New Stoner Movie Starring Seth Rogen: The Night Before
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New Stoner Movie Starring Seth Rogen: The Night Before

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Read more about the new stoner movie "The Night Before", to see if it can bring some holiday happiness to your life, and to the lives of your friends and family.

Some of us remember Seth Roger playing the role of Dale Denton in Pineapple Express. James Franco who played the overburdened “cannabis supplier” Saul Silver, also has a guest appearance in this new stoner movie. That’s something to start with.

The Night Before features actors who have proven the ability to induce a smile, and sometimes, an uncontrollable laughing attack. Jillian Bell, known for her role as Jillian Belk, in the stoner series Workaholics, is known for excellent, humorous acting. There are several other actors, playing very interesting characters.

Let’s talk about the story to get an impression if this is a movie worth seeing.

Seth Rogan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises) and Anthony Mackie (8 Mile), are mutual friends, grew up together, and have the tradition of spending Christmas together since Joseph’s character Ethan lost his parents.

This tradition is about to come to an end because Seth Rogan’s character Isaac, is about to become a father, and Anthonie Mackie, who plays the professional American football player Chris Roberts, focuses on his successful sports career and lifestyle.

The third one of this rat pack, Ethan (Gordon-Levitt), is depressed due to his breakup with Diana (Lizzy Caplan), but he won’t admit to that. By the way, Lizzy Caplan plays an excellent role and is worth opening your eyes a little more than half way.

Isaac (Seth Rogan) is married and about to have a baby with his wife. He has the fear that this Christmas could be the last time to ever to have fun in life.

That’s a drastic way of looking at a future life as a family father but it puts a good amount of pressure on him to create long-lasting memories. This is good. Let me put it this way: Isaac tends to exaggerate his consumption of various mind-altering substances.

The goal was to have a blast with his two best buds. What he slid into was a bad trip of the finest quality imaginable. He tries to make things better by taking decent amounts of cocaine. This logically results in collateral damage and high-class entertainment for the viewer.

Here is what you can expect: Seth Rogen curses at his prospective baby in a selfie video, has deep conversation with Jesus in a manger, and throws up during midnight mass. This movie celebrates classical, radical and highly-sophisticated stoner humour.

That’s pretty much all you need to know. Shit gets out of control, the situation escalates, and Miley Cyrus shows up, singing “I came in like a wrecking ball”.

It is advisable to watch the trailer and decide if this kind of humour fits your personal preference. There is a good chance it does. This movie has the potential to give us a good time and high-quality, stoner entertainment.



Written by: Alexander
Alexander is a part-time writer for Zamnesia whose love of cannabis and free expression are only rivalled by his love of the great outdoors and fishing.

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