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Top 10 Lesser-Known Products You Need To Try!

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The cannabis, smart, and vape markets are thriving globally, and what that means is more products! These days, there’s truly too many great ones to count. Here are some lesser-known products you shouldn't pass up—all available from Zamnesia!

Demand for new products in the smart, vape, and cannabis industries is at an all time high. While this is a great thing for consumers - I mean, who doesn’t like having options?- It can get a little overwhelming when you’re deciding on something new to try. We’ve put together a list of 10 great, but relatively unknown products from the various categories throughout our store that are definitely worth investing in. Check them out below!

1. 00 Pocket Box: Store And Cure All-In-One

00 Pocket Box Royal Queen Seeds 2

As we all know, good cannabis flavour always starts with the curing process and ends with the way it’s stored, both of which can make or break your pot. With the 00 Curing Pocket Box from RQS, you can perfectly store your weed while it continues curing to ensure that your bud develops and maintains its flavour. As the name implies, the 00 Pocket Box is very discreet and can easily fit in a pocket or small purse. It’s handmade in Spain out of warm-toned cedar wood and features a slide-out lid that’s safely secured by magnets. It even has a shake tray on the bottom so you don’t miss out on any of that delicious, trichome-rich kief!

2. Stink Sack: Mask The Stink

Stink Sack Mask The Stink 2

If you’ve ever worried about people around you smelling the weed that’s hiding in your pocket or purse, than the Stink Sack is for you. The Stink Sack’s new and improved design offers consumers some of the best and strongest smell-proof bags out there. These bags have many features that differentiate them from the standard smell-proof bags often found at headshops. They have a powerful odour and moisture barrier, they’re tear proof, and they’re made from top-of-the-line food-safe ingredients. Each pack contains 10 bags that fit about 3.5g, and each bag has a dollar sign logo on the front and back.

3. Safe Can Hengstenberg: Hide Your Stash In Plain Sight

Safe Can Hengstenberg Hide Your Stash In Plain Sight 2

If you need a safe place to store your pot while at home—whether it’s to hide it from family, roommates, children, whoever—then consider Hengstenberg Safe Cans. Not only are they discreet and can be easily hidden in your kitchen cabinet or pantry, but they’re made out of real, repurposed cans from the well-known German sauerkraut and red cabbage brand. They’re covert and very easy to use, and they can hold a variety of items including pot (of course), jewelry, money, and other small valuables. Each one is the size of a regular can: 12cm tall with a 10cm circumference.

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4. Integra Humidity Indicators: Keep The Moisture At Bay

Integra Humidity Indicators Keep The Moisture At Bay 2

While humidity levels might not be something commonly on the mind of many stoners, it’s a considerably significant factor when it comes to properly curing your bud for optimal flavour. With these Integra Humidity Indicating Cards, you don’t have to guess anymore! All you do is put one card into each of your curing jars and wait. Their measuring range is from 50–70% RH, and to read them, you just check the colour of the developing spots on the card, which change from blue to pink based on the relative humidity. Each pack comes with 10 humidity reading cards.

5. Avert Odour-Proof Pocket Bag: No More Stink

Avert Odour Proof Pocket Bag No More Stink 2

The Avert Odour-Proof Pocket Bags are made in Australia and utilise activated carbon to absorb the smell of your weed before it ever leaves your pocket. These bags are small yet very durable, so you can carry weed on you whenever you want. Aside from the carbon-lined flap, these bags include a number of other useful features such as 600d polyester/PVC waterproof outer material, a small magnet on the back for added stealth, and an industrial strength Velcro seal. Each bag can hold between 3.5–7g depending on the density of your weed.

6. Marihuanilla: No, It’S Not Marijuana

Marihuanilla No It's Not Marijuana 2

Marihuanilla—officially referred to as Leonurus sibiricus—is a small herbaceous plant that hails from the southwest region of China, Mongolia, and Russia; although, it does grow in other areas such as North, Central, and South America. It grows in pine forests and rocky grasslands and only reaches about 20–80cm in stature. Despite the similar name, marihuanilla is not at all related to marijuana. It does, however, have some similarly calming effects and has been used for centuries in traditional Asian for this exact reason. Some common nicknames for this herb include honeyweed and Siberian motherwort. This particular product is an extract that needs to be dissolved in boiling water before consuming.

7. Kra Thum Khok: Both Sedative And Stimulant

Kra Thum Khok Both Sedative And Stimulant 2

Yes, you read that right, the effects of this plant are both sedative and stimulating. Kra Thum Khok, also known as Mitragyna hirsuta, is closely related to kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). Kra Thum Khok is native to many Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The leaves contain a variety of alkaloids such as hirsutine, rhynchophylline, isorhynchophylline, and mitraphylline. Now, back to those interesting effects. This herb boasts an interesting energising effect at low doses, and a more sedative outcome at higher doses. Newbies should definitely tread lightly as the effects can hit quickly and last for quite a while.

8. Pineapple Express: Absolutely Delicious

Pineapple Express Absolutely Delicious 2

Since the popular movie Pineapple Express was released 10 years ago in 2008, the Pineapple Express strain has dominated the weed market. Experts at G13 Labs created this infamous strain by crossbreeding Big Bud with Hawaiian Skunk. It’s a 50/50 indica and sativa hybrid, making for a very balanced and creative high. Some people say it puts them in a “tropical” mood, as though they’re relaxing on a warm, sunny beach. This strain grows very quickly, and you can expect a respectable yield in about 55 days. It has a noticeable pineapple flavour, and even the seed packaging comes with a delicious pineapple scent.

9. Dr. Greenthumb’S Em-Dog: Cypress Hill’S Strain


This feminized strain is slightly sativa-dominant—60% sativa and 40% indica. It was bred by crossing the original OG Kush strain with Chemdawg #4 to produce this potent and high-yielding cultivar. Em-Dog was created by Kief Sweat, a friend of B-Real from Cypress Hill (the original Dr. Greenthumb). This strain is a product of Humboldt Seeds. It’s fairly easy to grow, and when all is said and done, you can expect anywhere between 450–500/m² from an indoor grow and 600–900g/plant when growing outside. It is not an autoflowering strain, so it typically needs to be harvested around September.

10. Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Mexico: Grow Your Own Shrooms

Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Mexico Grow Your Own Shrooms 2

The Mexican is a well-known psychedelic mushshroom of the Psilocybe cubensis species. The print contains millions of spores that will eventually grow into large-capped mushrooms. The spores are the typical dark colour, but when full-grown, the stalks are a light beige and the caps are a creamy, caramel colour. While many psychonauts will opt for a magic mushroom grow kit to ensure a fast turnover, starting from spore prints can be a very rewarding adventure. Not only will you have the means to cultivate an almost infinite amount of magic mushrooms, but the pride you will take in growing them from basically scratch will make it well worth the wait.


Written by: Alexandra Hicks
With years of both writing and cannabis industry experience, combining the two and writing about all the latest weed developments was the only thing that made sense. Alexandra is a Southern California native, currently fighting for cannabis in the American Midwest.

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