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Top 10 Animated Series To Watch While Stoned

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Is there anything better than getting stoned and watching cartoons? Yes, but only if it's getting stoned, eating pizza, and watching cartoons.

Maybe it’s the colours, the characters, or just the fact that they want to make us laugh—animation and getting high go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Some of these animated series are old favourites, but we hold up our hands and say the classics are classics for a reason. Others are newer takes, for those feeling a bit more adventurous.

So light up, sit back, and enjoy our guide to the top 10 animated series to watch while stoned.

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American Dad! has been on the air for over fifteen years, and is equally as funny as its companion show, Family Guy. Head-of-household Stan is a raging Republican CIA agent, which doesn't quite fulfill the American dream. Francine, his wife, is part Stepford Wife and part Desperate Housewife. Their daughter, Hayley, is a liberal, and their son, Steve, is a loser. Oh, and there’s also Klaus, the talking goldfish, who has the brain (and accent) of an East German athlete, and Roger, the alcoholic alien.

Each episode relies heavily on character interactions and random non-sequiturs, so it’s perfect for times when following a plot is secondary to giggling. It’s irreverent, unexpected, and often very surreal.


If you get pangs of nostalgia and long for a simpler time (that may have never existed), then Looney Tunes is the perfect choice for you. The short and sweet episodes are ideal for entertaining you for one joint, while also being seriously binge-worthy.

The characters will all be familiar, and the gags tend to revolve around the type of slapstick humour that'll have you giggling like a kid again. The perfect high for some seriously good vibes. Plus, watching Looney Tunes as an adult gives you a newfound appreciation for the style of animation that made this show an instant and eternal classic.


The premise of F is for Family is lifted straight from comedian Bill Burr’s upbringing, and gives you a semi-realistic look at suburban life. With a style reminiscent of King of the Hill, F is for Family is a decidedly foul-mouthed, grown-up take on cartoons.

With characters voiced by everyone you know, from Laura Dern to Sam Rockwell, the thirty-minute episodes are just long enough to be darkly funny, thoughtful, and perfect if you like your jokes to come with a side portion of existential pondering.


Another classic cartoon about family dynamics, Bob’s Burgers manages to be impressively heart-warming. Following restaurant owners Bob and Linda Belcher and their three kids Tina, Gene, and Louise, the show relies on the everyday, but very funny, exchanges between family members.

The family lives in an unnamed town and interacts with some regular faces along the way. The episodes will usually either be a single storyline with all the family members, or a simultaneous storyline following different groups. For those who like things to get a little surreal, there are also some elaborate musical numbers.


Another one for those who yearn to re-experience the joys of childhood, Adventure Time has hooked both kids and adults from the very beginning. The aesthetic is pleasing and uncanny, and the jokes work on several layers. It’s the kind of cartoon formula that has given rise to legions of quirky new series and protagonists.

Given a slightly surreal fairytale twist, the journey of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog is perfect for when you want to feel like you've completed a quest from the safety of your couch, with a blunt by your side.

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A common joke regarding many cartoons is that, no matter what they do, The Simpsons has done it first. Since Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and the residents of Springfield first hit our screens in 1989, The Simpsons has truly done it all. And this makes it perfect for stoners who want some diversity in their viewing.

With cameos from just about anyone and everyone who has ever been famous, the show also features visits from aliens, musical numbers, and recurring characters who often have their own episodes and storylines. Whatever you like to watch when you’re high, there’s definitely going to be a Simpsons episode—or five—for you to enjoy.


Part of the draw of Family Guy is the way the show often references its own jokes, even from years ago. The episodes revolve around the Griffin family—Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian the dog—and their Quahog friends and neighbours.

For a vulgar, satirical take on American society, combined with physical gags and the type of humorous violence that puts Tarantino to shame, Family Guy is a ridiculously easy watch when blazed. Whether you love or abhor protagonist Peter, odds are you’ll find one member of the Griffin family who you can identify with—even if it’s the dog or the baby.


As if being the creator of The Simpsons wasn’t enough, Matt Groening’s follow-up is on a different planet. Quite literally.

Set 1,000 years in the future, the show relies on the fast pace and witty banter of characters reminiscent of The Simpsons. But where Springfield relies on contemporary humour, Futurama deals with the tropes and fantasies of science fiction, paving the way for countless other cartoons, including Adventure Time and Rick and Morty. Follow delivery boy Fry, drunk robot Bender, and badass one-eyed captain Leela as cosmic hijinks ensue.


You’re either going to love it or hate it, and perhaps you’ve already made up your mind. From the geniuses who brought you the Book of Mormon, South Park has never shied away from being obscene, irreverent, controversial, and downright perverse. Taking place in South Park, Colorado, the show follows four boys—Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and Kyle—as they take on every delightfully cringe-worthy plotline known to man.

Since 1997, the show has been a constant stream of off-colour fart jokes, mum jokes, pop culture references, celebrity bashing, and repeated refrains. If nothing else, you can’t beat getting high and asking the eternal question: just who killed Kenny?


Imagine Back to the Future got drunk, and then weird—and was a cartoon. For some of us, being high is a prerequisite to enjoying Rick and Morty. In many ways, it’s the perfect combination of every other cartoon. On the surface, it’s a family-centred show, featuring Jerry and Beth Smith, children Summer and Morty, and Beth’s dad, Rick Sanchez.

But then it goes into Futurama territory—with alternate dimensions, space travel, alien life forms, and infinite realities. Many of the storylines feel like they were lifted straight out of a stoner’s head, and for that, Rick and Morty, we salute you. Still, the central relationship between the titular characters keeps the show grounded and allows for substantial growth over the seasons.

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