Side effects of THC
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The Side Effects Of THC

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What are the side effects of THC? Join us as we examine the Good, the Bad & the Munchies. Whether you are a recreational or medicinal cannabis user, it's always best to have all the facts on THC side effects.

Are you confused by this title? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Fear not dear reader. Professional cannabis reporters don’t readily turn to the dark side. Our prime directive is to supply you with solid intelligence gathering.

Amongst many other things, cannabis is renowned the world over for opening minds and consciousness expansion. Therefore we cannot be ignorant of the side effects of THC use. We cover it all, the Good, the Bad and the Munchies.


The beneficial side effects experienced by the vast majority of both recreational and medicinal cannabis users are well documented and our regular focuses.

Obviously, if you are a regular user, then you are probably not experiencing negative side effects of any consequence. With time and experience, most users learn the difference between indica body stoned and cerebral sativa highs.

Everyone has their own particular preference when it comes to recreational use. Some exclusively smoke high THC fire! Others prefer a more balanced blend with some CBD to balance out the THC. As for medicinal use, well, some strains are better than others for treatment and more effective at alleviating symptoms.

In general terms, THC is regarded as “the precious” cannabinoid for recreational users, while medical cannabis is usually low in THC and high in CBD.

Further THC extraction refinements have given rise to “dabbing” and the phenomenal popularity of ultra high THC concentrates, such as BHO, shatter and wax. Simultaneously, CBD oil is conquering the World and reaching more patients than ever.


Now we move into some contested territory, but when has that ever stopped us before? Much is alleged when it comes to the negative effects of THC.

In the interest of reporting the facts and not misleading you the reader, we will attempt to set the record straight on the actual side effects and debunk some of the myths proposed by the anti-marijuana extremists.

“Cottonmouth” is a common stoner phrase for having a really, really, really dry mouth. It is a medical fact, that THC can inhibit saliva production, thus causing the stoners mouth to become as dry as the Sahara desert if he/she doesn’t stay hydrated.

We can thank the OG ganjapreneurs of the Amsterdam coffee shops for devising an elegant solution to “cottonmouth”. Coffee shop culture itself is the antidote to dry mouth, combining your spliff or pipe or bong with a tasty beverage is all it takes to combat the dreaded “cottonmouth”.


Whether you smoke, vape, eat or otherwise ingest THC, it seems to invariably result in a case of “red eyes”. This is not a side effect, that is hazardous for absolutely everyone; it really depends on what part of the World you live in.

Red eyes are a clear and obvious indication of cannabis use. This problem is literally the financial pillar supporting the eye drop industry. A case of “red eye” has cost plenty of stoner’s their jobs and a range of legal difficulties, if you happen to be high in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Red eyes THC


Getting nicely toasted with some potent high THC marijuana can be either a good thing or bad thing. You’re probably picking up that this is subjective, that’s because it is. A soaring Haze high can certainly get the creative juices flowing and is a wonderful catalyst for the arts.

However, THC does not mix well with the orderly. Concentration can be significantly impaired when it comes to even the most mundane routine tasks. Equilibrioception can also be affected. Moreover, it’s entirely possible high THC consumption will render you a giggling mess unfit for normal social interactions.

Essentially anyone from an athlete to an accountant will be rendered less productive when dosed with THC. Unless you’re a painter, a poet or a gangster rapper don’t expect performance enhancement from excessive THC doses.



Paranoia has been known to be induced in some users. Hard data to corroborate a definitive link between THC and paranoia is hard to come by. However, anecdotal evidence would seem to support a link.

Although it must be said, the fear usually strikes novice users experimenting and overdoing it with seriously potent concentrates or underestimating the potency of edibles. A dose of the fear can be unsettling, but definitely not life-threatening. Know your limits.


Increased appetite is another guaranteed side effect of THC use. For most this is not a negative, certainly not for a great many medicinal users and a welcome excuse for midweek pizza for recreational stoners.

Once again the folklore is more accurate than the science; we really are a high, happy, hungry and then sleepy bunch. Lethargy and low energy usually swiftly follow the munchies. What goes up must come down; sometimes an impromptu siesta is in order.


Dr. Lester Grinspoon Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School is perhaps the World's foremost authority on the side effects of THC. We don’t look to vested interests to validate our positions on the issues; we seek out the truth from reputable sources.

In a 25th September 2015 interview with MintPressNews, journalist Patrick Dewals point blank asked Dr. Grinspoon “Can cannabis cause psychosis or schizophrenia?”

Dr. Grinspoon responded: “Absolutely not! Schizophrenia is a disorder, which one is born with, but it doesn’t always manifest itself. Usually, it is during adolescence, that it starts showing. The one way, that the use of cannabis could be related to schizophrenia, is when people who are not used to cannabis, start smoking and become anxious or paranoid which is, of course, uncomfortable. That’s why people have to learn smoking it”.

Unfortunately, an entire “marijuana addiction” industry is oozing into the global economy. These are the real conspiracy theorists and sooner or later hard evidence and good scientific research will permanently debunk the quack-science of these charlatans.

THC does have some unpleasant side effects when misused, fortunately the positives outweigh the negatives by far. Party on!


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