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Mondo Sporespritze Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher

 4.5/5 (103)

    Great strain with fast and strong colonuzation
    Great strain for beginners and great suringe from zamnezia. Packed good Good stealth 5*

    D. S.

    Funktioniert sehr gut
    Habe erfolgreich wachsendes Mycel. Bin gespannt wie es weiter geht.

    T. W.

    Always working spores!
    Fast coloniZation also :)

    T. N.

    Good spors
    It does as it should

    C. M.

    Good product and service

    V. B.

    Great products
    Fast service

    L. C.

    Fantastic service as usual
    Fast delivery and fantastic products. Never had an issue with products or delivery. I have used Zamnesia many times and have always been extremely happy with the service I have received.

    D. M.

    Good product and service
    Thank you Zamnesia for your great support. Good stuff

    E. R.

    Amazing spores
    Very good spores. Very happy with this product. 5****

    L. J.

    Funktioniert einwandfrei
    Topp Produkt, sauber verarbeitet und hat das gewünschte Ergebnis geliefert.

    D. S.

    Super pilze
    Toll wirklich toll ich mag die

    A. O.

    Good product, good service
    I has a problem with the 1st syringe, resulting with contamination. The customer service team was super helpful and professional and send me a new one right away. The 2nd was great, creating strong and healthy mycelium fast

    S. T.

    Ist Oke

    B. F.

    Très bien
    Actuellement en colonisation en PF tek. Un peu plus lent que prévu, mais pour le moment pas de soucis.

    E. B.

    Everything ok
    Shipped on schedule, discreet package, viable spores (about 2wk since germination). Really trustworthy shop

    N. S.

    Very good very nice
    So far so good, healthy mycelium growth

    C. R.

    very good
    worked just as expected, good quality

    S. K.


    A. K.

    Schnelle Lieferung soweit alles gut

    C. W.

    Er zitten wel sporen in, maar…
    Het lijkt wel alsof er 100 spuiten van één sporen print zijn gemaakt. Ik heb met de spuit in totaal 6 jars geïnoculeerd met elk 4 inoculatie punten (dus totaal 24 punten). Er was maar bij twee inoculatie punten (bij twee verschillende jars) mycelium groei te zien. De rest heeft geen enkele vorm van mycelium groei laten zien. Dit is echt te weinig om succesvol een paar cakes te laten koloniseren en vruchten te laten groeien, om eventuele uitval door besmetting of andere verontreinigingen te compenseren. Het is beter om een groei kit te bestellen en je eigen sporen prints te maken. De klantenservice heeft echter nooit gereageerd op mijn tweede mail….. Jammer,… zal mijzelf de volgende keer de moeite besparen. Drie sterren voor dit product, het is op zich wel goed, vrij van verontreinigingen enz., misschien heb ik gewoon pech gehad…

    E. M.

    Looks okay

    S. K.

    multiple orders
    zamnesia are quick to respond and resolve any concerns, I've tried several products and have been very happy with the results.

    G. M.

    took a while, but germinated
    nicely packed. took very long, but eventually germinated. (it might be that there were very little spores in my solution...)

    J. T.

    Gute Qualität
    Die besten Sporen spritzen!

    M. Z.

    Pas de contamination dans la seringue. Colonisation de la culture liquide, de grains de maïs et PF Tek ok mais un peu plus lente que prévue.

    D. J.

    They seem to be sterile and well
    Seems to have no contam and healthy. Will buy again from here surely.

    M. C.

    No germination
    The spore syringe showed visible spore clusters in the solution. Properly sterilized rye berrys showed not contamination from the spore syringe. The germination took a bit longer than usual, unclear whether this is due to not optimal grow conditions or spore quality. Overall a quality product, nicely packed.

    S. S.

    Bonne qualité

    O. G.

    Golden teacher
    Alles wie beschrieben, alles top

    M. H.


    R. S.

    Fast shipping good spores
    Tested on 4 rice bags, all successful!

    B. G.

    Broken syringe...
    The syringe was broken and I lost most of the liquid outside the jars. And there was almost no spores visible in the syringe as usual... I love zamnesia but there syringes are just terrible. The only reason I bought it in the first place was to supplement the spore print from before.

