Psychedelic Festival Calendar: August - September 2014
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Psychedelic Festival Calendar: August - September 2014

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Keep calm and dance till you drop!

From Germany to Portugal, this summer offers more top notch psytrance than you can handle. With guaranteed sunny weather, august is the ultimate month for outdoors festivals across Europe. To get the most out of your experience, be sure to also check out our essential packing list and the Festival Survival Guide: Top 15 Do's and Don’ts.


Boom Festival • August 4. - 11. • Portugal


The Boom Festival will take place near Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, on the shores of a magnificent lake and is dedicated to the free spirits from all over the world. The previous edition of this biennially event attracted visitors from 116 nationalities - this truly is the celebration of the Earth's multicolored oneness of the global psychedelic tribe, inspired by the principles of peace, creativity, sustainability, transcendence, alternative culture and Love. This weeklong event will be an unpredictable and unforgettable adventure, that’s for sure. With well in excess of 50 life acts and dozens of DJs, the stages are going to feed your ears with sounds that will make you dance day and night away. If you need a break, trot over to the chill-out stage or have a peek at the numerous installations or feast your eyes on the artistic works in the visionary art museum or simply sit down next to one of the many gardens on the site and witness the marvels of nature and its breath-taking beauty. The price for a ticket is €166. For more information please visit

Vuuv 2014 – The Rebirth • August 7. - 11. • Germany


Germany’s oldest psytrance festival, the legendary VuuV will take place between Krumbeck and Putlitz. With more than 40 life acts from Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, Macedonia, Italy, Russia, the UK, Austria, Greece, Mexico, Japan, Brazil and Poland, the VuuV will make you want to unfold your auricles to a higher extent in order to catch all the vibrant sounds rolling out of the speakers. The nights at the VuuV have always been a magical event with the light and laser shows and fire artists, but this time it will be just as magical during the daytime. For this edition they enriched the VuuV festival with a completely new deco concept, featuring deco artists from various countries, including South Africa (Artescape), Austria (Calaquendi Art and Mae & Moa) and Germany (Laser Beam Factory). Be prepared to experience the unexpected, throughout the whole festival weekend you will see stilt walkers in fantasy costumes, fire jugglers, stage dancers and many more artistic performances. The camping site with facilities, like showers, porta potties and water supply will be your home base for a long festival weekend. You are allowed to park your vehicles right next to your tents – even if you arrive with a big one like a bus or huge camping van. As usual there is a special, remote area for families with children. The price for a ticket is €70. For more information please visit

Land Festival 2014 • August 13. - 17. • Morocco

LAND Festival

To attend the Land Festival, you will have to leave Europa. But the trip is well worth it. The Land 2014 takes place on a beautiful, wild and virgin beach surrounded by green hills near Essaouira, one of the most beautiful tranquil fishermen's villages on Morocco's Atlantic Coast. Part of the festival site is reserved for a bivouac with Berber tents, roofs, beds and blankets, but there is still plenty of space to pitch your tent. All facilities, like showers, toilets etc., will be ecological systems, the organizers strongly emphasize the preservation of the beach and the hills. You will feast your eyes on a breathtaking panorama with magnificent sunsets, while your feet play with the soft, warm sand and the sound system carries 35 life acts, 7 DJanes and 18 DJs into the night. Or, if you want to go surfing, hire a board and enjoy the waves. The prices for tickets are as following: €65 until May 31.; €80 until July 15.; €100 at the gate. For more information please visit

