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How To Prevent An Unevenly Burning Joint (AKA Canoeing Or Running)

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Canoeing is when a joint quickly burns on one side but not the other. It completely ruins the experience and wastes your weed. Learn how to solve this all-too-common issue.

Possibly one of the most annoying things that can happen when smoking a joint. We have all had it happen to us at one point or another. You feel like having a toke, your best friends are around, you grab a nice nug and roll up a fat one. You spark it up, take a few puffs and pass it around. All of a sudden, half the paper is gone, half the weed gone up in smoke, but the joint itself is still the same length! What?!

You turn it around and realise it has canoed. Oh, the frustration! Now you are in a dilemma. Try to save the half un-burnt weed and roll a horribly tasting new one, or accept your losses and make desperate attempts to recoup with some rolling paper patchwork and lots of spit? Either is a total buzzkill.

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Getting a joint to burn evenly is not hard at all. It just takes a little preparation and knowledge. As soon as you start incorporating these principles into your rolling habits, the sooner you will never see those dreaded canoes again.

Simple steps and simple solutions for a great blaze


Grind Your Weed

Having a high-quality grinder is an all-around game changer. No matter how much you are used to crumbling your cannabis by hand, the quality of the smoke vastly improves with a good grind. You will tremendously increase the surface area so that the material will burn much more evenly. The taste will come through more intensely as well and contrary to popular belief, you end up using less bud in the long run.

When you crumble your weed by hand, even pinching between your nails, what happens is that you end up with dozens of rice-sized kernels that remain quite dense and compact. As you roll these up, they will be bulky, creating air pockets.

As the paper makes contact with these weed-kernels, the heat will scorch the outer layer, but never really have time to burn through to the center. So the burnt material ends up acting like a like protective shell, while the air pockets accelerate the rate at which the paper burns. The joint quickly fizzles unevenly in oblivion.


Don't Roll It Too Tight Or Loose

Another culprit for an uneven burn. An overly-tight/overly-loose joint happens when conditions change. Maybe someone made you a smaller than usual rolling-tip, forcing you to over-tighten. Or you just bought a new brand of rolling paper that has a greater width than you expected. Are you getting to the bottom of your jar and using more airy bud than usual?

The only right answer here is consistency. If you make it a point to standardise your procedure, you will become king or queen of rolling. Measure the volume or weight of your weed. Grind it with your trusty quality grinder. Stick to a quality brand of papers. Start using a rolling machine and rolling tips of the same size, every time. The tighter the procedure, the more consistent the results.

You will soon be making dispensary-quality joints. Visually appealing, nice and straight, and mainly, with an even burn. Observe how much you improve when you find yourself rolling by hand.


Light Your Joint Correctly

This is when the magic happens! So take this step seriously too. It is not just a matter of sparking up and puffing away. Make sure the tip of the joint is properly lighting up. Rotate the joint as you are firing it up. Do not take deep puffs right now, it could induce one side to start burning faster than the other.

Keep rotating and lightly puffing, so you light up the doobie in a symmetrical way. When you look at the tip and it starts glowing red in a nice, circular, concentric way, then you are good to go.


Use High Quality Rolling Papers

Why would you take so much time and effort to grow or buy top-quality weed, only to downgrade the experience by using bad-quality rolling paper? Are you still using 40-year-old wood-pulp based tobacco paper brands you find at the inconspicuous corner shop? Then it is time for an upgrade.

Quality paper specifically for cannabis does exist, and what a world of difference it makes. Not only will they burn slower, but they will also produce a much better taste. You can find different sizes to suit your preference. Modern materials are healthier, and you can even find papers made from hemp. Best to keep it in the family!


Rotate Your Joint While Smoking

Heat rises, so keep spinning the joint on its axis. Nothing crazy - as you toke away, just reposition it in your fingers. Or pass it along in such a way that the top side now becomes the lower side. While you are drawing in smoke, the carburation temperature of the cannabis can reach upwards of 700ºC. By introducing this simple habit, you will make your joints burn much more evenly.


We are very granular in these recommendations. But that is exactly what differentiates a beautiful piece of joint art from a soon-to-be half-hacked canoe.


Written by: Zamnesia
Zamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content.

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