How To Use A Capsule Machine
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How To Use A Capsule Machine

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Simple and highly effective, capsule machines give you the flexibility to dose from home with precision and certainty. Keep reading to find out how and why you should start using a capsule machine today.

With a capsule machine, you can unlock a vast world of herbs, vitamins, oils and more. In fact, if you're planning to consume a substance that requires a precise dose or simply doesn't taste great, then a capsule machine is a must-have. It allows you to create bespoke supplement blends to suit your needs rather than settling for sub-par concentrations.

Plus, there's the machine's incredible synergy with microdosing—something we'll explain in more detail shortly. For now, let's dive into what a capsule machine is, the types of substances you can use, and that all-important step-by-step guide.

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What is a capsule machine?

What Is A Capsule Machine?

Typically reserved for commercial ventures, capsule machines allow manufacturers to fill empty, easily digestible capsules with thousands of substances. Whether it’s minerals, vitamins, botanicals, oils, or other substances, the machine carefully fills each capsule with an exact dose. This is a fantastic advantage in a commercial setting, but what about people at home interested in creating custom blends?

Unfortunately, trying to fill your capsules by hand would likely end in a mess, with more wasted than used and inconsistent levels of fill. This is where a capsule machine comes into play, as it can be preloaded with the required number of capsules and carefully filled without the risk of damage. Simple to use and available in various capsule sizes (usually 00, 0, and 1), most machines can accommodate up to 24 capsules and take less than two minutes to fill.

What do you use a capsule machine for?

It's probably easier to ask what can't you use a capsule machine for! With a virtually unlimited combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, you can fill each capsule with whatever substance your heart desires.

Most people will use a capsule machine to create bespoke formulas composed of natural substances such as herbs and other plants. By regularly consuming these substances in an accurate and concise manner, it's possible to benefit from their abundance of naturally influential compounds.

Popular examples include:

How to use a capsule machine: Step-by-step guide

How To Use A Capsule Machine: Step-By-Step Guide

We've teased you enough with the benefits and versatility of homemade capsules, so let's get straight to the purpose of this article—how to use a capsule machine. Below, you'll find a clearly written step-by-step, accompanied by a high-quality video to kickstart your capsule-making adventures.

Step 1: Before using your capsule machine, finely grind your chosen substance(s). Doing so ensures the best level of fill for your capsules and speeds up the filling process.

Step 1

Step 2: Position the base of the capsule machine on the stand before placing the long part of your chosen capsule inside the holes. Be careful here; you'll need to ensure the capsule size matches the machine.

Step 2

Step 3: Next, place the short part of each capsule in the top section of the machine. With a fully loaded machine, you can fill up to 24 capsules at a time.

Step 3

Step 4: With the capsules in place, pour your chosen substance into the base. Spread your mixture evenly with the enclosed card, before lightly pressing down with the tamping tool. Repeat until you fill each capsule. Don’t forget to add more mixture if needed.

Step 4

Step 5: Once you're happy with the level of fill, use the card to scoop any remaining mixture out of the unit via the opening in the corner.

Step 5

Step 6: Remove the stand, before placing the top section (loaded with the short end of your capsules) on top of the base unit. Push down firmly until the unit bottoms out to secure each capsule.

Step 6

Step 7: Lift away the top section, and there you have it—capsules filled and ready to go. Place them in a suitable storage container, and take them as needed!

Step 7

The benefits of using a capsule machine for microdosing

Given the accuracy and convenience of taking homemade capsules, it may come as little surprise that they are ideal for microdosing. Regardless of your microdosing protocol or chosen substance, a capsule machine lets you preload your capsules with the exact dose and take them whenever and wherever you need.

To get started, all you need to do is establish an appropriate "sub-hallucinogenic" dose—or microdose—, grind up your chosen substance and fill the capsules as instructed above. For reference, you can expect each capsule size to hold the following:

  • Size 000: 1g
  • Size 00: 0.7g
  • Size 0: 0.5g
  • Size 1: 0.4g

Are capsule machines worth it?

Are Capsule Machines Worth It?

Capsule machines offer a convenient, simple, and highly effective way to consume vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. In fact, you can fill them with just about any safe and edible substance you can think of. For this reason alone, they are more than worth the investment.

Moreover, if you'd benefit from a custom mix that you simply cannot get from the store, then a capsule machine is a no-brainer. It's easy to use, accurate, and with the time it takes to prepare up to 24 capsules, you'll wonder why you ever bothered waiting around for commercial supplements.

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