Top 10 Stoner Gifts Under €25
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Top 10 Stoner Gifts Under €25

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It can be a nightmare trying to find that perfect gift for a friend or family member. What do you get the stoner who has everything? Well, perhaps you should consider our top 10 list of suggestions! We've come up with some great ideas for next time you're stuck trying to find that present.

Whether you're looking for that perfect gift for your stoner friend or just looking to treat yourself to something special, we've got you covered. Besides, who doesn't need a treat now and again? Whoever you're buying for, we've put together a list of the top 10 wallet-friendly gifts that won't break the bank, but will still offer that superb quality you've come to expect.

1. Best Buds Metal Rolling Tray

Best Buds Metal Rolling Tray

As one of the quintessential items for the cannabis enthusiast, no stoner can go without a rolling tray. But this is no average tray! Designed by the folks at Best Buds, this metal tray offers a sturdy and reliable surface to grind and roll on. Complete with a magnetic scraper and available in a wide range of designs and finishes, pick up a Best Buds metal rolling tray for your best bud today!

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2. RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder

RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder

When one joint isn't enough, give them both barrels with this double joint holder by RAW. Known far and wide for their high-quality rolling papers and accessories, RAW has created something unique with this wood-carved joint holder. Maybe not an accessory to use every day, this is one to break out during a party or social smoke session. Load it up with two joints, either from the same strain or different ones, and instantly impress your friends. Just take care; double joints = double potency!

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3. Zamnesia T-Shirt (New Collection)

Zamnesia T-Shirt

What better way to represent your favourite online seed shop than with a nice new t-shirt? Available in a range of fits and sizes, these shirts are of the highest quality. With many colour and style options for both men and women, whoever you're treating to a new t-shirt, they will receive an excellent fit time and time again.

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4. Dank420 Focus Jar

Dank420 Focus Jar

This is a gift with those budding growers in mind. The Focus Jar by Dank420 is perfect for keeping an eye on buds as they cure, and even includes a 5x magnifier so you can get up close and personal. The Focus Jar also features a rechargeable strong white LED that will show off all the characteristics of your cannabis, without the need for an additional light source. Made from glass and complete with a durable plastic lid, the Focus Jar is a must for those who like to get to know their strains before they smoke them.

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5. Metal Grinder 24K Gold

Metal Grinder 24K Gold

This is one for those flashy types out there. How better to show off your flamboyant side than with a gold grinder? While this accessory would look right at home in a rap video, it also makes a great addition to any coffee table. Although this grinder has the looks, we're sorry to say it's not real gold! But don't let that stop you from picking one of these up, as it will surely be a talking point at your next smoking session.

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6. Tuff-Weigh Impact Resistant Scale

Tuff-Weigh Impact Resistant Scale

A set of scales is an invaluable asset in this day and age. Having the ability to weigh out your favourite strains will always be immeasurably helpful, and this pocket-sized scale will undoubtedly do the trick! Tuff-Weigh has designed a rugged and durable scale that can withstand travel as well as the occasional knock. The green case features rubberised grips and corners that offer protection as well as comfort when carried. With a capacity of 100g, this scale provides pinpoint accuracy with several different weighing modes. Perfect for that buddy who might need a little help to keep track of their intake.

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7. RAW Terpene Candle

RAW Terpene Candle

From the team at RAW comes their take on aromatherapy; but this candle is different from your average gift shop scented candle. RAW has created an odour-neutralising candle based on non-GMO soy wax and hemp seed oil. Also containing the terpene myrcene, this candle will tantalise the senses as the aromatic fragrances fill the room. Long-lasting and with an all-natural scent, this candle is a must for those who want to add some relaxation to their lives. Perfect for lighting after a long day at work, or just anytime you want to chill out.

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8. Coloured Glass Pipe

Coloured Glass Pipe

Got a friend who's fed up with their vaporizer and fussy about rolling joints? Well, give them another classic way to get their cannabis fix. These Coloured Glass Pipes could be precisely what they're looking for to change things up. They’re durable, completely portable, and fit easily into the pocket, making them perfect for that discreet smoke on the go. Load with your favourite herb and heat—it could not be easier to enjoy. Available in a massive range of colours, you'll be able to find a style that suits you, and at this price, you could pick up one for every day of the week!

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9. Rolling Tray With Secret Box

Rolling Tray With Secret Box

Unsure of whether to get your friend that stash box or that rolling tray? Well, we've just made your decision much easier with the Secret Box by Rolls. This handy, compact two-tiered box features a sturdy surface to roll on, but also has a shelf underneath to store your filters, papers, and lighter. But that's not all! There is a small magnet in the box that allows you to lift the shelf to reveal another hidden compartment for when you want to keep your stash clandestine. Just make sure you keep it a secret!

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10. Bukket Bong

Bukket Bong

You'd be forgiven for thinking this is some fancy accordion, but that couldn't be further from the truth! This is one serious gravity bong that will give you and your friends some incredible and deep highs. While it might not be something you look to use every day, this bong is perfect for social smoking and parties, giving you some seriously huge rips. Using the Bukket Bong is simply a case of loading your favourite strain into the bowl and lighting. Watch as the tube begins to fill with smoke and descend to the ground, ready for you and your friends to bring it back up as you take a long pull. This is a stoner classic, and one you should try as soon as possible. You won't regret it.

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Those are our top 10 gifts you can purchase for under €25. As you can see, a little goes a long way at Zamnesia, and you and your friends are sure to be pleased as you enjoy each and every product. Plus, all are available right now to pick up at the Zamnesia store! What are you waiting for?


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