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Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset 'Golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (407)

    Everything great so far!
    I received this Kit as a replacement for a GrowKit I ordered last winter, but turned out to be contaminated (probably also due to my own mistakes regarding the heating mat and too cold outdoor temperature). The customer service has been super fast and friendly, giving me a coupon without many questions asked. This time the grow has been turning out super well. Constant flushes (on my third now), first ones came in after just a week of setting up the kit. Even though the mushrooms are not that massive in size, except one big one - they are super potent. Just 1.8g dried gave me a wonderful visionary and healing experience, which I haven't experienced at those intensities with similar dosages prior. I also tend to harvest all as soon as the first veils break, so it might be that they are simply less in weight - but more potent in regards to ratio of fruit body weight. The only manko was loads of sidepins, especially on the first flush. But apart from that everything went super well and super easy (even for a growing newbie like myself). Take care of connecting with the mushroom spirit, blessing the kit with incense and the drying shrooms and putting your intention towards the desired outcome of the medicine. This spirit also seems to love jew harp, so putting on a mix on youtube while doing a daily mushroom spirit connection ritual is something I can highly recommend. The shrooms and the kit will give you what you need if you show the desired respect, humbleness and of course trying to work as clean as possible. I will buy them again for sure! Bless


    White allnright grow kit. Good shipping and Grew well. Was less of Harvest than I thought; maybe 15g dry total 3 flushes.


    Easy to grow
    They are easy to grow and handle. I'm on the third flush now.. H. A.


    Quick and easy
    It was quick and easy to grow them, with the heat mat, although there were big patches that didn't grow on the second or third flush either, so I didn't get 100% of the surface, only around 40%


    Excellent rendement
    La culture se développe bien et très vite, dans la mesure où les conditions sont bien respectées ! Je recommande vraiment ce produit, Zamnesia vous êtes au top


    Very good quality set
    Unfortunately my former "dealer" stopped delivering to my location. So I had to find a replacement. First one I tried was really bad (one set never started to grow, the other was contaminated after the first flush, even though I work extremely clean...). Now this one is a great success! Started growing fast, first flush was already very satisfying (>10g) and the second one is starting rn and looks wonderful. I recommend standing the block up in the plastic box, if you see some shroomies growing on the side. That way they can grow freely :) Thank you Zamnesia for your high quality product!


    Très bon produit, seul problème ; un peu de side pinning


    Very satisfied
    Got 4,5 flushs and in total like 20g dry. Took one time 1g and felt it a little bit and one time 3,5 and got some amazing visuals! I will definitely buy this strain again


    Great service
    After there was a delivery-problem with the first box, zamnesia just sent me another ohne for free…. Hey guys, you really rock! After I ‚ve experienced the great quality of the mexican fresh box, I am sure, that this set will also work properly.


    Grew fast
    Grew in about 7-8 days but sadly mine got contaminated the last day


    5 flush super niquel


    Leider nur kleine Ausbeute
    Für meinen ersten Versuch lief es ganz gut. Das Set ist einfach in der Handhabung und es macht Spaß, auszusehen, wie schnell es sich verändert. Allerdings steht in der Anleitung nicht alles drin, es lohnt sich nochmal online zu informieren und andere Bewertungen für Tipps lesen. Sauberkeit ist wirklich wichtig. Etwas schwierig war, dass ja kein Wasser auf das Substrat kommt. Ganz so üppig wie auf der Abbildung, war es bei mir leider nicht. Getestet habe ich sie noch nicht.


    Good and easy
    Really easy to grow. Starting my 3rd flush now. These shrooms basically saved me from the worst depression I’ve had. I’m so grateful for all the magic they bring into our lives*


    Première expérience avec les kits, et plutôt une bonne surprise! j'ai bien aimé les explications du site qui m'ont bien aidées, mais ce qui a débloqué ma pousse c'est un tapis chauffant! et waouw ça va vite! je suis en cours de ma deuxième session ...à voir! merci à zamnesia pour leur sérieux et leur accompagnement! peace Marie


    Tirages moyen et petit champignons, l'effet sympa.


