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 4/5 (134)

    Works good
    Good euphoria and relaxing effects + it being relatively inexpensive for the good quality. 5/5


    Very light effect for a horribel taste :-)
    I liked the way the product is packaged. I actually use it for other things now. I sniffed some and wow..what a terrible aroma. I guess this is up to personal taste. I felt light eurforia but very short. Maybe this works better when chewing as I read somewhere.


    parfait pour moi
    dans une cigarette faut forcer la dose ! mais j'adore les effets ça n'arrache pas la tète comme certaines bheu qui te scotche! c'est relaxant la montée et douce ça me convient parfaitement !!


    Peu d’effet
    Brule le nez, coulée horrible et peu d’effet


    I sniffed it and I felt nothing.
    It smells like Oregano and Rosmary for me.. I sniffed a lot of it and I felt nothing..


    Definitely not what we expected
    Because of all these positive reviews we had maybe higher expectations. We sniffed it and nothing happened. The atmosphere was already chilled so that could be a reason for not feeling that calming effect. Anyway, dont think that I’m gonna try this again.


    Efficace et pas cher
    Pas mal je recommande


    Très bon produit, je recommande.


    Esta bien
    Al esnifar pica en la nariz bastante y hay que consumir mas de lo que pone en la pagina para lograr los efectos. Al principio da un pico de euforia para pasar a la relajacion. No es nada fuerte y es bastante placentero


    Nice high
    I like this stuff, it’s a very mild kind of high and my dreams get really vivid. I don’t experience any sort of halucinations or trips, but it’s very calming and makes you feel a little funny, but it definitely won’t make you trip or see things. I recommend not watching TV as it was a bit too much (at least for me). It smells really nice in my opinion: like dried flowers or tea. So far I only sniffed it, so maybe it’s stronger or different when you consume it in another way.

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