Video: UK MP Tricked Into Condeming Fake Ridiculous Drug
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Video: UK MP Tricked Into Condeming Fake Ridiculous Drug

2 min
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A gullible MP is nothing new, but it makes it no less scary when they are put in charge of the very thing they were tricked about.

The British have always had a great way of making fun of their politicians. Recently, a video has resurfaced of a Conservative MP, who was tricked into condemning a completely made up drug dubbed “Cake” – a supposed legal drug from Czechoslovakia. It is absolutely hilarious to watch him hold the comically sized pill and denounce the drug with his deadpan, serious face. Or at least, it is funny until you realise that this is the idiot who has just been put in charge of scrutinising the Government’s new drug policy.


The hilarious video comes courtesy of Brass Eye, a British comedy show from the 90’s that parodied current events in the style of a news programme – often fooling and pranking unsuspecting celebrities and public figures with crazy and made-up news stories. Cake was one such made up story, fooling a whole string of celebrities into standing there with the gigantic pill in their hand, warning against the crazy side effects. Now when we say crazy, we mean it, such side effects included the neck swelling to engulf the lower half of the head, or crying all the water out of your body – it is truly unbelievable how gullible some people are when confronted with a “news” story!

What makes the video even better is the clip towards the end of David Amess, a Conservative MP. Not only does Amess add his warning to the video, he also went on to raise the issue in actual parliament, asking a real question about how to deal with the made up drug in front of the fully assembled government and opposition. He must have gone pretty red in the face when he found out he had been tricked – how embarrassing!


While it is funny to watch, there is a more serious note to all this. David Amess has just been appointed chair of the committee that is set to scrutinise the British Government’s most recent anti-drug bill: the “Psychoactive Substances Bill” that is set to criminalise anything that has a psychoactive effect.

To have someone so ignorant and easily misled over drugs in charge of reviewing this massive and far-reaching bit of law, is quite frankly, a disaster. Amess knows nothing about drugs and the way criminalisation is hurting people. He will take what is told to him by his conservative peers at face value, and use misguided ideology to ensure that this bill does as much damage as it can.

Of course, while many are up in arms about the travesty, they continue to make fun of the government, and Amess in particular, regarding the subject – highlighting just how mad it all is. A new online petition has been set up, calling on Psychoactive Substances Bill committee chair David Amess to ensure Cake is included within the scope of the bill.

It is sad to see that this bill will likely go ahead, but prohibition around the world is slowly easing. Although the UK is trying to regress, the wild and broad nature of this new bill id going to be impossible to enforce. It will likely end up being one of the biggest embarrassments of the current government, as they are forced to amend it or even scrap it once it has been shown to fail.

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