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Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset 'B+'

 4/5 (361)

    B+ Ready to grow kit
    Supergreat schroomz. B+ are in my opinion the best to find whatever you're looking for.


    260g wet 25g dry
    First flush need I say more I ate 5g dry wow.Then I had to order one more kit it did not make it to me,but the zamnesia teem sent me a new one and I just started this one.I have to give them a thumbs up 100%


    1a vez - fallo
    Solo 4 o 5 setas en uno de los bordes, y a los pocos dĂ­as cubiertas de un moho oscuro. Cuando llegĂł el kit la superficie estaba cubierta como de un moho blanco, no se si es lo normal.


    Super service
    Top level grow-kit and service! Due to a growing problem with my previous kit, i contacted customer-sevice and they helped me out and sent me a new box and this one growed fine! Just got one flush with aprox 120g B+ fresh mushrooms ready to enjoy. Thanx for a top-notch service Zamnesia!


    I would definitely recommend
    First flush, just under 20g dry, second flush just under 11g dry, onto the third now. Put the whole second flush in a tek last night, best trip of my life!


    très bien
    belles récoltes


    Pousses décevantes
    2 pousses décevantes. 16g sec au total. Le bac n'étant pas complètement rempli, les pousses partent des côtés. Et si on veut garder le carton pour limiter la lumière sur les côtés, c'est le sac qui n'est pas assez grand. Je reprendrai supagro la prochaine fois.


    Eerste succes
    Voor het eerst succes gehaald met de grow kit erg tevreden temperatuur is naar mijn idee behoorlijk belangrijk dat heeft een eerder set tot minder resultaat gebracht was te koud


    Bin begeistert
    Ich bin von den FRESH MUSHROOMS ZUCHTSET 'B+' wirklich begeistert. Habe jetzt den zweiten Schwung durch. Beim ersten waren es zwar nur fünf Pilze mit ungefähr 112g, aber dafür 10g getrocknet. Habe die mit zwei Freunden genommen und die Wirkung war sehr gut fiel gelacht und die Optik war auch sehr gut ich kam mir vor wie im Comic. Der zweite Ertrag hatte deutlich mehr Fruchtkörper mit ungefähr 105g, und trockenen jetzt. Ich bin mal gespannt, was der dritte Schwung bringt. Ich kann dieses Zuchtser einfach nur empfehlen leicht zu züchten und die Wirkung ist wirklich sehr gut.


    Can't recommend
    Not happy used the the zamnesia and supagro kits many times massive yields on this kit every flush only gave me mushroom from the sides of the cake where u don't even want them to grow and used the cardboard box to cover the side area very disappointed waited so long I would go with any of the other 2 brands


    Probably contaminated
    The growkit box was damaged, got a Little hole on the top and in the substrate surface cause there's the hot glue has perfored it


    nothing but side and bottom pins
    I have grown 3 times before and it has always been a pleasure until this kit. I hoped the easy 'you don't do anything but keep your hands clean and watch' "manual" would lead to a quick harvest. I did note that on arrival it looked like the top of my substrate was a little bit over colonized and it made me wonder if it would pin. If it had come in a bag I would have broken up the matting at this point and given it another few days to form again. I followed the instructions to the letter and watched it for over a month with no results. Then I started wondering and looked in the bottom of the box. The bottom was covered with what could have been a nice flush. I cleaned up everything with no harvest and am now watching in hopes of a decent second flush. For me, this was a waste of time and money. I would suggest a kit with a little more attention to detail and quality


    Great results and trip
    In under 2 weeks had ready to harvest mushrooms. Got about 13.2g of dried mushrooms from first flush and would probably get more in perfect conditions. I ordered a heating mat online and placed a book on it as with the mushrooms directly on it it was too hot. This maintained decent temperature. The mushrooms were very potent when i tried them with my friends


    Perfect! Thanks


    Belle récolte
    5 récoltes avec un total de 348g humide! Reste plus qu'à tester !


    Sehr zufrieden!
    Bin begeistert! Angekommen und angesetzt, konnte ich nach 4 Tagen bereits die ersten Pins sehen. Weitere 4 Tage später war dann auch schon die erste Ernte vollzogen => 125g frisch. Man kann eigentlich von wöchentlichen Ernten ausgehen! 2. Flush: ~100g frisch 3. Flush: ~ 65g frisch Gehe nun auf den 4. Flush zu; schaut aus, als ginge da noch gut was. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!


    Alles einwandfrei! Danke


    Great product, great value.
    Very good kit with a big production. It came nice and fat. The production was great with a lot of big fleshy mushrooms. Actually i harvested the biggest in my life and i´ve been cultivating for more than 20 years. Four solid flushes and counting. Highly recommended.


    Great Grow!
    Easy to grow, just set up and leave and watch them grow! Would recommend


    Very good
    It was very easy to grow, the hardest thing was to keep the right temperature (which wasn’t even hard)


    Fast Grow - Large First Time Harvest
    First time we've grown our own with the intention to capsulate and microdose for mental health, and the grow rate from pinning was rather impressive. Great amount for a first flush and this can go 3-4 times more?? Very impressed and will be ordering some different types to try! Thank you!


    Super Zeug
    Habe bei diesem Set zwar nur 2 mal ernten können, aber die Menge war voll in ordnung und die wirkung war super.


    Sehr schönes Kit
    Ein schönes zuchtset mit sehr guter Qualität der 1. Flush kam schon nach 3 Wochen. Die Früchte sind zwar alle seitlich gewachsen aber sie waren trotzdem wunderschön und sehr stark in der Wirkung. Ich musste sehr viel lachen, hatte gute Laune und es war sehr emotional während des Trips.


