Psilocybe Galindoi: Flesh Of The Gods
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Psilocybe Galindoi: Flesh Of The Gods

4 min

Integral to spiritual traditions, Psilocybe galindoi is a potent psychedelic mushroom that was deemed “the flesh of the gods”. Harness the Mazatec people's admiration for Mother Nature by learning more about this fascinating organism.

Mushrooms and truffles are one and the same. Despite mushrooms growing above ground and truffles developing below, they both feature psilocybin and psilocin. Both of these compounds are responsible for invoking a psychedelic experience when consumed.

The first stage in our spiritual journey requires us to understand a little about the history, origins, and classification of the potent galindoi mushroom.

The Maztec are an indigenous people of Mexico who live in the state of Oaxaca, south of Mexico City. Many Mazatec traditions involve the use of entheogens, a class of psychoactive substance that induces a spiritual experience.


Typically, these would be plants or organisms that, when consumed, develop and enhance one's understanding of the world. One type of entheogen favoured was none other than Psilocybe galindoi. Not only was it a potent psychedelic, but it was naturally occurring in the tall grass plains just south of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Correct identification is based on several characteristics:

  • A 1.5–2cm cap similar in shape to a small bell
  • Colours ranging from yellowish brown when moist to straw-like when dried
  • A stripe (stem) that is usually 5–6.5cm long and very small in diameter (roughly 1–2mm)
  • Gills that are brown with whitish edges

It was initially believed that the galindoi mushroom was a species in its own right. However, further analysis by the daughter of revered psilocybin mushroom specialist Dr. Gastón Guzmán uncovered that it was actually a variety of Psilocybe mexicana. Its full title has now become ps. mexicana var. galindoi. Dr. Guzmán was pivotal in our understanding of Psilocybe mushrooms, and was an influential figure whose work we will explore in more detail shortly.

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Galindoi Truffles (Sclerotia)

As we have already alluded to, mushrooms and truffles are part of the same organism. The only difference is truffles exist beneath ground level, growing in the soil. When the climate becomes inhospitable and the mushroom dies, the sclerotia (the technical term for truffle) can lay dormant until conditions are more favourable.

Truffles are generally the preferred option when it comes to experiencing psychedelics. Not because they are more potent, but because they are incredibly easy to cultivate. Especially if you have a truffle cultivation kit.


Although naturally occurring in Mexico, you do not need to live in a subtropical climate to cultivate truffles. In fact, you only need a reasonably warm storage area, away from direct sunlight, and several months of patience.

For the ultimate convenience, ready-made kits like this one are ideal. They are suitable whether you are an experienced grower or it is your first time cultivating truffles. Within the package, you will find three different classifications of truffle—the galindoi mentioned above, mexicana, and tampanensis. As a general rule of thumb, beginners usually start with mexicana, while veteran psychonauts head straight to Psilocybe tampanensis. Our beloved galindoi sits somewhere in the middle.

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When the kit arrives, each tub of truffles needs to be placed in a warm (22–23°C) area, avoiding direct sunlight. The lid of the container needs to be free from obstruction to allow sufficient airflow, and all you need to do is wait for the truffles to cultivate. They come already inoculated, with the date printed on the lid’s label. Waiting 13–20 weeks is ideal, but don’t worry if you end up leaving them for longer. The more time they spend cultivating, the more truffles you have to look forward to. Once sufficient time has passed, the entire pot is harvested and stored in the refrigerator.



We know the history, and we know how easy it is to grow galindoi truffles. But what if you have never experienced a psychedelic trip before? While it is true that each individual’s experience will vary, Psilocybe specimens induce somewhat similar attributes across all species.

Effects include:

  • A distorted sense of time
  • Sounds, especially music, take on various shapes and forms
  • A feeling of being outside your body
  • Objects can appear to move or become distorted
  • Visions or a similarly profound experience
  • The ability to see situations from a new perspective

The key to controlling your first Psilocybe trip relies on ingesting the correct dosage of psychedelics. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for that too.

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Dosing is not a case of putting a finger to the wind. With a few crucial details, you can make a calculated decision on the amount of truffles you should eat, and as a result, determine the strength of your trip. The more you consume, the longer and more intense the trip. Assuming you already have the truffles to hand, you only need one other piece of information—your rough body weight.

If you weigh between 68–90kg, then the following guidelines should be pretty accurate. If you weigh less, consume slightly less. If you are above the assumed threshold, eat slightly more. In most cases, dosage does require a little bit of trial and error.

Dosage guidelines:

• 1 gram

The perfect starting point for anyone unsure about psychedelics. Mildly euphoric, you will feel happy and energised. Being outside with nature and walking about, you'll find a new appreciation for life.

• 4 grams

The next natural progression. Euphoria still occurs, but you'll have begun the disconnect between mind and body. Hallucinations are common. Sounds appear as objects and time will feel incredibly distorted.

• 8 grams

You will have frequent, vivid hallucinations. Time and space will feel like it is continually revolving—this kind of dosage is best avoided if you plan to wander around town. You should expect to look inward and discover hidden truths about yourself.

• 12+ grams

Your mind has completely disconnected from your consciousness. You'll travel through multiple planes of reality. Thoughts and emotions will feel as if they are connected to the very fabric of space. Best not to go at it alone at this dosage. Get a trip-sitter to watch over you.

To remove some of the guesswork, we also have a shroom calculator. It is not an exact science, but it gives you an average estimation of the recommended dosage. Start with your body weight, click the boxes that apply, and let the magic mushroom calculator work out your dosage for you—simple!

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All of these profound revelations would not be possible had the late Dr. Guzmán not devoted his life to the study of Psilocybe mushrooms. Born in Xalapa, most of what we know about the vast genus of mushroom growing in Mexico was the result of his work. His studies include a complete systematic review of the history and chemistry of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, culminating in over 350 articles and nine books.

One of the greatest resources for any inquisitive psychonaut is “The Genus Psilocybe”. Requestable on several academic sites, it is still the best source of information on all things hallucinogenic, despite being written in 1983. Dr. Guzmán not only discovered Psilocybe galindoi, but over 100 of the mushrooms we know of today. Sadly passing in 2016, he is considered the godfather of mushrooms by psychedelic aficionados the world over.

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