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Salvia Extrakt 15x (1 Gramm)

Salvia Extrakt 15x (1 Gramm)

Bei Salvia Stärken von einfachem Kraut bis zu 80x Extrakten, ist dieses 15x Konzentrat ein Produkt der guten Mittelklasse für erfahrene Ausflügler.

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    Von am 27/Jan/2018 :

    Titel : Okay but..
    Kommentar : I ordered the extract of x15 Salvia and received x5 instead, I don't really mind I guess as it was my first time experiencing Salvia but I would have liked to have received what I payed for. The experience itself was good, however I expected it to be more intense and it obviously wasn't as the extract wasn't x15. Overall, an okay experience.

    Von am 27/Jan/2018 :

    Titel : Brilliant, deep, insights , travel to your inner self literally.
    Kommentar : Delivered perfectly, excellent quality product. Do you ever wonder what is really in your own head , self , heart ? Take salvia and find out. Must hold it in for 15-20 seconds minimum, otherwise it will not take you deep. Many thanks Zamnesia

    Von am 12/Jan/2018 :

    Titel : Bon voyage
    Kommentar : Je suis un gros consommateur de drogues, et j’ai essayer la Salvia qui en plus semble etre naturel, la chance d’avoir une grosse conscience et de pouvoir me contrôler j’ai essayer tout seul, un voyage innatendu mais enormement apprécié

    Von am 29/Dez/2017 :

    Titel : Incredible
    Kommentar : I'll start saying I am a 190 cm 80 kg male with a quite high tolerance to drugs, I knew salvia was strong but I still was doubtful that a so little dose could be so powerful as I read online. I bought a 20 € glass bong (I think it's better than a pipe) and prepared everything. Me and 4 friends, one was the trip sitter, in my place where nobody could disturb us and soft music playing in background. I was the first one, took 0.1, decided to divide it in half again because I'm not good at smoking in a bong and I would not risk to waste salvia. Inhaled the first hit, kept in for 30 seconds and.... No second hit was possible, I felt the world moving and a rush of incredible euphoria kicked in, could not stop laughing. I had a very strange hallucination, I saw space as it was divided in segments, really difficult to explain. For example 50 centimeters from me was a 50 and had a blue color, 70 centimeters was 70 but I started being red. All my friends were standing in front of me ( all blue as they were more or less 50 centimeters from me) but one was slightly farther and red so I had to take him to the blue zone with the others. I tried it again two times that night, in the second only euphoria came up with no visuals, but the third one was the most extreme. I was holding the hit, still less than 0.1, and at a certain point everything went black and I was in a different reality. Like in a dream, I didin't remember anything I just accepted that was my world. I saw every furniture, the ceiling, the walls as they were people painted in the way of that object. Suddenly reality switched, like turning the page from a book. the room did not change but the "people" who composed it were different and I was so astonished and somewhat sad because I felt like I was suddenly abandoned from those people (that table, that lamp, that stereo) I had always lived with all my life. Then I woke up. Incredible. Won't tell my friend's experiences but salvia worked for them as it worked for me and even more. Just one curios thing I noticed before I finish. A couple of weeks after I firstly tried salvia, other 2 my friends wanted to try but while preparing the bong, a part of it broke. We adjusted it with tape: you still could smoke from it but a good percentage of salvia would have been gone. They tried anyway and both of them had effects similar to cocaine: to visuals, a rush of violent euphoria, they wanted to run and do thing and they screamed for about 15 minutes. I never read of similar effects but this probably happens with small small percentage of smoke. In conclusion I recommend salvia: it work. 15x is a good way to start, but if you don't feel ready start with a lower concentration. The trip is more strange than enjoyable, but still I will buy it again. Already ordered 30x

    Von am 14/Okt/2017 :

    Titel : very good
    Kommentar : Very good product, very good service from Zamnesia

    Von am 02/Mai/2017 :

    Titel : It works
    Kommentar : I have never experienced such a powerful psychedelic. It wiped my memory - even the memory of having taken a drug - and I lost all ability to think. I was caught in an infinity loop with my eyes wide open. After 5 minutes I was back, but everything felt unfamiliar. I would advice against smoking anything of a higher concentration than this.

    Von am 16/Feb/2017 :

    Titel : Un peu cher mais excellent produit !
    Kommentar : Très bon concentré, 0,15g vous suffiront pour un rêve meilleur que la réalité virtuelle

    Von :

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    Von am 15/Dez/2016 :

    Titel : Waw waw waw !!!!
    Kommentar : Fumée dans un joint tout en laissant la flamme sur le foyer ( à besoin d'une heure température ). 3 joint avec 1 gramme, 3 grosses taffes par joint. Effet surpuissants, je ne conseille pas les extraits supérieurs. Au bout de 2 taf, ça nous prend par les pieds au début, on se recrocville sur soi, on sent les liquides qui passent en nous (flux sanguins etc ..) l'impression d'être entre 2 plaques tectoniques quand on ferme les yeux (ce que je conseillle). Perso je mettais un film et j'ai cru en faire parti pendant 3 minutes. Expérience assez extraordinaire, un pote ancien polytox à testé et lui, à grave flippé. 2 taffes de salvia, 3 graines de hbw broyées et extraites à l'eau froide pendant 6h avant (l'eau devient noir, la passer au filtre à café), le passage au filtre baisse les nausées mais pas la diarrhée ! Mais voilà , entre mes taffes de salvia puis les 3 graines d' hbw prise juste apres, je ne suis passé redescendu jusqu' au lendemain matin. À ne pas prende seul, ou chez soit, pépère, avec un fond musical rassurant, voir un film comique. Bonne soirée garantie ! (Pris du kratum ma deng 3 g le lendemain matin, pas d'effet résiduel, j aurai pu remettre ça.. (chose faite avec les truffes hollandia d'ailleurs ^^)

    Von am 01/Sept/2016 :

    Titel : Top
    Kommentar : Sehr gutes Produkt und Top Support. Bin sehr zufrieden. Habe es jedes mal in der Bong geraucht und habe mich mit der Dosierung bisher nur langsam rangetastet. Ich hatte schon dauerhaft Lachanfälle und schon einen sehr psychedelischen Trip. Es ist sehr wichtig den Rauch so lange in der Lunge zu lassen wie möglich und beim anzünden das Extrakt so lange und stark wie möglich erhitzen. Unterschätzt es nicht ;)

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