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Top 10 Twitter Accounts For Cannabis Lovers

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Twitter delivers solid ganja content, which doesn't exclude the curious minds of weed tokers. Check out the top ganja accounts to follow.

Twitter is a highly influential social media platform where ganja enthusiasts from all around the world share their political views on marijuana and post their baked faces sucking on a fat joint. Because Twitter is a dominating platform, receiving a Klout score of 44, there are concerns that viewers will start abusing pot. However, if you understand that moderate and responsible ganja toking is king, here we deliver the dopest Twitter accounts to follow for all you cannabis lovers.


Laughs and joy is what Weed Humor provides. With just over half a million followers, Weed Humor ensures that potheads around the globe are duly entertained. The premise of their posts surrounds the thoughts, actions, and philosophy of potheads, which is only truly appreciated by potheads.

Jokes referencing the pains of running out of weed, the artistry of rolling a joint, the wack ideas one manifests into wack actions, and introspective thoughts about existence are all included. With a recently posted picture of delicious edibles, Weed Humor has definitely earned a spot on this top 10 list.


This ganja-infused Twitter accounted is perfectly suited for pro-marijuana advocates. The mission of NORML is to move the public opinion toward legalizing marijuana. Enough is enough! The prohibition of ganja must end so we can embrace a brighter future. This account provides its followers with up-to-date, credible information about the marijuana legalization process nationally, and around the world.

All kinds of characters are getting involved with NORML’s mission. Willie Nelson, co-chairman of the advisory board to NORML, once appeared in a public service announcement with the message "I smoke pot and it is none of the government's business”. True that. If one wishes to understand today’s marijuana political climate, NORML is the account to follow.


The world of weed pornography has taken an interesting turn. Today, ganja connoisseurs have the chance to browse through the dankest weed strains, illuminating one’s soul with their shiny trichomes. The official name of this Twitter account is “Weed Porn” - everything that a ganja fetishist needs.

This account took its posts to the next level by posting funny videos and pictures that potheads can relate to. Grandpas toking bongs, artistic blunts, comic references, a dinosaur made from dabs (a.k.a. dabasaurus), and plenty of weed jokes can be experienced. With around 330k followers, this account is worthy of your following.

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Tommy Chong, the legend, the champion, the pothead of the last supper, the Chong from Cheech and Chong is spreading mad wisdom and pure ganja vibes through his Twitter account. For those of you who don’t know who Tommy Chong is (approximately 0.01% of you), he’s the protagonist of the Cheech and Chong films.

He gained a significant pothead fanbase in the ‘70s, and is still as popular as ever. His Twitter account includes political messages about legalizing marijuana and pictures of him goofing around in ganja gardens. For all y’all looking for a toker role model, Tommy Chong is the dude to follow.


High Times Magazine is the world renowned magazine which delivers pothead intellectuals with dank information. This magazine was founded in 1974 by Tom Forçade, and step-by-step, it became the most famous marijuana magazine history has ever seen. High Times Magazine’s Twitter account is filled with facts surrounding the effects of marijuana and beautiful pictures of buds.

If one wishes to see delicious cannabinoids pop-up on one’s Twitter home page, this account ought to be followed. What stands out with their Twitter page is the professionalism of their posts; they’re very consistent in providing true ganja value.


With its official name “Weed Tweets”, this account has a record amount of 1.23 million followers. This account provides mostly stoner-oriented humorous content. It’s a page for laughs more than an information hub about marijuana. If one wishes to receive some cool weed quotes, this account delivers a bountiful amount.

Weed wisdom can be obtained, such as “I'm not shy, I'm just high”, “When you smoke everyday, 4/20 is just another day”, and “It's a good day to get high”. If one wishes to connect with a large group of blazers out there, this account should be followed.

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Cannabis culture as we see it today originated in the hippie ‘60s when the reintroduction of ganja enthusiasm blossomed. Cannabis Culture, straight outta Vancouver, Canada, provides its Twitter followers with news surrounding today’s political climate surrounding marijuana, info about marijuana’s effects, and some cool cannabis recipes.

The content is quite similar to @HIGH_TIMES_Mag, although it has a Canadian touch to it, eh. With around 240k followers, this account provides its ganja enthusiast followers with the education they crave. Check out what Cannabis Culture is all about.


This guy is like, the comedy king of pot. Seth Rogen starred in the beloved pothead movie “Pineapple Express”, which won the heart of every single pothead in the world. Seth Rogen is a dedicated pro-marijuana advocate who is seen in movies professing the magical properties of marijuana.

His Twitter account is mostly filled with his life “behind the scenes”. He’s a super functional pothead who gets a lot of work done, definitely a role model for lazy ganja enthusiasts who wish to step up their game. With 7.3 million followers, Seth Rogen’s account is definitely the talk of the day.


La, da, da, da, da, it’s the mf’n D-O-G-G’s Twitter account, filled with Snoop Dogg smoking blunts, and more blunts. Snoop Dogg is considered the ganja king of Rap. Cannabis Cups involve him in their endeavors, he has his own Snoop Dogg vaporizer, he smokes blunts in podcasts, movies, in the shower, anywhere he roams. He has quite a following since way back, although in the last decade, he switched his image to a more cannabis-oriented persona. To check out what Snoop is up to in his daily adventures, follow his Twitter account.


Last, but definitely not least, the Playboy of marijuana, Ganja Girls, is here. Half-naked girls taking huge bong hits and smoking blunts can be experienced on the Ganja Girls twitter account. With the rising popularity and interest in marijuana matters, Ganja Girls decided to deliver entertainment to cool down the tensions rising from the marijuana legalization battles. Let’s summarise the last account in this list. If you’re looking for sexy girls smoking blunts in their underwear, you should follow @GanjaGirls.


There is so much weed on Twitter, it’s unbelievable. Buds and nugs are flying everywhere. These accounts will sift through the nonsense and provide the follower with all the ganja wisdom and entertainment one seeks. Peace out, and may 420 be with you.

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