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Got a load of trim sitting around? Although not as potent as bud, trim has a lot to offer when used correctly. So here are five great ideas to maximise its potential.

For most hobby growers, cannabis trim is something that usually ends up on the compost heap or in the bin. Yet this is a wasted potential. Although cannabis trim is nowhere near as potent as a bud, it still contains cannabinoids. If you are willing to make the effort, it is possible to extract these, giving you a way to get the most out of your entire plant. So here are a few ideas to turn your waste into a wonder.


How To Make Cannabutter

If you enjoy cannabis edibles, then trim is the perfect ingredient to get you in the kitchen and making your own. With enough trim, you can make some pretty potent delights. Once you have your cannabutter, the sky is the limit. You can use it in any recipe in place of normal butter, giving you a ton of cooking options – you are only limited by your imagination! To learn how to turn your trim into a cannabutter, check out our guide. For vegans, we have a cannabis infused coconut oil recipe that is just as versatile.

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Make A Solvent Based Extract, Like BHO

Solvent-based extract are sometimes made on a competitive basis, with producers aiming for cannabis cups and eternal fame. These pack highly-potent concentrations of psychoactive cannabinoids, and are made with the precision and efficacy of industrial equipment.  If you have a lot of trim sitting around, then stick it in a solvent extraction tube and make some BHO! You might not get top-shelf, prize-winning shatter when making BHO at home, but you will certainly create a stash with the ability to give you a nice, clean buzz. It can make for some good everyday smoking for those who prefer concentrates.

Butane, propane and CO₂ have all been used in the process of making these extracts. The cannabinoids dissolve into a liquid solvent. These should be left behind after the butane mixture is purged. Various technologies can accomplish this including a vacuum oven or vacuum pump. The resin left behind will be a highly pure cannabis concentrate that you will get a stamina-challenging high from. Remember, making BHO can be a dangerous process, so make sure you know what you are doing!

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The Best Ways To Make Hash

Save whatever trim you have left over, for it could be possible to make some good old hash with it. It's just a question of isolating the trichomes and being able to pack them into a concentrated form, which is the basis of hashish production. Hash is typically made when cannabis farmers rub the sticky plant material from their hands so vigorously, that it forms into small crumbly balls, also known as hand-rubbed hash or charas.

One way to get trichomes from your trim is to use a silk screen. Simply collect your trim and place it on a screen resting over a large piece of wax or baking paper. With your hands, move the trim around so that the trichomes detach from the plant material. Once the trichomes have fallen through the screen onto your paper, use a scraper of credit card to collect them and compress them into hash coins with the help of a pollen press. Pro tip: freezing your trim before sieving will allow the trichomes to detach even easier.

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How To Make A Cannabis Salve For Skin Care

Did you know cannabis be absorbed through the skin? It turns out, that in addition to all of the other many benefits of cannabis, this magical plant is actually quite good at caring for the skin, especially when it comes to conditions like acne. By turning it into a salve and applying it topically to the skin, you can give your skin the cannabis-based care it deserves. What’s even better, is that trim is an ideal source of cannabinoids!

Your collected trimmings can be used to create a customized skin salve. After decarboxylating and finely grinding the plant material, you will need to cook it together with the other ingredients for 2-4 days, so this is a nice activity to do over the weekend. Make the salve to your own personal liking, by adding essential oils such as lavender or sandalwood for stress relief. Adding ginger, lemon or cinnamon oil will help to boost immunity and fight off infection, while rosemary and peppermint will boost energy levels. Get creative with it!


How To Make Cannabis Milk

Cannabis trim isn’t just good for cooking; it can be used to make drinks too! Milk, dairy or plant-based, can be infused with cannabis for an added boost to that Sunday's breakfast! And the process is extremely easy to boot. Heat the milk to a simmer, then add your trimming. Stir it for a good 30-45 minutes, adding more milk if needed. Your canna-milk will be a yellowish green when ready. Strain it, let it cool, and store in the fridge in a sealed container. Just make sure you use it before the expiry date printed on the original milk carton. Homemade canna-milk is a great addition to your tea, coffee or even breakfast cereal.

You could also try your hand at making a batch of bhang, the Indian variation of cannabis-infused milk, prepared with various spices and honey. More elaborate versions of bhang will call for yogurt, coconut milk or even ground nuts and dried fruits. There are sects of Hinduism that drink bhang in tribute to the god Shiva and believe that it aids communion with the divine. Check out our guide to making both regular and vegan varieties!


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