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Sickest Vape Tricks For Beginners

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We take a look at the best vape tricks for beginners. You won't need more than a few household materials and your trusty vape to make the most of these sick tricks.

Vaping is just one of those things that has become popular lately, and for several reasons. People who want to stop smoking tobacco pick it up. Those looking for an alternative to smoking their shisha are also giving it a whirl. And then, of course, there are those of us who use vapes for cannabis. No matter what you put in your vape, or why you use it, vaping can be a fun way to challenge your skills. We are talking about mastering vape tricks: learning how to play with and manipulate vapour. It might sound a little silly, but trust us, it can be addictive.


Looking to kill a little time? Have aspirations of becoming Gandalf the wizard? Do you need a cool party trick to impress your mates? Check out a few of these videos for techniques and ideas.

Youtube is the place to go for tutorials and tricks! You can find lots of vape trick ideas there; however, these are our personal picks. Knock yourself out!

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This is quite a dramatic trick. It also creates a very cool effect. To do it, you will need an empty plastic bottle. A water or soda bottle is perfect.

Take a deep draw from the vape. Next, put the empty bottle up to your lips. Carefully exhale. Only allow the exhaled smoke to go into the bottle. Then, turn the smoke-filled bottle upside down on a smooth surface. The smoke will literally pour out of the bottle. If you do it right, it will pool on the surface. Yes, it’s really awesome.


This one is absolutely cool. What others will think about you spending time to perfect your technique is another story. Who cares. It is amusing for you. And chances are, even your critics will be impressed.

To do this, you have to prepare a bit ahead of time. Get a cardboard tube (like a toilet paper roll) and dip it into a bubble solution so there is a thin film of bubble mix over one side of the tube. Now, take a deep inhale of smoke from your vape. Hold it.

Place your lips around the clean end of the tube. Slowly blow the smoke into it. The “bubble” on the other side of the tube will fill out quickly with a cool, white smoky interior.


This one takes a little coordination and quite a bit of practice. The idea is that you look like a dragon when you exhale your vape smoke. To get the effect you want, mirror practice time is recommended. How do you know when you have perfected the technique? When smoke comes out of both nostrils and both sides of your mouth.

Super dramatic. Practice for Halloween!


This trick requires a flat surface. You may also want to try to funnel the smoke through a cardboard tube.

Exhale a stream of smoke slowly against a flat surface. When you have a sizable, thick pool, you can create some cool effects. One of the easiest is the “tornado.” Make a quick, karate-like chop with your hand into the middle of the smoke pool. As you raise your hand, you will see the impact of motion and air pressure. When you do it right, smoke tornados will twirl across the surface as the smoke disperses.

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Steven Voser
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