New Study: Cannabis is as Addictive as Heroine
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New Study: Cannabis Is As Addictive As Heroine

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A new study linking Cannabis to Heroin made us re-think our position on cannabis fundamentally. Our conclusion: Just Say No!

We would like to think that here at Zamnesia, we try to offer well a well-balanced and honest opinion when it comes to marijuana. We know overindulgence of anything can be a bad thing, but we did not realize the scope of our blindness. It turns out that our addiction of our beloved herb may have been fogging our judgement, and causing us to turn a blind eye to the dark truth. However, thanks to the study recently reported on in our favorite newspaper – The Daily Mail – we have had a serious wakeup call and seen the error of our ways – so guys, when it comes to weed, just say no!

In said meta study led by Wayne Hall, researchers outline how whilst heroin addiction can be treated, we just don’t know have the knowledge to deal with cannabis addiction, making it much worse. The research itself is a meta-study analyzing the results of cannabis research of the last 20 years, glossing over the hundreds of so called “positive findings” and consolidating all of the negatives into one concise report.

That study makes for some pretty scary reading. In order to better educate ourselves, we have decided to dig in on some of the hard hitting facts about cannabis, and share our wisdom with you – ignore all that new-fangled ‘positive’ science you have seen, this shit is about to get real!

1. Cannabis Is Actually Much Worse Than Heroin: It Is Killing More Than 30,000 People A Year In The Uk Alone

A doctor recently told The Daily Mail that regular cannabis use could cause more damage to the body than smoking tobacco. According to The Daily Mail, tobacco is killing 120,000 of the UK’s 13 million tobacco smokers each year, and cannabis must also be killing at least 30,000 of the UK’s 3.2 million cannabis smokers as well.

Also, evidence of the deadliness of cannabis is coming from Germany, where it has been found that cannabis could trigger fatal heart problems. Two men in Germany have just succumbed to their addiction. It goes unreported wether the men have injected the drug.

2. It's Really Not Just The Addiction - Marijuana Can Lead You Down The Road Of Violence And Insanity: Also Called „Reefer Madness“

No, cannabis addiction doesn’t just stop with the unrelenting craving for more; with enough time, it can drive you full on crazy! As portrayed in the documentary ‘Reefer Madness’, even the smallest bit of marijuana first leads to addiction, but then is soon followed by violent and unrelenting outbursts, leading only to murder and rape - before leading to a descent into the very bowels of madness.

Having spent considerable resources exploring the effects of marijuana on the brain, the fine minds over at ‘Marijuana Makes You Violent’, an organization dedicated to educating on the horrors of marijuana use, have put together a useful info graphic on just how marijuana affects the brain:

As they have found, it is THC that is to blame. According to their research, THC has a paralyzing effect on the frontal lobe, making the user become unaware of their actions – before spreading throughout the rest of the brain, activating violence receptors.

3. Cannabis „Impairs Intellectual Development“

But that’s really just a nice way of saying it makes you stupid as a rock. Recent studies have shown that use of marijuana alters core brain structure, and long-term use can result in a drop of the IQ. But the truth is, cannabis actually shrinks the brain: Researchers found that the hippocampus was an average of 12% smaller among cannabis users, compared with people who didn't smoke pot. The amygdala, involved in emotion and memory, was an average of 7% smaller!

Besides making you addicted, stupid and violent, reefer has been found to cause mental retardation. One study has discovered that „smoking marijuana can cause a person to acquire brain damage to the point of retardation.“ They found that THC leads to „disruptions in the synchronous brain-cell firing that causes memories to be formed“, and as a consequence „the drug appeared to prevent learning altogether.“ So that’s why everyone here in the office dropped out of school at 15!

In a bid not to be outdone, The US Health Department, in cooperation with the American Scientist Association, as also released an official info graphic, putting the risks of cannabis into perspective:

Aftereffects small

4. Doobies Make Boobies

And yes, we’re talking man-boobs. Unfortunately, for the ladies it doesn’t work - but if you’re a guy and looking to shape up, marijuana might just be the thing for you. Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon from Detroit, is not the only one who sees a direct link between THC and what is professionally called „gynecomastia“: The relationship with cannabis has been investigated already back in the 1970’s when the New England Journal of Medicine published a study on the topic. However, no conclusive causality could yet be established. We think the message is clear: If you’re a guy and don’t want boobs, stay away from the reefer.

5. Even Researching Cannabis Is Linked To Brain Degeneration And Corruption

It turns out that even investigating cannabis can negatively affect the way the brain works. As discovered by Vice Magazine, many academics involved in the research surrounding cannabis have not gotten away unscathed. Many are reported to suffer from neurological damage resulting in corruption and professional degeneration.

There you have it. In light of our renewed understanding, all we can do is quote our friends at MMYV once again:

1. Do Not Toke
Toking marijuana will result in immediate death.

2. Do Not Inject
Injecting marijuana will result in immediate death.

3. Do Not Eat
Eating marijuana will result in immediate death.

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