Monster Bud Boost Pack
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Use Monster Bud Boost Pack To Grow Fruitier Cannabis Buds

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The Monster Bud Boost Pack helps you grow smarter, not harder, to harvest the payload of your dreams. Keep reading to find out how you can supercharge bud size and flavour.

If you could have three wishes granted when growing cannabis, what would they be? Denser flowers maybe? Or larger buds and a fruitier flavour? Well, we're here to tell you that achieving all three couldn't be easier—and you don't need a magic lamp. Instead, all you need is the Monster Bud Boost Pack.

What Is Monster Bud Boost Pack?

What Is Monster Bud Boost Pack ?

The Monster Bud Boost Pack contains three separate nutrient solutions suitable for soil, coco, or hydro. Each is designed specifically to boost the potential of your cannabis plants, encouraging bigger, better, and ultimately danker buds. And what are these fabled products, you ask? PK 13-14, X-ceL, and VitaSol from the experts in plant fertilisers, Bionova.

However, Bionova isn’t merely an expert in fertiliser; they know exactly what a plant needs to reach its full potential in all respects. The Monster Bud Boost Pack is perfect for beginners who've got the bug for growing cannabis and want an incredibly simple way to push the production of their plants.

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Why Use Monster Bud Boost Pack?

Why use Monster Bud Boost Pack

The all-important question; why should you consider using Monster Bud Boost Pack? Well, the pack is designed exclusively with cannabis growers in mind. And, more specifically, it's aimed at directly enhancing the flowers of feminized and autoflowering cannabis strains.

The benefits of the Monster Bud Boost Pack are three-fold. First, the nutrients work to stimulate thicker and denser flower development. Then, once buds are established, the second nutrient solution bolsters the terpene content of your flowers, encouraging resin production and boosting overall bud size.

Finally, with flowers bursting at the seams, the third and final nutrient solution contributes to the intense fruity flavour growers relish. It contains an abundance of natural sugars and essential vitamins and minerals to bring out the best in your buds.

But, if the idea of making it to the flowering phase sounds too daunting, don’t write off the Monster Bud Boost Pack just yet—Bionova has you covered.

Monster Bud Mix and Monster Bud Boost Pack: A Winning Formula

Monster Bud Mix and Monster Bud Boost Pack

You may already be familiar with Bionova thanks to their organic fertiliser Monster Bud Mix. Not only is it an all-in-one solution that dramatically simplifies growing cannabis in soil, but, as you may have guessed from the product name, it's the ideal counterpart to Monster Bud Boost Pack.

Behind every successful harvest is a happy, healthy cannabis plant. And behind every healthy cannabis plant is a diverse, organic, and nutritional fertiliser mix. Monster Bud Mix is just that, a diverse blend of enzymes, amino acids, and microorganisms that gives your plants everything they need from seed to harvest.

And, most importantly, it's a solution that works whether you're a total beginner or an expert cultivator. All you do is mix it with soil before planting, add water, and watch your cannabis grow.

It's the sheer simplicity of Monster Bud Mix and Monster Bud Boost Pack that makes them a winning formula. The former gives plants everything they need to get started, keeping them robust and healthy all the way to harvest. The latter is the jewel in the crown, supersizing your already successful grow and unleashing its true potential.

When Should You Use Monster Bud Boost Pack?

The Monster Bud Boost Pack works seamlessly with plants during the flowering phase. It's during these crucial weeks that cannabis plants need all the help they can get to develop the biggest, boldest flowers. 

Monster Bud Boost Pack is a revolutionary fertiliser combination developed in collaboration with Bio Nova. It's developed with the grower's needs in mind, and its purpose is to boost flavour, growth, and resistance to pests. Follow the steps below for success.

Step 1 Monster Bud Boost Pack


It's recommended to start your grow by preparing the soil with a slow-release fertiliser like Monster Bud Mix. A slow-release fertiliser will release base nutrients over time throughout most of the grow cycle. 

Step 2 Monster Bud Boost Pack


Add X-ceL right from the start. Cannabis plants will benefit greatly in terms of quantity and quality from this growth and flowering stimulator. 

Step 3 Monster Bud Boost Pack


Once the first pistils appear on your plant(s), the first week of the flowering phase has started. This is the moment PK 13-14 should be added to the nutrient mix.

