek out after another week.


    Delusione totale, non era un b+
    Ho ordinato 1 supagrow b+ma sono usciti piccoli frutti bianchi a forma di palla, ho scritto al servizio clienti, inviando anche foto come prova, e sono stato ignorato. La email ricevuta chiedeva in automatico che temperatura, se lo avevo immerso ecc... Sono un buon cliente e compro da zamnesia da anni.. Mi aspettavo una sostituzione, invece no. Sconsiglio di comprare kit da zamnesia. Avete perso un cliente! Andrea Giaguaro.


    très déçu
    Deuxième achat de cette box, deuxième échec ... J'ai déjà utilisé cette box venant de vos concurrents, jamais eut de soucis .. Je suis minutieux et appliqué. J'ai contactez le service client puis plus de réponse de leur part aprèsl'envoi de 'preuves'


    Great Shrooms Quality but...
    ... ... But you have to be very careful when handling this kit. Disinfection of hands and arms is absolutely essential! This kit needs daily humidification, which means more chances for germs and mold to invade your crop. For me, Zamnesia kits are way much simpler and more productive.


    Perfetto. ha fatto 3 gettate


    Super sérieux
    C’est ma deuxième commande chez Zamnesia mais malheureusement mon kit n’as pas fonctionné… cependant la livraison est plus que rapide, en contactant le service après vente, Zamnesia m’as renvoyé un nouveau kit. Grand merci à eux pour leur sérieux et leur professionnalisme


    Gut gewachsen
    Gut getrippt :)


    Aaaah si quanti bei ricordi e quante risate.. il mio primo fungo magico:) quasi quasi vien voglia di tornare ai vecchi tempi;)


    Ich kenne die Growkits noch von früher, leider hat die Qualität des Herstellers sehr nachgelassen. Nach ungefähr einer Woche fing der Brick an unangenehm zu riechen, eine weitere Woche später zeigte sich dann Schimmel. Kann ich nicht mehr empfehlen


    2 semaines et rien pour l'instant
    Comme vu dans les autres commentaires, il ne se passe pas grand chose là dedans pour moi non plus. Pourtant dès le début le mycélium s'est très bien développé en moins d'une semaine et une multitude de petits points blancs sont apparus. Mais depuis ça, plus rien n'évolue. Aucune odeur suspecte, température 23°C stable, aération quotidienne, humidité adéquate, lumière indirecte, toutes les conditions habituelles sont remplies mais j'attends toujours. Je supprimerai ce commentaire en cas de pousse soudaine, mais pour l'instant j'ai le sentiment d'avoir jeté mon argent à la poubelle.


    Totally didn't read the instructions through thoroughly, since I grew the same kit a year ago and got 3 big flushes. Turns out the process had changed and I could NOT use a heat mat this time and certainly not do a 12 hour water dunk between flushes, as I did last time. I put the kit on a heat mat the first thing I did, even so I managed to pull three fat bastards and a couple of small ones out of the first flush, around 90 gram fresh. But then I dunked it and it looked like rotting garbage and that was the end of that story.


    Super pour débutant
    Première culture de champi avec ce kit, les instructions ne sont pas évidentes à comprendre mais pourtant très simple en pratique : pas besoin de tapis chauffant ou de brumisateur. Le premier flush m'a donné 200g frais pour environ 15g sec, et les effets de cette variété sont idéaux pour une introduction aux champignons magiques, je ne suis pas déçu !


    Formazioni bianche immobili
    Pur avendo tenuto la confezione nella sua busta nebulizzandola tutti i giorni , dopo 3 settimane nulla che si possa chiamare fungo è apparso


    Positively happy
    My first box didn’t actually take off despite meticulously following the directions. Never fear! Outstanding customer service had a new kit on its way in no time and the next kit worked well. It lasted four flushes gave 30-40g dried fruits. Colorful and intense trips. Would buy again without hesitation knowing how reliable the customer support is in keeping the customer confidence.


    jamais deçue
    ils ont pas encore poussé mais je n'ai jamais été déçue par ces box, c'est une chouette expérience et c'est très facile.


    La box n'a pas marché du tout
    J'avais déjà fait plusieurs boxes sous soucis mais là j'ai beau avoir suivi les instructions parfaitement la box n'est jamais partie. Elle est lancée depuis le 27 janvier dans une pièce stable à 24° avec brumisation quotidienne mais rien n'a bougé à part un petit dépôt blanc sur la surface de la box.


    Nicht wirklich
    Ich habe alles streng nach Angaben gefolgt und trotzdem hatte ich nur einen minimalen Ertrag von 3,5 g Keine Ahnung ob es an mir lag oder an dem Set


    Still waiting
    It now has been 21 days til I started to grow this kit but still nothing. Now im waiting Zamnesia's help and hopefully they can tell me why it doesn't start growing.. other strains have been great tho!


    J’ai vue de la moisissure des l’ouverture j’ai fait de mon mieux pour les séparer de la contamination puis j’ai à ttendu 20 jours que ça pousse , ça à moisi encore moisi .. decu j’ai fait de mon mieux pour sauvez le kit .. Mais bon ça n’a pas marchée 50€ a la poubelle merci


    Lots of mushrooms
    Quick delivery, 250 g nice big mushrooms in first flush, waiting for second. Will buy here again :)


    Good service
    I had a defective kit at first. But the team has been quick to send me a replacement that worked as a charm. I have yet to taste them though


    Friendly growing
    Rookie grower. The instructions are not so clear especially if you want to understand a bit about what you're doing. Reddit helped me to follow better the growing cares. B+ are quite easy to grow tho. for now i got two flushes. i did it for MD so, for the effects, i can't really tell in a short period of time.

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