USA: 31 States Set To Assess Marijuana Law Reform In 2015
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USA: 31 States Set To Assess Marijuana Law Reform In 2015

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2015 is going to be a big year for cannabis reform, hopefully cementing the end to prohibition.

If you thought 2014 was a good year for cannabis is the US, then 2015 is set up to blow you away. At this time, 31 states are set to address marijuana law reform. These reforms very greatly from state to state, ranging from recognising CBD as a medicine, all the way to full cannabis legalisation. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

If things continue the way they are, 2015 will be the biggest year for cannabis law reform to date. More and more people are begining to realise that cannabis is not the devil incarnate, and could actually offer society many benefits. We are definitely past the tipping point, and despite the fear mongering campaigns the more conservative elements of society are conducting, cannabis is on its way to being legalised.

This is not an excuse to rest on your laurels though. The end to prohibition needs to be fought harder than ever now. Elements of society are finally listening, and it is the duty of everyone who is pro-legalisation to make sure their voice is heard. Without it, politicians are unlikely to put their backing behind pro-cannabis movements. This is an especially important point to make here in Europe, which is currently lagging behind the US in cannabis reform. Even if it is simply the act of sending your local MP an email, making sure you opinion is heard will help others in society better understand why pot should be legal. Every voice counts.

There is no better example of this working than the US. Public opinion has shifted dramatically, and ordinary people are now campaigning for an end to prohibition. Politicians who would have never associated themselves with cannabis are now listening, and supporting reform.

If you want to see just how things are progressing in the US, NORML, a pro-cannabis NGO, has put together a list of current legal reforms set to take place in 2015:

Not on this list yet (at time of writing), but extremely significant, are two federal bills that aim to completely abolish prohibition in the US. These bill will set up a federal framework to support states that decide to legalise cannabis, without forcing them to actually legalise it if they don’t want to.

It completely reverses the current federal stance of prohibition, and would cement legality into law. These two bills have a lot of support, and have been submitted by two powerhouse politicians, so they are going to carry a lot of weight. Whether or not they will pass is yet to be seen, but either way, the simple momentum they carry will deal a significant blow to prohibition on a federal level. And once cannabis ends in the US on a federal level, it won’t be long before sights are set to ending it on a worldwide, UN based level, making it much easier for others to follow suit.

Although sweeping reform may not yet be on the cards for Europe, the end to prohibition in the US would undoubtedly cause change here, so get out there and make your opinion on the matter heard!

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