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A Total Solar Eclipse marks a significant and spiritual event for those who delve into the cosmic and sacred aspects of psychedelics, and there is one approaching this August the 21st. We take a look at what a Total Solar Eclipse is, and some of the festivals that look to celebrate it.

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

Before we dive into the festivals that are planned during the Solar Eclipse, we first want to tell you about what a solar eclipse is exactly. A solar eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object, in this case, the sun, is temporarily blocked or obscured by having another body pass between it and the viewer. So basically, a solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the moon fully or partially blocks the view of the sun.

The Psychedelic Side Of Total Solar Eclipse Festivals

During the solar eclipse, festivals are often held to celebrate the special occurrence. Although people often attend to be part of the unique event, there is also a spiritual and ritualistic side to solar eclipse festivals - dating back generations and often including psychedelics.

Some mythology suggests that in this event the Sun marries the Moon in a quest for unity in consciousness. In the same way, many psychonauts and festival goers look to become one with the universe themselves and explore its synchronicity during the equilibrium of this cosmic event. It isn't just psychedelics used, though; meditation, hypnosis, trance, dance and other techniques are also used to heighten the senses and become part of the event.

Which Festivals Should You Attend During The Eclipse?

With August's upcoming total solar eclipse, we have compiled a couple of festivals worth visiting if you want to celebrate this cosmic phenomenon for yourself.

Oregon Eclipse - Big Summit Prairie, Oregon

Oregon Eclipse

The Oregon Eclipse Festival aims to create an environment where human collaboration transcends nation, language and creed. This open air festival will inspire the mind and grow the spirit. It will take you away from the modern world and the daily grind to reach something more primal - all in a trippy, psy-festival setting. 

Xenyth Festival – Adams, Tennessee

Xenyth Festival

With a focus on yoga, meditation and self-improvement, Xenyth Music and Arts Festival uses the Solar Eclipse as an avenue to not only connect with the universe but also oneself. Of course, they also include a lineup of top musicians for those who want to party!


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