    M. V.

    Golden teacher

    J. H.

    no contamination, fast shipping

    T. B.

    Not used for now.
    Article looking good but stored in the fridge for now.

    J. R.

    Cubensis et golden teacher
    Je parle de mon expérience. Le délai d apparition des têtes d épingle est plus long pour moi cela met 2 mois ...parfois rien ne pousse . Peut être est ce une erreur de culture de ma part . Par contre quand ça pousse il y en a beaucoup.

    P. C.

    Everything perfect for now
    Im from germany and i recived the product in like 3 days it is amazing i put them in fridge and il see the next month will i get something out of it :)

    I. D.

    Great products works well

    J. W.

    Disappointed/ No innoculation
    I used the syringe (20 ml) for 4 smaller jars to get started. There were no spores visible in the syringe. After 4 weeks I had no results. No innoculation happened. Might try my luck with a grow kit next time. D.L.

    D. L.

    19 maart 2 sporenspuiten ontvangen maar vanwege tijdgebrek in de koelkast gedaan. Op 10 april beide spuiten flink geschud en de inhoud verdeeld over 4 glazen potten met Rogge. Op 19 april was en het mycelium voldoende gegroeid om alle potten op te schudden. Geen enkele contaminatie te bespeuren. Uitstekende sporenspuiten dus . So far So good. Begin volgende week meng ik ze individueel met horsepoo en maak 4 bakken (shoeboxes) klaar voor verdere kweek.

    J. M.

    Impeccable service, but very bad product
    First syringe came without a syringe plunger and I am certain it got contamed. I contaced support and received a new one for free. With the new syringe, absolutely nothing grew for 1 month. The service was perfect. Friendly, helpful employees and a free replacement, but sadly, the product didn't live anywhere up to its expectations. Maybe I just had bad luck twice. Who knows.

    M. W.

    Gutes Produkt
    Kam noch nicht zum Einsatz.

    B. M.

    Good quality!
    Fast delivery of goods across borders and discreet packaging of the shipment. Quality product in perfetc cleanliness and great results. I recommend Zamnesia and its products!

    M. H.

    Fast shipping and good quality
    The mycellium grew fast

    V. M.

    Fonctionne correctement, prend plus de temps à germer et coloniser que les b+ mais tout bon...

    J. V.

    Deze doet het bij mij minder goed dan B+, maar ik weet niet of dit ook door de sporenspuit komt.
    Deze doet het bij mij minder goed dan B+, maar ik weet niet of dit ook door de sporenspuit komt.

    E. I.

    Sehr Enttäuschend!!
    1 von 3 Sporenspritzen hatte nur die gewünschten Sporen, sehr enttäuschend fürs Geld, die anderen 2 wurden lediglich mit Wasser aufgezogen!!! Nicht weiter zu empfehlen...sehr schade !

    L. V.

    Fast delivery, colonisation started in 5 days

    V. K.

    Not enough spores
    I usually make my own syringes, but was lazy and ordered a GT and Hawaiian syringe. I shook it thoroughly and followed my main protocol. Due to the low amount of visible spores I injected half a syringe into a 400ml jar, absolutely nothing grew. While on the same batch, in another jar, i also used a left over syringe of my own, thought I left that too long jn the fridge (1,5 months) which grew beautifully. A syringe is supposed to inoculate 10 jars. Better spend your money on a grow kit, it gives harvest plus you can make your own spore prints and turn those into syringes.

    F. V.

    Spore Syringe Contained contamination
    I ordered 2 syringes one Golden Teacher and one B+ In the First days little Signs of mycelium growth were there but fast Afterwards it Turned Green/Gray a contamination were growing in the mycelium i desinfected the syringes and heated Them with a Lighter Up the contamination didnt grew anywhere Else than Some centimeters belle the Point i injected The B+ Syringe is complete Clean White and healthy mycelium in 3x 1l Jars while in the other 3x 1L golden teachers Just contaminations are growing

    L. P.
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