Does Adrenochrome Really Exist?
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Does Adrenochrome Really Exist? [New Research]

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Adrenochrome is a drug we hear plenty about, at least through different media. But what do we really know about adrenochrome? With even conspiracy theorists chiming in, adrenochrome has reached a level of distinction within drug culture that could potentially be unjustified.

With movies such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and A Clockwork Orange mentioning adrenochrome by name, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was just some fictional hallucinogen; one used to amplify the already twisted tales in these films. However, adrenochrome really does exist!

Let's take a look at the ins and outs of this supposed psychedelic, as well as some alternatives you can try today!

What Is Adrenochrome?

What Is Adrenochrome ?

Often referred to as the drug that doesn't exist, due largely to its roots in literary and cinematic works, this has also been the fuel for much misinformation regarding this supposed hallucinogen. But what is it? And how has it found its way into drug culture?

Essentially, adrenochrome is a compound made from the oxidation of adrenaline. It is often used in the medical field as an emergency drug administered to promote clotting and decrease blood loss in wounds.

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Like other drugs used in medicine, adrenochrome has undergone some recreational experimentation. Although its effects are unfounded and under-researched, this has only fuelled its popularity, but also many rumours, conspiracy theories, and misinformation.

In the times of COVID-19, some conspiracy theorists believe that the virus stemmed from adrenochrome. They even go so far as to state that the drug is harvested from children's adrenal glands and then sold to celebrities. There really are some insane theories out there.

Effects of Adrenochrome

Effects Of Adrenochrome

The effects of adrenochrome are a hotly debated topic. However, there is very little evidence to suggest that the ingestion of adrenochrome has any hallucinogenic effects. Because adrenochrome oxidises very quickly when exposed to air, light, humidity, and heat, it would be very tricky to use in an everyday setting. More controlled environments, such as laboratories, would be the ideal venue for trying adrenochrome.

Some small studies and clinical trials conducted in the 1950s and 60s concluded that adrenochrome triggered effects such as thought disorder and derealisation in some test subjects. Even author Aldous Huxley noted in his book The Doors of Perception that the effects of adrenochrome were similar to that of mescaline. However, it eventually came to light that he had never tried adrenochrome, fuelling even more misinformation.

So, why is there very little evidence regarding the effects of adrenochrome? Well, it may not be practical to use, or even find for that matter! Although labs can get hold of it with relative ease, psychonauts may have a much tougher time sourcing adrenochrome. Of course, this hurdle would certainly not stop a dedicated individual from getting their hands on it.

If adrenochrome was widely sought-after as a psychedelic drug, this in itself would lead to more anecdotal reports, and undoubtedly a much more widely available drug.

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Erowid Research

Erowid Research

One site where you can access anecdotal reviews of substances is Erowid. Erowid is an online database that details users' experiences with drugs in controlled environments and settings. These are certainly no “wild night out” stories.

One user, known as Genaro, has written an article titled “Killing the Myth” that goes into precise and rigorous detail. They note that they did not experience any profound hallucinogenic or psychedelic properties from ingesting adrenochrome. Genaro only notes a “slight sedation” from taking the drug at various doses and ingesting in different ways.

Adrenochrome Replacements

Adrenochrome Replacements

While adrenochrome is looking like an overhyped, potentially disappointing, and ultimately under-researched drug—have no fear. There are plenty of other alternatives you can try if you're still looking to experience an uplifting or psychedelic high, all of which are readily available to order from the Zamnesia Smartshop.


X-Fuel by Zamnesia is an all natural supplement that aims to provide that burst of uplifting and euphoric sensations just when you need it most. Whether it's something you're looking to take as a substitute for coffee or energy drinks, or as a way to experience a unique buzz, X-Fuel is a potent, finely tuned combination of vitamins, herbs, and stimulants that will keep you going all day long.

While it doesn't offer the psychedelic high you might have expected from adrenochrome, you can take X-Fuel at any time of day to catalyse that sudden kick of energy. Available in a pack of 4 capsules, take once a day with a glass of water for best results.

Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

Whether you're looking to grow your own mushrooms or pick up a bag of truffles, there's no doubt that magic fungi are arguably one of the most popular ways to experience psychedelics. Like any hallucinogen, research is critical before undertaking your first magic mushroom or truffle trip. Find out what type of high you're looking for, and then take steps to make it happen. Always purchase your grow kits and truffles from a trusted supplier like Zamnesia. That way, you know you're getting the highest quality available.

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The unpredictability of the magic mushroom high can be off-putting for some, but it is about creating a safe and positive space that will not only allow you to look deeper into yourself, but can also have a profound impact on how you view your surroundings.

Adrenochrome: Under-Researched and Overhyped

Adrenochrome: Under-Researched and Overhyped

As we've seen, adrenochrome may not be the psychedelic we've been searching for. This can be partially attributed to a lack of availability, and a lack of research, but it's clear that movies and literature have played a big part in hyping up this substance, without having any evidence to back it up. It certainly goes to show that you can't believe everything you see in the movies!

Adrenochrome is more than likely an overhyped disappointment, but time will certainly tell if this drug has any use outside its current medical applications. But unlike the characters in A Clockwork Orange, we won't be adding any “drencrom” to our milk anytime soon.

In the meantime, there are always alternatives to try that are certainly worth seeking out.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
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