Weed Is Now Legal In Washington DC
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Weed Is Now Legal In Washington DC

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Another pillar of prohibition crumbles as Washington D.C. defies congress and legalises cannabis!

On the 26th of February 2015, cannabis officially became legal to possess and grow for personal use in the very heartland of the War on Drugs – Washington D.C., USA.

Despite the underhanded attempts to block the legalisation by congress -- who have the ability to directly influence the laws of the nation’s capital -- district officials refused to bow to pressure, and implemented the will of the people. Under the new law, it is now legal to for those aged 21 and over to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana, as well as grow up to six cannabis plants within their private residence. It remains illegal to sell marijuana, or use it in public.

It is a magnificent step for the legalisation movement, and a huge blow to those who support the War on Drugs – who now have legal weed right on their door step. However, although this is still a win, it is not the win many had hoped for. Although congress has been defied, it cannot be ignored. The initiative to legalise, tax and regulate cannabis, which passed with a 70% public vote, was blocked by congress.

You can read more on this despicable move by congress here.

Although congress thought they had won, they were sorely mistaken. Thanks to the dedication of D.C. officials to see the decision of its residents implemented, a loophole was found to allow for the legal use and cultivation of weed on a personal level.

As you can imagine, congress is not happy, and certain Republican representatives are threatening court action. Mayor Bowser, leader of the city, has responded with the affirmation that they are on strong legal ground, and have acted lawfully in the implementation of legal cannabis. Only time will tell how it all pans out.


Following along the same lines, but without congressional interference, Alaska also legalised the possession and cultivation of cannabis in February. This new law allows anyone aged 21 and over to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis, and grow up to six plants in a private residence. Much like in Washington D.C., it remains illegal to sell marijuana, or use it in public. There is also no current regulation in place. However, regulation is on the cards, and lawmakers intend to implement the regulation and taxation of cannabis by spring 2016.

It’s all great news if you ask us. Sure Washington D.C. may have had a step back, but things are still moving forwards. Slow and steady wins the race, we will get there!

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