    Easy to grow, but lots of sidepins
    Haven't tried these yet but will comment on the growing process; I usually order SupaGro but it seems their newer kits have lots of issues so went with this brand as an alternative. Growing instructions very easy (seal with plastic and that's it). Yield is fine (at least 3 flushes) but lots of side pin growth as mentioned in other reviews. Not a catastrophe by any means, but it means more careful handeling when harvesting the cake, frequent humidity checks, and the mushrooms don't look as pretty. Keeping them in the box (with the lid cut off) helps a little so light absorption on the sides is limited. I ordered 2 cakes, initially one didn't grow as well because of this issue but Zamnesia always assists with excellent customer service and provided a suitable solution (that's why I am a returning customer here!) - can't wait to try them out.


    Great service
    My first kit did not give the expected quantity so I contacted Zamnesia, just to inform them about it. They asked me questions and after that, without any issues, they offered me a new kit. Perfect service. Very friendly contact by e-mail. They always answer very fast. Also quick delivery. The quality of the Golden Teacher that I harvested is very good! Thank you Zamnesia.


    Sacred Medecine - upgraded self
    Ok I did many others things to keep on with a regular self-actualisation (meditation, yoga, positive thinking etc.) but I know that the Shrooms are responsible for bringing me to the next level. I have upgraded a new inner software following a shroom therapy on my own. I am a F* Ferrari now. Shrooms can change our lives. I am literally living a dream and believe me my head is well hang on, I am no hippie who wants to sell bracelets. I am a fully empowered woman now. Using shrooms for the self development may be the most changing thing of all your life. God bless the shrooms*****


    Veelbelovend oogstfeest
    Tijdens het oogsten snoep ik altijd wat shroompies, tot maximaal 1 gram tenzij het een geschikt moment is voor een full blown trip. Deze gouden leraren blijken bijzonder potent! Heb je na 1,5 week nauwelijks resultaat? Just lean back and wait some more. De levering duurde vrij lang tijdens een hittegolf en ik vreesde dat het mycelium dat niet overleefd had. Toch ligt nu m'n 2e flush te drogen. Kwalitatief en kwantitatief dik in orde!


    Good product
    Very easy to handle with good outcome. Friendly customer serviece


    Good product
    The product is really easy to use, just set it up and leave it there. after almost two weeks I can see my first shrooms, they grow really fast!


    Ottimo prodotto
    Ho ordinato purtroppo in un periodo troppo caldo ed i kit sono arrivati compromessi ma la qualità c'era inoltre devo dire che il sistema di assistenza tramite mail è eseguiti molto bene e ne sono stato entusiasta. Ringraziando tutto lo staff Zamnesia.....buon viaggio


    Great kit.
    I just harvested shrooms from the 3rd flush and the kit produced 230g so far. I hope to get 300g in the end. Growing is really easy, just follow instructions from the manual and cover sides with black tape or put the kit in the box to prevent side pins.


    Habe das Myzel in der Box aufgestellt, da die Pilze ringsherum raus wachsen und da sonst viele Pilze kaputt gegangen wären. Insgesamt getrocknet nach dem 3. Flush ca. 15gr. versuche grad den 4. aber wurde jedes mal weniger, aber ich habe das Myzel auch nicht sehr gut behandelt, Ecken sind abgebrochen und es war teilweise zu feucht, wenn man das mal raus hat geht vermutlich noch mehr.