    Tut was es soll
    Eigentlich 5 von 5 Sterne, nur war die Anleitung ziemlich ungenau. Man sollte die Anleitung einmal komplett lesen, dann kann man eigentlich nix falsch machen. Ertrag war gut sonst keine Probleme.


    Love it
    Traking was a bit off but only took 10 days to get so very fast


    bountiful first harvest, curious for the rest
    Under the right conditions, this kit grows rapidly! 185-200g of shrooms in the first flush, second is underway still. Provided them with comfy room temperature and light, and in 10-11 days, the first ones were ready to pick. When the shrooms are around half a finger long, watch out, they might grow ripe overnight easily, check on them several times a day so the caps wont smear spore all over the kit and themselves! havent had gloves around, a proper hand, forearm and surface disinfection with alcohol and a mask was sufficient to avoid contamination.


    Un de mes meilleurs achat
    Ce kit est un des meilleurs niveau qualité et entretien, rien de plus simple. Je fais facilement 3 bonnes recolte. Pas de mal de ventre. Je conseille. Zamnesia est un super site il sont très réactive et compréhensif en cas de question souci produit etc ...


    Tolles Set!
    Super Easy zu benutzen und man muss nicht so aufpassen wie bei den anderen. Auf jeden Fall eine Kaufempfehlung!


    Very Pleased
    First order didn't arrive through the post but Customer Services were very helpful and understanding and sent another kit free of charge which arrived with no issues. Very easy setup following instructions and had first mushrooms in about 4 days. Still waiting to harvest but the yield seems good. Definitely would buy again!!


    Top class
    Very happy, produced excellent product, no hassle process, in the process to harvest second flush


    Première expérience de culture pour moi, super simple et efficace Je recommande vraiment, il n’y a plus qu’à tester les autres produits


    Wonderful product
    Although delivery took a while longer than expected, customer service was amazing and product is growing right now, 10/10 will order againnn


    top produit pour débuter
    très simple d utilisation je recommande


    Easy to Grow
    The mushrooms are really easy to grow following the instructions. Customer service was also very helpful. I am on the second harvest now and was able to get about 200g of fresh mushrooms in total


    Mieux que Supagro
    J'ai l'habitude des kits de culture supagro, mais souvent des problèmes de contamination etc. Première fois que je tente les fresh kits et je trouve beaucoup plus facile! Rien à faire à part observer les signes: les petites têtes étaient sorties depuis quelques jours mais n'arrivaient pas à pousser, le pain avait l'air sec. J'ai aspergé l'intérieur du sachet, et 48h plus tard ils étaient prêts pour la cueillette. Par contre même en respectant toutes les règles de propreté et stérilisation, il y a clairement eu une petite contamination au niveau des micro perforations du sachet.


    good harvest
    but the harvest of McKannai was better


    Mega gut
    Einfach zu handhaben, super Ergebnisse und mega Effekte :)


    Easy and fast!
    I recieved my kit in less than 4 work days(Denmark) and 12 days later I had my first harvest. They grew big very fast and the effect was really nice and comfortable! If you are new to growing shrooms, fresh mushroom kits is the Way to go!


    Staying +
    First experience with this kit was not great. Very few mushrooms, some grew from the side, the manual they sent was different than the one on the website and I presume the kit was contaminated because it looked like mould was starting to form once the mushrooms started growing. At that point I salvaged what I could and decided that probably I won't try again. And then I tried the mushrooms. The effects were so nice that I am ready to forget all the bad aspects and give it another go. I contacted the custumer support about this but my experience was not that great either. Felt like I was talking with chatbots so I gave up.


    Formidable !
    D'une simplicité épatante ! Les consignes sont simples et c'est un vrai plaisir de voir les champignons grandir. Merci !


    First Time growing mushrooms and this fresh mushroom kit is awesome got my first harvest out after 12 days from opening the lid, i’ve got a second flush from them morning. Can’t believe how quick they grow.


    Fast delivery, well packed and really easy to grow!!


    lil harvest but good high
    The harvest wasnt the best, but I put in the account of the heatwaves at the time. Otherwise, nice physical effects of intern-pleasure and cloudy hallucinations


    Leicht zum züchten und angenehme Wirkung. Einziger Minuspunkt ist, dass die Mushrooms gerne auf der Seite wachsen, was die Ernte schwieriger macht und die nächsten Schübe verhindern kann.


    Manual is not good
    Manual saying no soaking no misting, I follow through and first flush 8gs dried and hella side pins (manual said no foil around it) Cake brushed from lack of moisture (so despite what manual saying, you have to mist) I soaked it and started the process for the second flash but I don't see it coming through. The kits is good and the cake came super clean and healthy but if you follow the manual you gonna have a bad time and it's all gonna go to waste. They have to update the instructions or more people gonna have hard times with these kits


    Great for beginners
    These were great. As first time grower was nervous but yielded good results


    Great service
    The kit that I first bought didn't do so well. I emailed them about the matter and they where really helpfull. They send me a new kit for free right away. I still really appreciate it. Thanks again!


    Facile utilisation
    Pour une premiere box j'ai trouvé l'utlisation facile avec une bonne recolte je suis a ma deuxieme recolte sur cette box


    Worked well
    Groth was very good, a lot shrooms grew from the sides of the block although I put it in the box as described.


    * * * * *
    My favourites. Easy to grow and huge shrooms in each flush (two min..)

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