How To Make A Cannabis Tea
4 min

How To Make A Cannabis Tea

4 min

When we think of cannabis, our minds are often drawn to consumption methods such as smoking, vaping, or making edibles. However, have you considered turning your buds into a delicious tea that can be enjoyed at any time? Read on to find out how to make cannabis tea for yourself.

There are many ways to enjoy cannabis, from smoking to eating edibles; simply put, this is one versatile herb! However, one method that often flies under the radar is drinking delicious cannabis tea.

Typically, the effects of drinking cannabis tea are much milder than inhaling it. That said, you can obtain more profound effects if you drink enough of it, or if you add enough cannabis.

Making cannabis tea can be as straightforward or as complex as you want. It is not exactly like making regular tea, but trust us, the result is worth it!

Why drink cannabis?

Why Drink Cannabis

It's no secret that smoking cannabis can be harsh and irritate the lungs. Of course, other means of using cannabis can lessen this harshness, with vaping and edibles being two viable options. Well, drinking cannabis tea takes its cue from the latter and is the perfect solution for those wanting to enjoy the effects of cannabis without inhaling.

Effects of drinking cannabis tea

As mentioned, the effects of drinking cannabis tea are typically milder when compared to smoking. However, like eating edibles, drinking cannabinoids in tea form works a little differently from inhalation. Many users report more of a body high rather than cerebral effects. But this will also depend on the potency of the tea and the specific strain. Moreover, the duration of effects can last significantly longer—up to around 8 hours—when consuming cannabis as a tea. With prolonged soothing sensations available to the body, many holistic cannabis users will opt for weed teas as they can be drunk throughout the day.


Like with other methods of consuming cannabis, drinking it comes with some possible side effects. Similar to edibles, it can be easy (especially for newcomers) to overindulge and take too much, resulting in more intense and longer-lasting effects than expected. Other potential side effects include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Increased heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Stomach ache/diarrhoea
  • Dizziness

These side effects are more likely to catch novice cannabis users out, and are not considered severe or life-threatening in any way. Still, it's worth keeping them in mind if you intend to share your tea with those not well-versed in cannabis edibles and drinks.

How to make cannabis tea

How To Make Cannabis Tea

Now that you're clued up about what to expect from your cannabis tea, let's get into how you can make this delicious drink. All that's needed are a few ingredients, some light equipment, and, of course, your favourite strain. Just follow our guide, and you'll be enjoying tasty cannabis tea in no time!

Recipe time

This is a relatively simple recipe but will take 45 minutes from start to finish. Perfect if you have guests over in the evening, or if you want to prepare it in the morning so you have a surplus of tea to indulge in throughout the day!



  • ½ gram cannabis buds
  • ½ tsp butter
  • 1 tea bag (any variety)
  • 350ml water
  • Sugar or honey to taste (optional)




1. First, place your frying pan on low heat and add ½ teaspoon of butter. Use a spatula to ensure the butter has sufficiently melted.

Direction 1

2. Finely mill your cannabis using your grinder and empty it into the frying pan containing the butter. Continually stir the butter/cannabis mix.

Direction 2

3. Next, you'll want to add your chosen tea. Take a tea bag and cut it open, emptying the contents into the butter/cannabis.

Direction 3

4. Once suitably mixed, remove the frying pan from the heat and, with your tea infuser in hand, spoon the mixture into it. The mixture may not look or feel particularly appetising at this point, but trust us, you're on the right track.

Direction 4

5. Place 350ml of water in a pan and bring it to a simmer. Lower the tea infuser into the water and let the cannabis/butter/tea mix steep for around 30 minutes. If you notice the water is getting low, add more during the cooking time.

Direction 5

6. After 30 minutes, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool until ready to drink. If any plant matter has escaped the tea infuser during the simmering, strain it before consumption. Otherwise, pour your cannabis tea into your cup, and add sugar, flavoured syrups, or honey if you want a slightly sweet variation. Enjoy!

Direction 6

What strains should you use for cannabis tea?

What Strains Should You Use For Cannabis Tea?

So, which strains are ideal for brewing into a tea? Of course, you can use any strain you have, but some offer great flavours and effects that are sure to blend well with a hot beverage. Here are a few to check out if you're short on ideas.

Blue Dream (Zamnesia Seeds)

First up is Blue Dream; this flavourful mix of Blueberry and Haze perfectly lends itself to a fruity berry tea. With around 19% THC in tow, users are in for a mellow high that soothes both the body and mind. What's more, Blue Dream is rewarding to cultivate and produces yields in the 300–350g/m² region indoors—ideal for filling a stash container you can keep right next to your tea jar.

Blue Dream (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Parents: Blueberry x Haze
Genetics: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
THC: 19%
CBD: 0-1%
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Lemon Power Haze (Zamnesia Seeds)

Next is Lemon Power Haze. This strain is suitable for combining with citrus-flavoured teas and promises sour and skunky notes that are aromatic and complex. As the result of pairing Lemon Skunk with Haze, this invigorating strain is perfect for daytime use. So, if you're looking for a way to unwind during the waking hours, consider sipping on a little Lemon Power Haze weed tea.

Lemon Power Haze (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Parents: Lemon Skunk x Amnesia Haze
Genetics: 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
THC: 20%
CBD: 0-1%
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Green Gelato (Royal Queen Seeds)

Rounding off our selection of brew-ready buds is Green Gelato. From the good folks at Royal Queen Seeds comes a mind-blowing strain that boasts large yields and massive potency in the region of 27% THC. Not only set on offering a powerfully relaxing high, Green Gelato boasts sweet, minty, and citrus flavours that blend effortlessly with many different tea varieties.

Green Gelato (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Parents: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
Genetics: 55% Indica / 45% Sativa
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
THC: 27%
CBD: Low
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Brew can do it!

Brew Can Do It!

As you can see, it doesn't take a great deal of effort to create a delicious cannabis tea. So, if you're looking to veer away from smoking, or inhalation altogether, marijuana tea could very well be what you're looking for. You can enjoy tea whenever you want with just a few ingredients and household equipment. What are you waiting for? Brew can do it!

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
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