    Les kits fresh mushroom son normalement très facile à faire pousser, j'en avais déjà commandé et ne comprends pas ce qu'il se passe cette fois-ci. J'ai acheté deux kit et suivi comme d'habitude toutes les instructions pourtant cette fois-ci rien ne s'est passé ,au bout d'un mois d'attente le silicium a commencé à Verdir sans qu'un seul champignon ne soit apparu, j'ai essayé de contacter le SAV plusieurs fois mais aucune réponse claire de leur part on m'avait pourtant dit qu'il était très compétent mais visiblement non. Je suis très déçu 100 € de gâcher sur ce site.


    cute mushrooms
    These shrooms grew pretty well, I had a second flush starting as soon as I'd picked the first one, without even putting them in cold shock. Actually these mushrooms are very beautiful. I found them a lot more potent than the Mexicans, with slight visual effects even at very very low doses. I'd suggest everyone who has trouble with growing kits and side pins maybe look into making a fruiting chamber for the block instead. Then side pins become a good thing, not a problem.


    3 flush coming up!!
    VERY satisfied! After 2 weeks first pins appeared & going for the 3rd flush now!


    super service support
    super service support qui repond tres vite aux questions le produit fonctionne et c 'est tres fort !


    Tutto ok facile facile
    Prima gettata 180 grammi, seconda 50 terza qualcosina,semplice e divertente


    Top Produkt, Top Support
    Das Paket kam schnell an, wie immer! Bin gespannt auf das Ergebnis. :) Vielen dank an den Support von Zamnesia, mir wurde sofort bei Unklarheiten weitergeholfen und sie sind auf all meine Fragen eingegangen! Top!


    the best mushrooms ever
    as always Zamnesia is a guarantee, despite having kept the mushrooms in the refrigerator for 5 days because I could not plant them immediately, I just managed to collect the first harvest, a great gift from heaven. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OPENING THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION!


    Le meilleur kit de culture
    Après avoir testé le kit Supa Grow qui n'avait rien donné, zamnesia a eu la gentillesse de me renvoyer un kit, cette fois de la marque Fresh Mushrooms. C'est le meilleur kit que j'ai pu tester jusqu'à présent, et de loin ! Même plus besoin d'arroser, les champis poussent tout seuls et à une vitesse folle ! J'ai pu faire ma 1ère récolte moins de 2 semaines après la mise en place du kit, et la suivante 8 jours après, les rendements sont incroyable, la 2ème récolte est aussi abondante que la 1ere et les suivantes se suivent rapidement ! Bref super satisfaite des Fresh Mushrooms, pour moi c'est la marque référence des grow kits, j'en testerais d'autres variétés pour sur ! Merci encore à l'équipe zamnesia, peace out !


    Ausser das die Pilze seitlich und mych unten wachsen, alles in Ordnung. Die Seiten sollten verdunkelt werden. Steht in der Anleitung nicht! Tausende Pins sind reingewachsen und die Box mĂĽsste nach dem ersten flush weggeschmissen werden.


    Side pin nightmare
    These kits are OK , but the side pinning issue is sooooo tiring ! Its unbelievable that these guys have been selling kits for so many years but absolutely no effort into trying to solve that problem! There is a host of youtube mushroom growers, that have solved the side pin issue, so why cant you?


    Super !!
    Le kit est vraiment facile à utiliser ! Ca pousse rapidement. Moins d'une semaines après avoir reçu le kit ! J'en ai tiré 3 flush et là j'en ai qui continue de pousser par ci par là. Je ne les ai pas encore gouter ! Mais ça ne serait tarder ;)


    Amazing pinset in olny 5-6 days, mushrooms growing very fast and nice. Very good genetics! Also the easiest to use growkit, no need to spary or anything, just set it aside, forget and the harvest!! Love it!!


    Je commande kit sur kit depuis que Fresh Mushroom a ce nouveau kit qui ne nécessite même plus de vaporisation ! Les récoltes se succèdent les unes après les autres de façon impressionnante. Je les teste très bientôt lors d'une belle cérémonie avec musiques qui feront planer. Je garde un très bon souvenir de mes précédentes sessions avec Fresh mushroom. Je recommanderai très certainement.


