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How To Take Magic Mushroom Spore Prints

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Making spore prints is important step to preserve strains, conserve their viability and pass them on. By learning how to do it yourself, you can easily scale up your grow and keep your strains alive over long periods of time.

Long-term storage of mushrooms to preserve their genetic lineage is unpractical and depletes their vitality over time. Taking spore prints is a much better way to do so. In addition to forming the basis of any serious mushroom project, spore prints can be easily used to create spore syringes. They are easier to work with and reduce the chance of contamination during inoculation. 

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How To Make A Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe

Making the spore print

If you are getting ready to make a spore print, you are most likely already familiar with the hygienic precautions that were necessary to grow the shrooms. If not, it‘s worth repeating: utter caution needs to be taken to ensure a clean working environment. A single mold or yeast spore WILL absolutely mess up your hard work. 

What You Will Need To Make A Magic Mushroom Spore Print

You will need:


  1. Choose a small section in your house that is easy to clean and close off, for example the bathroom. Give the room a proper deep cleaning and sterilize your work area with the sanitizer. Make sure you are clean too: showered, hair tied back, fresh clothes, and don't forget to thoroughly clean the hands with alcohol gel. If you have the luxury of using a glove box or airflow hood, please do so.

  2. Cut 10x10cm squares of foil, two for each print that you will be making. Place these in the glass jar, close the jar with some foil and pop it in the oven at 250°C for an hour or so to sterilize them. Let them cool.

  3. Next, disinfect your equipment. Use the sanitizing spray for all surfaces, the serving tray, glasses and tweezers. Sterilize the scalpel over the gas burner or with the alcohol gel.

  4. Use the tweezers to take out half of the squares of foil, one by one, placing them on the serving tray, shiny side up. Place a glass over each square and close the jar back up with foil when you are done.

  5. With the scalpel, separate the cap from the stem. Cut as closely to the gills as you can, but be careful not to damage them in the process. Remove the glass from the foil square and place the mushroom cap, gills facing down, onto the foil. Now replace the glass to cover it. 

Place The Mushroom Cap, Gills Facing Down, Onto The Foil

  1. If necessary, carefully move the tray to a secure area, and leave it untouched for 36 hours. In this time, the spores will drop from the gills and settle on the foil.

  2. Coming back to your project, make sure that you are clean with sanitized hands, tools and work surfaces. With the tweezers, poke into the cap, being careful not to move it at all, or stab the foil underneath. Lift the cap straight up, put to the side, and place the glass back over the print. Mind you, the caps are still good to use!

  3. Put the tray somewhere where it is safe to dry for a further 24 hours.

  4. Once again, make sure everything has been sterilized before moving forward. Be sure to (re-)sterilize the tweezers, scalpel, ruler and all surfaces. Use the tweezers to remove the second foil from the jar, and place on your surface, shiny side up. With the ruler, create a straight crease and fold one side up.

  5. Slice the excess foil away from around the print and place it onto this folded foil square, butting it up against the crease. Fold the crease over tightly, so that the print is held in place. Now slice the remaining sides of the cover foil down a little bit, and crease and fold those over as well. Your print is now secure. Place it into a zip lock bag, seal it, and then label the bag with a marker pen. Store in a cool and dark place.

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