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 3.5/5 (141)

    Wirkt gut!
    Die wirkung ist angenehem aber nicht so stark. Man sollte jedoch höher dosieren nasal so minimum 100mg eher 120 oder mehr.


    Ganz OK
    Verarbeitung, Geschmack & Qualität sind 10/10. Das ''High'' kommt stärker nach öfterem Konsum, so krass ist es aber trzd nicht. Aber ganz cool :)


    Great product
    Great product but but gritty, I used under my tongue and it helped with my back pain and made me feel calm and warm. So a good feeling. Thank you zamnesia


    Effects were immediate, no effect for me smoking it, but sniffing made me really out of my mind. I didn't like the feeling and the taste. It's not my thing, but for whomever wants to try Kanna first time, is a good start.


    Great Stuff
    Really like the Kanna - nice effects and easy to dose. But I would like to see some "Kanna cut" to smoke, since I really like to take it this way. But a bit difficult in this pulverized form. Thanks Zamnesia for your overall great quality and fadt delivery!


    Good staff but i hate sniffing it!


    Great mood enhancer
    Didn't know what to expect but I was positively surprised with this herb ! Give it a try if you're hesitating, it's worth it. Mild boost of energy, focus, and slight euphoria. I'm buying it again. Maybe some day I'll try the 10x extract, but for now I don't need more. Enjoy:)


    Not the best
    Not the bes Kanna out there but relatively decent, I don´t think you´ll be dissapointed.


    Nothing special
    Sniffed 1/3 and smoked the other 2/3. Maybe there was a little "euphoric" effect but nothing special...


    the best for people who only wants to feel better

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