Free Flow Festival 2014 • August 13. - 17. • Portugal

Freeflow Festival

The 8th edition of the Free Flow Festival will take place in a magic location in the center of Portugal or more precisely, next to a river near the small town of Benquerença; for your GPS: Latitude 40º 13' 41.1" N - Longitude 7º 13' 19" W. The mission at this festival is not to make it a huge commercial success, but to spread love and magic through arts and of course psychedelic music. As odd as it may sound, but admittance to the Free Flow festival is restricted to members of the non-profit association Magic Crocodile - nothing to worry though, memberships are available at the gates of the festival. The annual membership fee is as low as €15, but the organizers of this event are socially engaged and ask for a little donation - every visitor to the festival is required to bring 2kg of food + 2 pieces of clothing + 2 books (or toys). These donations are then distributed to local social organizations around the festival area! And don't forget to bring suntan lotion with a high sun protection factor and sunglasses! This is one of the hottest places in Europe and the temperatures in mid August can easily go over 40ºC. The complete lineup is not yet confirmed, but so far dozens of live acts and DJs from all over the globe have pledged attendance. For more information please visit

Hadra Trance Festival 8 • August 21. - 24. • France


A group of passionate trance lovers founded The Hadra association in 2001 and today it is one of the leading psytrance labels and festival organizers in Europe. The Hadra festival is held in Lans-en-Vercors, France, and will feature first class psychedelic trance music with a lineup that combines internationally known names and local artists, DJs and VJs. The Arbic term "Hadra" is used to describe the collective trance ceremonies as practiced by some religious Moroccan brotherhoods, in particular the Issawas and on this event you will surely dance a lot. More than 50 life acts already announced their appearance and the list is not even complete yet. On three stages there will be hours upon hours of non-stop psytrance and alternative music, so you better arrive well rested and prepared for endless dancing! The prices for tickets are as following: €30 for a 2-day pass; €70 for a 3-day pass; €90 for a 4-day pass. For more information please visit

Blackmoon Festival 2014 • August 20. - 24. • Italy

Blackmoon Festival

The Blackmoon Festival will take place in Montecarotto (near Ancona, 30km from the sea, in the middle of nature), Italy. Come and join the celebration of the closing of the summer season and share the energy of the new moon! Here you can leave the world behind for the duration of 5 days and 4 nights full of psytrance and alternative music presented on two stages. The lineup is not complete yet, but so far almost 50 musical artists have pledged attendance. If you need a break from dancing, unhitch from the dancing crowd and stroll up to the art exhibition or visit the healing area to unwind from the hammering beats. The prices for tickets are as following: €65 until June 20.; €75 until July 20.; €90 at the gate. For more information please visit

Plur Festival 2014 • August 21. - 27. • Greece


The 2nd edition of the PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) Festival will take place on Kria Vrisi beach, in the state of Kirinthos, Northern Evoia in Greece. For a full week you can surrender to the magic of the landscape where the river meets the sea and the forest and lose yourself in the constantly playing psychedelic music. More than 40 Live acts and over 40 DJs will be sending out ear candy, positive vibes and the message of peace, love, unity and respect for each other and mother nature. The prices for tickets are as following: €65 until May 31.; €70 until August 15.; the price at the gate depends on your day of arrival. For more information (particularly for announcements about the still in the works shuttle service) please visit

Wonderland 18 • August 22. - 24. • Germany

Wonderland Festival

The Wonderland 18 festival is one of the big Psytrance events in Germany and takes place in Stemwede-Wehdem. At this great party place near the forest you can enjoy two days of psychedelic, progressive, alternative and techno sounds presented by a conglomerate of musical artists from all over the world around the clock. If you need a break, simply stroll up to the chill out or healing area. To provide sustenance, fresh fruits are handed out for free and of course there will be booths offering organic food and a market area. Feel sweaty? No problem, there are free warm showers on the site. Talking about free - wittily dressed guests will receive a surprise at the cocktail bar. Moreover there will be a free shuttle service departing from the railway stations in Lemförde and Rahden. The price for a ticket is €65; €75 at the gate. For more information please visit

New Healing Festival • August 25. - 31. • Germany

New Healing Festival

The New Healing Festival will be held at the bathing lake Preddöhl in Prignitz, Germany. Here you will experience an interesting and complex mix of awareness culture and Ambient and Trance music, where the emphasis tends to be on the Ambient genre. The focus of this summer festival is the evolvement of the own creativity and to offer opportunities for making new connections. Tickets for this event are not available yet. To stay tuned, please visit

