Top 10 Reddit Psychedelics Communities
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Top 10 Reddit Psychedelics Communities

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Word of mouth has long been a crucial part of the psychonaut community. From dosing info to trip reports, people have always come together to share tips and recommendations. Recently, this information has made its way online, most notably on Reddit. We've found 10 subreddits that showcase the trippiest and most candid info this site has to offer.

Not just a website for memes and sharing photos, Reddit has fast become a go-to place for information regarding psychedelics. Despite psychedelics becoming part of popular culture, formal scientific research on the matter has been somewhat lacking. This, in turn, has led to users turning to open forums such as Reddit to read, and submit, anecdotal content about the effects and process of taking psychedelics, as well as how to grow natural psychedelics at home. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 10 communities related to psychedelics on Reddit today.

What Is Reddit and Why Use It as a Psychedelics Resource?

What Is Reddit And Why Use It As A Psychedelics Resource?

As a social media website built on endless communities known as subreddits, you can browse topics dedicated to gaming, movies, cooking, and even health and dating advice. With over 430 million users worldwide, it was really only a matter of time before psychedelics got its own subreddit(s).

With the entire subreddit formula built on personal experiences and advice, information is rife and readily available for those looking to find out more about a certain psychedelic. With first-hand accounts from beginners and experienced psychonauts alike, Reddit is the perfect jumping-off point for many first-time users. Although all information should be taken with a “pinch of salt”, users can discover everything from the effects of a psychedelic to growing techniques directly from other users.

10 of the Best Psychedelic Reddit Communities

Now that we know what subreddits are all about, we can start exploring ten of the best communities dedicated to psychedelics. All are ready to be raided for knowledge so you can get clued up before that next trip. Let's take a look, shall we?

r/psychedelics: A Community for Psychonauts of All Levels

r/psychedelics: A Community For Psychonauts Of All Levels

This may very well be the first port of call for those taking their first step into the world of psychedelics. And where better to start? With an active community of over 140 thousand members, this subreddit features everything from memes to the history of psychedelics, and, of course, first-hand tripping diaries. Interesting and lighthearted, r/psychedelics is a fun community that showcases the best of a potentially daunting topic for newcomers.

r/mescaline: The Ultimate Mecca for All Things Mescaline

r/mescaline: The Ultimate Mecca For All Things Mescaline

Do you know your San Pedro from your Bolivian torch? Well, soon, you will! This subreddit is dedicated to the growing and use of mescaline, with many users sharing photos of their home cultivation projects, as well as the eventual extraction and detailing of their doses. This subreddit features a comprehensive overview that suits newcomers, and gives more experienced users an opportunity to show off what their cacti are capable of.

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r/DMT: This Group Divulges the Secrets of the Mysterious DMT

r/DMT: This Group Divulges The Secrets Of The Mysterious DMT

A psychedelic known for its extremely trippy visuals, DMT has made a name for itself amongst the art community. Bustling with 185 thousand members, this subreddit features photos of many users' DMT trip-influenced artwork, defined largely by kaleidoscopic images with strange patterns and colours—definitely worth checking out for yourself. Of course, users also detail their experiences with DMT and how it impacts their art and life in general. Those not interested in the art side will also find information on how this drug is prepared and the recommended doses for those new to it.

r/trippy: Experience Abstract Art With This Inspiring Subreddit

r/trippy: Experience Abstract Art With This Inspiring Subreddit

This subreddit is dedicated to those lasting visual memories of trips, with many submissions showing users’ interpretations of their psychedelic experiences. Expect complex designs and abstract patterns, and lose yourself for a few hours in the sheer psychedelia. If you're feeling up to the task, you can always submit your own trippy visuals for others to comment on and upvote. Enjoy a friendly community based around the fun of psychedelics.

r/LSA: Everything You Need to Know About LSA

r/LSA: Everything You Need To Know About LSA

Lysergic acid amide, or LSA, has a similar chemical structure to LSD, and a similar following as a result. This subreddit is dedicated to the effects of LSA and general advice for beginners. LSA is also very popular amongst those looking to microdose, and there is plenty of information to be found regarding schedules and personal accounts of daily doses of LSA. More science-based and less lighthearted compared to other communities, this one is for the serious psychedelics enthusiast.

r/shrooms: Your Go-To Subreddit for Psilocybin Information

r/shrooms: Your Go-To Subreddit For Psilocybin Information

Dubbed the “place to discuss anything related to shrooms”, this subreddit is a safe haven for those looking to get into the world of magic mushrooms. No question is a dumb question, and with an active community of over 273 thousand members, r/shrooms is an absolute goldmine when it comes to imparting and receiving knowledge. With so many experts on hand, you'll be up to speed on everything related to magic mushrooms in no time at all.

r/currentlytripping: All Are Welcome at the Temple of Tripping

r/currentlytripping: All Are Welcome At The Temple Of Tripping

As the name suggests, this is a subreddit devoted to all sorts of sensory and visual media aimed at entertaining or engaging those currently tripping. It’s heavily featured with fascinating images and gifs that will make any trip “trippier”, but don’t worry about coming across bad vibes. This subreddit is strictly moderated, making it a safe space for all to enjoy. Couple this with some amazing music recommendations, and you're set for a great time.

r/salvia: Seek Like-Mindedness at the Salvia Divinorum Emporium

r/salvia: Seek Like-mindedness At The Salvia Divinorum Emporium

Often misunderstood and reduced to misinformation and fearmongering, if there is one psychedelic that definitely deserves its own dedicated forum, it's salvia. This plant can be used in a variety of different ways, and this subreddit delves into the methods and doses candidly. While it's up to the user to determine how they'd like to use it, this community is a great way to get some first-hand advice, as well as some dos and don'ts relating to this psychedelic substance.

r/psychonaut: Expand Your Horizons With This Community of Psychonauts

r/psychonaut: Expand Your Horizons With This Community Of Psychonauts

Ever wondered why you saw a particular shape during a mushroom trip? Want some answers to your psychedelic thoughts and visions? While it may not hold all the answers, visiting the psychonauts subreddit will link you up with like-minded individuals looking to crack the code of drug-induced experiences. With a massive 314 thousand members, this subreddit is hugely popular amongst those interested in altered states of consciousness.

r/druggardening: Not Your Average Growing Advice

r/druggardening: Not Your Average Growing Advice

Get your green-fingered guidance from those in the know. Whether you're into mushrooms or herbs, this friendly community of home-growers will see you right with their expertise. Whether you want to submit a proud family photo of your plants, or are requesting information on how best to go about your grow, this subreddit is perfect for all, regardless of experience. Get stuck in.

Those are our top 10 subreddit communities centred on all things psychedelics. All are live and ready to explore now! Just remember to be courteous and keep the positive vibes of these communities going.

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Adam Parsons
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