Is Snorting Cannabis A Good Idea?
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Is Snorting Cannabis A Good Idea?

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When stacked up against the more traditional methods of consumption, snorting cannabis definitely stands out. But does it stand out for the wrong reasons? Will it ever replace a joint? Read on to discover all you need to know about this phenomenon, and whether it's even a viable method of intake.

Cannabis is a versatile substance that can be smoked, vaped, dabbed, ingested orally, taken sublingually, or even applied as creams and cosmetics. But what about snorting weed? Is there a way to process cannabis so it’s appropriate for nasal insufflation? Or have some stoners simply taken things too far? In this article, we explain why we generally agree with the latter statement. So, is it safe to snort weed, and is it even a viable way to get high? Let's take a look.

Can you snort cannabis?

Can You Snort Cannabis?

Although it might be possible to snort cannabis plant material, it’s likely not to result in any discernible effects, aside from discomfort or pain. There are a few main reasons for this; to start—the size of the weed particles. Even if you were to grind your cannabis extremely fine or try to snort kief from the bottom of your grinder, the particles are likely to be too big to pass through the mucus membrane in the nasal passages, which is how substances exert their effects when snorted.

The second issue is decarboxylation. Even if the particles were small enough to make their way to the bloodstream, “raw” cannabis will not cause a high. It first needs to be decarboxylated (heated) to convert cannabinoid acids into “activated” compounds. Though you could theoretically decarb your weed before snorting it, even then, it is unlikely to exhibit psychoactive effects. Instead, you’re likely to experience extreme discomfort and potentially an unpleasant taste. You may also sneeze the kief out and waste your stash in the process.

It’s worth noting that there are some cannabis products that are administered via the nasal passages. However, these deliver cannabis constituents in the form of a nasal mist. Even these products have aroused some scepticism regarding their efficacy, and are primarily used in a clinical context to bypass other, potentially harmful methods of intake, like smoking or vaping. At present, more research is needed to determine the efficacy of cannabis nasal sprays, but they are certainly more viable in terms of successful administration compared to snorting plant material.

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Dangers of snorting cannabis

Dangers Of Snorting Cannabis

As far as dangers or risks to well-being go, snorting your own stash can cause scignificant pain and irritation. It's even possible to damage nasal tissue if the cannabis or kief becomes trapped in it. Of course, snorting cannabis can become exponentially more dangerous if it is combined with other drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, which have a high likelihood of being tampered with.

Powdered cannabis

Powdered Cannabis

As a dry concentrated form of cannabis, powdered extracts are known as a “snortable” method of cannabis. They are marketed to resemble powdered drugs such as cocaine, and companies are even going so far as to package the product in vials, complete with a “credit card” to cut the powder and a mini spoon to help snort. In our opinion, this goes against the whole cannabis ethos—and the cannabis community at large seems to agree.

Treating cannabis like cocaine is certain to lead to complex problems within the industry. You really don't have to look far, even in this day and age, to see misinformation and sensationalism surrounding cannabis. As we all know, cannabis isn't like other party drugs, and it shouldn't be treated that way.

Being marketed as such really works against cannabis' favour when it comes to legality—making a product that resembles something highly illegal and potentially dangerous doesn't show cannabis in the best light. Especially as many countries are beginning to relax laws regarding cannabis, these novelty products can only be seen as a road block to reform, and are bound to be used as an argument against legalization by detractors.

Moreover, should users source powdered weed from shady sources, the risk of experiencing adverse effects rises.

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Consume weed in the traditional ways

Consume Weed In The Traditional Ways

We touched upon this point already, but there's really nothing wrong with sampling your favourite strains in the traditional ways. It’s a case of “if it ain't broke, don't fix it”. Whether you're rolling a joint, loading up a vaporizer, or packing a bowl on your prized water pipe, using cannabis is partly about enjoying the ritual and respecting the herb. Keep the enjoyment of cannabis a sacred one, and it'll never run the risk of being cheapened like its powdered contemporaries.

Experience all cannabis has to offer

Experience All Cannabis Has To Offer

Of course, no matter what we say, you're entitled to form your own opinion on the issue of snorting cannabis. But why would you choose to do something that not only might be painful, but could waste your product? Moreover, snorting powdered cannabis is generally looked at with extreme deride among hardcore stoners, so we doubt that this method of intake will catch on in earnest. Instead, consider growing your own strains and enjoying them as others have for many years!

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Adam Parsons
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