Step 4 Monster Bud Boost Pack


Halfway during the flowering phase, increase the amounts of PK 13-14 and X-ceL being administered. VitaSol should now be added to the mix as well.

Step 5 Monster Bud Boost Pack


During the final stage of the flowering phase, fertiliser quantities mainly stay at the same level.

Step 6 Monster Bud Boost Pack


The last week is reserved for flushing. No more nutrients should be given, and the substrate should be flushed with pure water. A good rule of thumb is to use double the normal volume of water. The purpose of flushing is to get rid of any remaining nutrients, resulting in better-tasting buds.

From the start of flowering to the end, the Monster Bud Boost Pack supports plants grown in soil, coco, or hydro.

What Does Monster Bud Boost Pack Contain?

The triple pack features a carefully selected lineup from Bionova, delivering the perfect 3-hit combo for fatter, fruitier buds.

PK 13-14

PK 13-14

Featuring a perfectly balanced blend of phosphorus and potassium, Bionova PK 13-14 bolsters plants as they enter the flowering stage. Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are two of three building blocks essential for plant growth and bud development. A plant lacking in PK may make it to harvest, but it'll be to the detriment of yield and bud quality.

Not only will your plant's root system easily absorb this versatile blend, but it gives flowers the head start they need. And, to make life even easier, you can apply PK 13-14 as a root drench or a foliar spray.


Bionova X-cel

Bionova X-ceL is another nutrient solution designed to boost cannabis plants as they enter flowering. This pivotal stage can make or break plants, so any advantage pays dividends in the long-run. Fortunately, X-ceL partners perfectly with PK 13-14, so you can add it to plants as a drench or foliar spray during the first four weeks of flowering.

This time, a sophisticated blend of amino acids and enzymes supercharges the root network as cannabis plants shift their focus to flower production. By encouraging the conversion of light to energy (photosynthesis), plants steamroll into the flowering phase with renewed vigour (up to 25% increase).


Bionova VitaSol


Completing this bud-boosting trio is Bionova's VitaSol. Derived from all-natural sources, VitaSol enriches buds with natural sugars, essential vitamins, and minerals. The result is a sweeter and more fruit-forward flavour.

By watering plants once a week with VitaSol, you'll support the uptake of nutrients and natural sugars, giving more energy to plants and adding to the sweetness of flowers. This winning combination helps cannabis flowers reach their full potential in terms of both size and flavour.

What Nutrient Schedule Should You Follow?

Don't worry if the idea of feeding your beloved cannabis plants with three different nutrient solutions sounds complicated. The Monster Bud Boost Pack is a fantastic choice for beginners, thanks to a clear and easy-to-follow template.

Nutrient Schedule Table Monster Bud Boost Pack

The table above highlights when to use each solution, and in what ratio. For example, during the final week of vegetation, add 5ml of Bionova X-ceL for every 10l of water. Then, in the first week of flowering, you'll add both PK 13-14 and X-ceL, albeit in slightly different ratios. Continue to administer the required nutrient solution once a week for the remainder of the flowering phase. It really is as simple as that!

However, it's doubtful you'll be giving cannabis plants 10 litres of water in one sitting. So, instead, divide the recommended litres of water by 10 to work out how much nutrient solution goes into 1 litre. Then, all you do is multiply the answer by the number of litres you give your plants in a single feed.

How to Measure Out the Correct Nutrient Dose

It's important to remember that even cannabis plants can suffer if they have too much of a good thing. Although a small amount of extra nutrients can work wonders, overdosing can hinder plants, undoing all your hard work. Stick to the recommended guidelines, and you'll be harvesting engorged buds in no time.

Grow Monstrous Buds With Our Boost Pack

Monster Bud Boost Pack : Grow Monstrous Buds

If you've only grown cannabis a handful of times, and the idea of adding extra nutrients sounds daunting, the Monster Bud Boost Pack is the ideal choice. It takes the complication out of confusing nutrient blends, while also giving you an easy-to-follow timetable.

If you want the fattest, fruitiest buds possible, you don't need to be an expert grower. You just need the right advice and a triple pack of nutrients specifically designed to supercharge bud size and flavour!

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl
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