Protesting Prohibition: Peaceful Smoke-in Held in Devon
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Protesting Prohibition: Peaceful Smoke-In Held In Devon

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At the end of September, the Devon Cannabis Club is organizing a smoke-in to openly protest cannabis prohibition.

Ending cannabis prohibition is all about public education. Politicians won’t get behind it until they are sure people are; and to get the people behind it, they need to be shown that pot is not the hell sent plant many were brought up to believe.

This has been the aim of the Devon Cannabis Club, a group of responsible enthusiasts from the county of Devon, UK, who take to public smoke-ins to get the message across. The next Harvest Picnic event is taking place on september 27th between 2pm and 6pm at the Flowerpot Playing Fields in Exeter. Last year, some 60 people showed up. This year, hopefully more will follow.

The motto: „Come and join us for a picnic and to consume herb to lift the blanket of stigma and these ridiculous laws."

These events allow the public to come and see that smoking cannabis does no harm, that the people who use it are often non-violent, friendly people, and that the laws surrounding its use are absurd – especially when compared to other legal drugs such as alcohol.

As you can probably imagine, there was quite a strong police presence at the park on the day in question last year; but in a turn of events, there were absolutely no arrests made. A police spokesperson recognized that smoking cannabis was against the law, but that there was also a right to peaceful protest. It is perhaps a surprising result, and shows some tolerance – and that the police themselves in a way may not fully agree with busting the end user.

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