Psy-Fi “Inside The Vortex” • August 28. - September 1. • The Netherlands


The Inside The Vortex will be a festival with 5 days and 4 nights of psychedelic trance taking place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The festival site is embedded in a landscape of lush grass plains, enchanting forests and relaxing and serene lakeside beaches. Almost 100 (!) musical artists will be performing on 4 stages, covering all kinds of musical genres, such as psytrance, progressive, forest, dark-psy, global beats, reggae, dub, drum and base, ambient, psy-rock and Balkan beats. On the sacred island you can take a break from dancing and listen to lectures, participate in ceremonies and workshops and visit the sweat lodge. One of the biggest advantages of festivals in The Netherlands is the availability of mind expanding drugs - magic truffles are legal and Zamnesia will be selling them at their stand on the site! And once your mind got airborne, you will surely want to see some fine psychedelic art - then the installations and the 300m² art gallery are your place to go. The price for a ticket is €70. Guests from Germany can buy tickets for the Psy-Fi bus shuttle (Oldenburg - Leeuwarden) for €20. For more information please visit

Sonica Festival • August 28. - 31. • Italy

Sonica Festival

The Sonica Festival is held at the Albanella Aeolian park near the town of San Martino Valle Caudina in Italy. The beautiful landscape provides an opportunity to generate thousands of Kilowatts of wind and solar energy, enabling the organizers to make the entire festival self-sustaining and reducing the impact on nature. Become a part of this Eco-friendly notion and refrain from lighting camp fires anywhere around the festival site. Bring yourself in good mood, but please leave glass bottles and motorized vehicles at home - food and drinks will be available in the cafés, restaurants and markets and there is a shuttle service to/from the venue. More than 70 musical artists and DJs will perform on the two main stages to ensure for a diversified musical experience. The Solaris stage is reserved for contemporary psychedelic trance and at the Gaia stage you will be presented with ambient, dub and chill out sounds during the day and up-beat sounds and vibes to keep you going through the nighttime. The price for a ticket is 70€ (+ Paypal fee). For more information please visit


Shamballa Festival 2014 • September 3. - 7. • Turkey


During 4 nights and 5 days the 2nd edition of the Shamballa Festival will draw many psytrance fans to Cappadocia in Turkey. 25 life acts and more than a dozen DJs ensure for a wide range of psychedelic audio art and the surrounding with its enchanted forest and the spacy decoration guarantee that you won't go short on visual impressions. Visiting Cappadocia (Persian for "the land of beautiful horses") is almost a must - the place is famed for its carved houses and underground cities. The prices for tickets are as following: €60 until June 1.; €70 until July 1.; €80 until September 1.; €90 at the gate. For more information please visit

Indian Spirit • September 4. - 8. • Germany

Indian Spirit

The Indian Spirit festival is the grand finale of the North-East German open air season and will be held at Glaisin. Indian Spirit was the first psytrance festival in Germany and is always the perfect event for a pleasant surprise and psychedelic entertainment of the next level. Some highlights of this year's event will be Avalon, Protonica, Tristan, Sonic Species, Ace Ventura, Waio and Neelix. Not to forget about an extra dark-psy stage. Free camping and drinking water, easy arrival via public transport from Berlin or Hamburg. The price for a ticket is €80; €95 at the gate - the price includes free camping and drinking water. For more information please visit

Transylvania Calling • September 8. - 15. • Romania

Transylvania Calling

The Transylvania Calling festival will take place near Rasnov, in the wild mountains of Transylvania at an altitude of 800 meters. This weeklong "Gathering of the Tribes" starts out with 3 days of conferences, workshops, games, lectures and social and cultural interaction between the tribes from all over the globe as well as cultural activities and screenings at night. In total there will be 7 days and 6 nights of world music, downbeat, upbeat, dub, ambient and experimental sounds provided by international Bands, over 30 live acts and more than 20 DJs - this event will be like a musical trip throughout the world of psychedelic music. The price for a ticket is €110; €130 at the gate. For more information please visit

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