Salvia Extrakt 80x


Schnall Dich an! Dies ist der Teilchenbeschleuniger für Dein Gehirn. Dieser Salvia-Extrakt ist nur für die erfahrensten Psychonauten geeignet.

WARNUNG: Extrem stark, nur für diejenigen, die wissen, was sie tun.

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Bewertungen (67)

    Good, but much too expensive, considering that the effect was the same as the x20 extract
    you schould sell it cheaper, or make it stronger


    the best
    this is the best salvia you can try, but, ,only for the advanced persons, it is a serious thing and u can go on a very bad trip if you take it without respect (no alcohol or bad company)


    Habe absolut nichts gespürt
    Hatte es im Joint vormart komplett geraucht und nichts gespürt, aber für den diskreten Versand gibt es 2 Sterne.


    It’s okay
    I mean it gets you high but you could have more weed for less and to me it didn’t feel like any more than okay weed.


    totaler Scheiß
    Funktioniert nicht. Hab das Zeug gekaut, etwas eine Messerspitze, hatte keine Wirkung.


    Satisfaction but mixed feelings
    I really like Salvia and I had a lot of amazing trips. So I was very excited about this 80x extract. And I can say that I have mixed feelings. From my first 80x trip I had a blackout for 15 minutes and then It was very pleasant and trip. I saw very special mandalas and "energy flows" for the next 10 minutes. In the end I spend 10 minutes looking at the picture of Devine mercy and I totally understood it. I can say that It was life-changing for that period of my life. After a year or so I bought another 80x extract and that time the trip was not s great. It was nice, but more funny and not so intensive and not so long-lasting. Maybe because of different setting. Maybe It was just not so strong. So to sum it up. Salvia is awesome but I think 40x extract is enough.


    Aspettavo le allucinazioni
    Avevo letto su un forum di dividere l'estratto 20x in 6 dosi e ho acquistato quello 80x con l'intenzione di avere a disposizione 24 dosi. Ho fumato la prima dose in un bong e non ho ottenuto alcun effetto, la seconda in una piccola sigaretta di tabacco e anche questa volta nulla. Subito dopo ho fumato l'intera bustina in due sigarette filate sdraiata, con luce debole e trattenendo a lungo il fumo nei polmoni e l'unico effetto percepito è stato un blando e breve stordimento. Penso di essere io il problema, non il prodotto!


    Salvia 80x UK
    Ordered this with the 20x extract. Great quality and works as required but not 100% sure its as strong as it should be, in relation to the 20x I also received. Delivery arrived 6 days from shipping date. No issues arriving. Very discrete. Make sure you do your research before trying.


    strong, even for Brujo.
    Amazing stuff. Very deep very potent. Grabs you by the soul. Trying to put trousers and shoes on was very "interesting" as the disassociation and disphoria were huge. Imagine putting the wrong shoe on, feels wrong, right? Try other shoe, feels wrong, are both my feet left? My trousers had infinite sides, each of which had infinite surfaces ad infinitum. It was like trying to don the mandelbrot set. Recursive everything. A note of caution. Some people will only take one hit, most don't want to ever again. Please be careful with these high x extracts kiddlings. Show her some respect or at some point she will bite you. she will leave deep scars. What I mean is this is not recreational, and can be life changing for better or sometimes worse. She is not candy, and most definitely not weed. There endeth the lesson. To those not achieving the "desirable" effects. Try this. 1. Use blowtorch, blue flame lighter.** 2. Begin inhaling as you light the bowl, don't stop inhaling till all is ash** 3. Don't remove flame from bowl til all is ash (very important)** 4. Hold your breath til breathing becomes your only thought, aside from your heart pounding in your ears** Better to use a bubbler pipe so smoking direct and getting smoke from beginning to end. "Hit" type bongs are not so good. Good luck, sincerely, good luck ;-)


    Bon produit et pas déçu
    Je valide, je m'attendais à plus fort mais franchement sa les déjà bien assez, perception de légèreté dans tous le corps avec une euphorie soudaine et express et en + je m'attendais à moins de produits niveaux visuel mais il yen a déjà bien assez pour faire au moins une 10aines de trips qui durent quelques minutes, au top

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Salvia Extrakt 80x
Salvia Extrakt 80x