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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'mexican'

 4.5/5 (294)

    Great experience
    La box et top, simple rapide et efficace !!


    first time.
    First time trying the magic mushroom and it was a great experience. Severeal flushes, very easy to use. Love the taste of these mushrooms. 3-4grams dried on empty stomach gives you a nice connection with your thoughts and amplyfies your thinking pattern regarding whatever your attention goes into.


    Det går mega stærkt med de her


    Great kit, very pleasing results :)
    If you follow the instructions carefully you'll achieve great results!, I was really pleased with the first and second flushs, incredible trips too :)




    Amazing as always
    The quality is always fantastic with these kits and the customer service team are brilliant!!! Been getting these kits and having amazing experiences for a while now but the supagro bag isn't the best but zamnesia sell a bag I find to be better


    Toujours aussi drôles
    J'ai lancé la box comme toute les autres depuis un an mais les champignons n'ont pas bcp poussés. Des grosses boulles rondes de mousse se sont formées. Quelques champignons sont arrivés sur les bords de la box mais les quantités ne sont pas à la hauteur du prix ... Par contre ces champignons font toujours autant rire c'est incroyable, même avec une petit quantité. Je me suis plainte auprès de Zamnesia, il se pourrait que ce soit une infection. Les SAV est vraiment au top ! Ils m'ont renvoyé une boîte ... d'une autre sorte, et d'une autre marque.


    Great experience
    Never grown or tried shrooms before this kit Easy grow experience After an assumption of a low dosage with i thought no effects, i tried 3 grams dried in a lemon juice Apart a bad stomach sensation on the first half hour, i felt a very shine, energetic, light and clean experience All around you is more vivid, and also your ideas; you can laugh on the speed your mind has to elaborate concepts... At a certain moment in a street, i look around and felt as i was in a comic drawn, with photo miniature effect Great!


    Très bon produit, facile à faire pousser, très bons rendement !


    Excellent product
    Very pleased with my purchase. Package took a smooth 6 days to arrive and was packaged discreetly. 234g of my first yield. Took around 4 weeks for the first harvest. The fruit was great fun too. It was very easy and I'll definitely be purchasing again. Thanks Zamnesia.

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