Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset (Zamnesias Choice) 1200ml


Wie wäre es mit einem Blind Date mit einem psychedelischen Kameraden, der Dich garantiert auf eine Reise in die Tiefen Deiner Seele mitnimmt? Mit dem Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset Zamnesias Choice wirst Du eine zufällig ausgewählte Zauberpilzvariante bekommen, sowie alles, was Du für den Anbau brauchst. Jedes Zuchtset enthält 1200ml vollständig besiedeltes Myzelsubstrat für psychedelische Abenteuer!

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Bewertungen (35)

    Highly trusted vendor in the EU
    I recived the kit in time and discrate it was equador strain Unfortunately the kit went side ways... But I consulted my issue with the Zamnesia crew and offered me a compensation for me for the kit which was contaminated (still produced 5g-ish dried mush) now planning to go for PF tek with spore syringe Big up for Zamnesia crew!!


    Not what i expected
    The first order get lost, and they resend me one. thats the first time i try the Fresh Mushrooms: the first flush is fast but i didnt make so much, less than 10 grams from a kit. The second fush just stop growing and i have just the caps...


    Très bonne variété donnée au hasard
    Pousse rapidement et donne une récolte correcte comme toujours


    Good mixture of strains. Good quality myc. Happy with these kits every time


    Really good stuff
    After the initial bad experience with a grow kit, Zamnesia was very awesome about it and helped me out by sending in a replacement one since the first one was defective. All I can say is that this one gave me some really nice and big flushes compared to the previous one that only grew a few shrooms. Thanks Zamnesia and I highly recommend this product.


    It is what it is.
    It's a grow kit, give it what it needs, it grows.


    First kit didnt grow
    First time trying fresh mushrooms kits an not really impressed so far since the first kit grew nothing in perfect conditions after 3 weeks. Although Zamnesia support was great as always and kept in touch through and offered me a replacement kit hopefully this one turns out well>


    Great kits thanks zamnesia


    Dead upon arrival?
    Arrived looking good, but took some out to propagate on a new substrate, the mycelium didn't spread or did anything in the new substrate. I'm pretty sure by the time ii arrived it was already dead. I waited for a month followed instructions nothing happened. After a month trichoderma and cobweb mold attacked the probably dead mycelium. Maybe it was the weather? I did order it in March and temperatures at night were 7-8 Celsius, probably that killed it during delivery. Disappointing.


    Excellent as always b+
    Very high euphoria with these. Took 5 grams and I was having the craziest trip of my life. I felt calm then then I didnt even need to close my eyes to see the images. I seen edyption gods and the buddha kept going past I seen reptiles snakes and very scary jesters that meant me no harm. I wasnt scared at all. The b+ I wouldn't recommend for beginners or take at a small dose but they are wild. Zamnesia excellent as always couldn't be more pleased with the service and they are so friendly and helpful.

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    Zuchtsets Von Fresh Mushrooms – Einfacher Pilzanbau

    Die Zucht von Pilzen ist einfach und macht Laune. In diesem Video zeigen wir Dir, wie Du die Zuchtsets von ''Fresh Mushrooms'' verwendest.

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    Die Pilz-Heizmatte von Zamnesia

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Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset (Zamnesias Choice) 1200ml
Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset (Zamnesias Choice) 1200ml