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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'mexican'

 4.5/5 (254)

    Very nice
    First growkit for me : Probably made some mistakes during the process (waited before launching it, not good temperatures, hand not cleaned enough, etc) I got 3 yelds (third one very small) total around 20-25g so still ok. Good product, soft and nice (not a big consumer) Very satisfied with the delivery ! I'm ordering again


    Love it
    This is my first growkit. I made some mistakes during the process, but got a great yield first time, second and third were oke, but could be better when i'm better at doing it. Next time i'm going to use the heating plate to. It's amazing to watch them grow. I dried them, grind them and put them in capsules to microdose. Great customer service! Always ready for help. Will order again.


    Just great
    Had some good batches and went up to 8 yields. Happy with that, thanks a lot again guys, continue like this, that's some good things you're sending out there.


    Thank you so much for your great products
    Thank you so much for your great products and super fast shipping. This was like my 10th time ordering supagrow kits and they have always arrived here in Finland very fast and without any problems whatsoever. They arrived in a week. I have always ordered atleast 4 or more shroomkits and they are super easy to grow. They grow in 2 weeks and i've always got 20-30 gram harvest dried mushrooms 3-4 times per 1 box. Also you seeds are very high quality. Zamnesia is the best, love you guys so much !


    Bon produit
    Premier flush rapide, comme la livraison.


    Box contamination?
    I've had about ~10 different grow kits, and this was the first one that was likely contaminated during delivery. Ordered B+, Mexican, Hawaiian and Cambodian. When I received the delivery, the three other kits looked very different, showing beautiful white mycelium on the top, while this was just oddly brown. After about a week, the other kits were showing first caps while this kit had just started to grow mold and smell funky. I ostracized it from the the healthy kits and performed a cold-shock, in case I could salvage this box somehow and produce at least a tiny crop. I've had a similar Mexican kit a few years ago, which produced a lot of shrooms, so I don't think it's just a difficult strain. Overall I would highly recommend the grow kits though, despite this one hapless kit.


    Great product
    not a connoisseur but I really enjoyed the product overall. I'll be buying again for sure


    The grow kit was defective and they sent me another grow kit.The Zamnesia team has always proved to be very honest and professional.


    Bon produit
    petit premier flush avec tapis chauffant


    This is awsome. I'm at the third flush and all is going great.An advice: remove the cake from the tapperware, this way the shrooms will grow also on the sides, just keep the tapperware so you can put it back in and dunk it.Also be careful, they're strong (3.5g dried was really too much for me).

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