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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'mexican'

 4.5/5 (295)

    In wenigen Worten! Wachsen gut, Wirkung toll und der Geschmack, nix für auf die Pizza!!! ;)


    5 this a record?
    The shipping was fast 4-5 days. My first flush went in 9 days and I got 24grams. After I didnt count it but after the 5th flush now I have 37g. So this went very well! I will buy 2 more box now because I think this is the best!


    Grazie Zamnesia! La consegna è stata effettuata in soli 4 giorni lavorativi ! Rapidi e discreti! Non ho parole :) siete i migliori!!!! Non vedo l'ora di provarli!!!!


    in love with zamnesia
    5 days till delivery, nice shippin and startin to grow ! gg zamnesia, nice product once again. Love, Justin


    I just want to say: Thank god there are still good webshops like this one on the web, good customer service, fast shipment, no problems, good full mycelium and now wait for the mexican to grow :)


    Zamnesia you make it soooo easy
    My first time with Zamnesia and they make it so easy. Straightforward ordering, payment and traceable delivery. Great customer service keep you informed and reply quickly. 5 days from payment to delivery in UK, 1st harvest was 10 days after starting the kit. 1st flush 208 grams fresh of lots of medium sized mushrooms which dried to 19 grams. 2nd flush, four days after soaking the kit for 11 hours was 91 grams fresh of less but much bigger mushrooms. 3rd flush underway now and only 5 pins but they look like they will be big fat ones! Very easy to grow. I disinfected the growing area (bedroom desk) with disinfectant spray, sterilised spray bottle and glass water bottle in the dishwasher then kept them in zip-lock bags to keep super clean. Wash hands and arms with alcohol gel and wore a facemask everytime before touching the bag/kit. Sprayed the bag with water most days but missed a few days. I also bought the mushroom heat mat but the weather turned really warm so I took it away after first flush. Also bought a thermo/hygro meter to monitor the temperature inside the bag and it turns out that my room with the windows shut and heating off is the perfect temperature of 23 - 25 degrees and 89% humidity inside the bag. Had a few mushrooms grow on the sides of the kit so before soaking I tip and squeeze the cake loose from the box (with super clean hands) and picked them off. Second time doing this I damaged/crumbled the side of the cake a little bit and left a few aborts there but it's still fine. The kits seems to be strong and resistant. Will be coming back for more for sure. Thank you Zamnesia.


    Great Mexican kit
    After one week I bought grow kit, it started to grow up and after next about seven days i harvested great flush (320g fresh mashrooms) . I confirm that Mexican masrooms are "flesh of the gods" :)


    Shipping and growing are both fast


    all great XD ty Zamnesia


    Great kit
    I recived it in 7 days and one week after that I lready got my first shrooms :) Happy to order more :)

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