Top 5 Indestructible Travel Pipes
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Top 5 Indestructible Travel Pipes

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If you find that smoking weed on your travels results in more headaches than it's worth, you're not alone. From broken pipes to dead vaporizers and wet rolling papers, you don't need to suffer anymore. Here are the top 5 indestructible pipes to take on your travels for reliable, discreet hits every time.

Enjoying a smoke on your travels can often be hard to juggle. Sometimes that prized portable vaporizer just won't cut it, and you can easily grow weary of constantly rolling joints when you're away. Not to mention, these options are often not the most discreet way to get a taste of your favourite herb while you're on the move.

While discretion is one of the main factors travelling stoners consider, many also search for a pipe that is portable, functional, and basically indestructible. With that in mind, we've put together a list of our top 5 travel pipes that offer all these features and more.

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5. Eyce Spoon

Eyce Spoon

When it comes to finding a pipe that's ideal for taking on the move, the Eyce Spoon is sure to tick a lot of boxes. This sturdy pipe is constructed from robust silicone, offering a contemporary take on the classic pipe design. The body is near-indestructible, making it ideal for placing in your pocket or bag for those long trips. Guaranteed to be ready to use and in good shape as soon as you reach your destination.

Housed in the silicone body is an amply sized and durable borosilicate glass bowl that is sure to fit plenty of your favourite ground herb. The body itself is ridged, allowing for an easy grip and a comfortable smoke whenever and wherever you want. Simply load the bowl and light. It really couldn't be any easier.

To top it all off, the Eyce Spoon is available in a wide variety of colours, making for a pipe that is sure to match any style and personal preference.

4. Rollmate Roller Pipe

Rollmate Roller Pipe

This pipe is basically a two-in-one. The Roller Pipe from Rollmate boasts plenty of great features, including excellent discretion and portability. Much like the aforementioned pipe, this piece that will fit discreetly on your keyring. Featuring a sleek metal design, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a portable screwdriver or wrench at first glance. Because of this, most won't even suspect that this is indeed a pipe, adding to the clandestine vibe travelling cannabis connoisseurs crave.

Those that enjoy their joints, but find the task of rolling them a little tricky, will certainly want to check out the Rollmate Roller Pipe as well. Because of the tapered shape of the pipe, it's ideal for wrapping rolling papers. Wrap the paper around the pipe, add your favourite herb, insert a roach, and seal. That's all there is to it! That way, you get the best of both worlds: an easy-to-smoke pipe when you're on the move, and the option to roll perfect joints once you've settled down for a little while.

3. PieceMaker Karma Silicone Pipe

PieceMaker Karma Silicone Pipe

From the team at PieceMaker comes a portable silicone pipe that is ideal for taking on the move. Featuring FDA-approved food-grade silicone, the pipe won't taint the flavour of your smoke, is resistant to high temperatures, and basically indestructible.

No matter how much you bend the pipe, it will return to its original form. This sleek pipe has a simple yet appealing design that offers full functionality. Available in two different colours—black for those who want subtlety, or “glow green” for those that like to stand out in a crowd—all types of smokers can enjoy this portable pipe.

Although the pipe is constructed from silicone, the bowl features a built-in stainless steel screen that promotes a flavourful hit each time. Load in your strain, and it's good to go. If you're looking to smoke a little later on in the day, the Karma Silicone Pipe comes with a spill-proof lid that means the pipe is ready to smoke when you are.

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2. Bud Bomb

Bud Bomb Predator

This is truly a masterpiece of engineering; the Bud Bomb is a handy little device that takes everything you love about portable pipes and adds to it some amazing features. While this pipe isn't one you'll be putting on your keychain, the Bud Bomb offers 100% portability and will easily slide into your bag or pocket with its 10.3cm frame.

Made from robust metal, the pipe is composed of four interlocking pieces. The bowl is located at the end as you'd expect, so it's just a case of unscrewing and filling before use. But the most interesting part is its air path that showcases a helix design; this allows the smoke to cool before it reaches the mouthpiece—all making for a smooth and flavourful smoke.

The four-piece design makes for easy cleaning. With the use of a cotton bud and some rubbing alcohol, your Bud Bomb will be ready to go again in no time. Enjoy a premium-quality smoking experience on the move, time and time again.

1. Metal Pipe Amazed Red-Eye

Metal Pipe Amazed Red-Eye

The Amazed Pipe by the team at Red-Eye offers up a great way to smoke when travelling. At first glance, this 8.2cm pipe looks like a fountain pen that wouldn't seem out of place in a shirt pocket or jacket. Available in a range of metallic colours, you're bound to find one that suits your style.

But there's so much more than looks to this pipe. It provides an easy and low-key smoking experience par excellence. Unscrew, fill with your best blend, and screw back together before heating and enjoying. The 32cm-long maze that runs through the body cools the smoke before it reaches the end, making for a rewarding, flavourful, and smooth smoke no matter where you are. Its tight metal frame is super sturdy and robust, withstanding the knocks that come with travel.

Top 5 Indestructible Travel Pipes: Which Ones Will You Pick?

Top 5 Indestructible Travel Pipes: Which Ones Will You Pick?

Much like anything else related to smoking cannabis, choosing the right travel pipes all comes down to personal preference and circumstances. If you're in the market for a pipe that offers durability and functionality, the aforementioned pipes will see you right. Regardless of your budget, you can enjoy smooth and flavourful hits from discreet, high-quality pieces on the go.

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