    Straight forward and easy to grow very potent took 6 grams dried and had an a amazing experience


    Totalmente soddisfatto, anche se resa bassa(per mia colpa)
    Sono rimasto molto colpito dalla velocità con la quale sono cresciuti i funghi(11 giorni), sono riuscito a fare 4 flush per un totale di 20g secchi. La resa è stata quindi un po' bassina, ma per mia colpa, in quanto ho raccolto leggermente tardi durante il primo flush.VI CONSIGLIO DI FARE ATTENZIONE E RACCOGLIERE AL MOMENTO GIUSTO(PRIMA CHE SI ROMPA LA PARTE SOTTOSTANTE IL CAPPELLO) PER NON INDEBOLIRE IL MICELIO. Rimasto completamente soddisfatto dalla velocità, qualità e facilità di coltivazione, ri-ordinerò sicuramente da Zamnesia. P.S. Vi consiglio di prendere i kit fresh mushrooms perché sono facilissimi da usare, sono praticamente già pronti per l'uso!


    good mushrooms... but
    I've bought the books a few month ago and the first harvest was very good, as well as the mushrooms itself. But... I only get one harvest, although I did everything exactly the same as were described in the grow kit manual. That's the reason why I give three stars.


    Les champignons que j’ai acheté , ça fait un mois et demi, mais malheureusement ils ne poussent pas ! Très déçu


    très bonne qualité, robuste, productif, je recommande.


    Le kit parfait
    Le kit est simple d’utilisation (première fois que j’en essaye un et je ne suis pas déçus !), pour un débutant je ne vois pas meilleur moyen de se lancer


    Good stuff
    This is my second growkit. First time I had the mcKennai Supergrow which I had to spray with water. This one did. It require spraying, I had about 20 grams dry after the third harvest. Left it out and there’s a couple more coming. This was really difficult to harvest though as they mostly grew on the sides. In summary it worked but I had better results with the supergrow kit. On a side note I highly recommend reading James Jesso’s “Decomposing the shadow” For a practical guide on using these ancient and powerful tools as a method for self development and healing x


    Bien lire les instructions
    J’avais pas lu les Instructions et commencé comme habituellement par une submersion donc mon avis n’est pas le plus constructif possible. Donc attention à ceux qui achètent sans faire gaffe ce kit. Par contre le fait de laisser le sac ouvert vraiment bof d’après moi , ça fait 10 ans que je me fais ma boîte au printemps et j’ai jamais eu de contamination. Et là pour la première fois je met des gants et je m’en choppe une. Je vais retenter une culture avec la même boîte. Attention à l’environnement de la pièce si vous avez des chiens ou autres si vous laissez ce kit ouvert comme dans les instructions. Vraiment pas fan du principe. Je posterai un autre avis plus tard.


    Good product
    Great quality, very safe and beautiful experience


    Kindness and professionality
    I bought a big size grow kit, but they didn't grow up. The Zamnesia guys replaced it immediately and the mushrooms are now growing quickly and happy. Thank you a lot


    Bof bof
    Niveau rendement tip top culture très facile, par contre il faut en manger pas mal pour avoir des effets. Un peu trop à mont goût je ne conseil pas au personne habitué au champs vous serez déçu. Et sortez bien le pain de la barquette sa pousse bcp sur les côtés.


    Freshmushrooms Cubensis
    Die Pilze wachsen ohne viel zutun. Einziges Problem: Sie wuchsen links, rechts und nach unten. aber nicht nach oben. Da ich noch eine zweite Zuchtbox mit einer anderen Sorte parallel zu laufen hatte und sich dort das gleiche Problem zeigte, muss es wohl an meinen Raumbedingungen liegen. Um das Problem zu lösen habe ich den Kuchen vorsichtig hochkant in die Box aufgestellt, sodass die Pilze platz zum wachsen hatten. Ich habe jetzt meinen 2 Flush geernet. Die Ernetemenge ist gut, nicht überragend aber gut. Ich denke das varriiert ohnehin. Bin zufrieden.


    Unfortunately no yeald after 3 Weeks
    I presume it was too cold and too volatile (between 13C° and 29C° )for them to come out. I wonder, if they will come at all, or are they done...

    Du kannst keine Rezension verfassen, da Du das Produkt nicht bestellt hast