Hollywood? I Think You Mean Hollyweed!
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Hollywood? I Think You Mean Hollyweed!

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New Year’s Day left the world a treat in the form of a Hollywood sign turned into “Hollyweed” by two clever tricksters, Zach Fernandez and Sarah Fern. We take a look at exactly what happened.

This New Year’s Day, just fresh out of the hangover of the night before and eating too much for Christmas, perhaps already one of the best pranks of 2017 was pulled in Hollywood, California. The letters of the Hollywood sign were changed, the O’s into E’s, therefor spelling “Hollyweed” instead of the traditional world famous lettering. It is a very cleverly found wordplay setting 2017 off with a good laugh.

The prank was done by putting two tarps over the Os of the Hollywood sign, which were taken down by the police on Sunday morning at around 11 in the morning, thus returning the Hollywood sign back to its original state.


Great minds seem to think alike, and the same could be said for this prank. Back in 1976, the same stunt was done on exact the same day, New Year’s Day, and in exactly the same way. Then, an art student at Cal State Northridge named Daniel Finegood was responsible; he did it for an art class assignment that he aced. He received a straight A for the assignment; a tribute to the just passed law in California that classified personal amounts of cannabis as a misdemeanour and no longer as a felony.

The Hollywood sign itself was originally erected in 1923 as an advertisement for housing development. The sign then read Hollywoodland. The sign is still a major landmark today, but the LAND letters were removed in 1949. The sign was threatened in 2010 by a big real estate company, but big movie stars like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks raised enough money to save the sign and put a stop to it.

Hollywood sign

Mr. Finegood, we are sorry to say, is no longer alive to enjoy the second coming of his prank, he died in 2007 from multiple myelomas according to the Los Angeles Times.


This year it appears to be a duo pulling the prank, the name Jesus Hands is written on the sign as can be seen on close-up photos. When searching for Jesus Hands online the name of Zach Fernandes pops up; he is an artist living in Los Angeles and saw a picture of the former prank on Instagram. He couldn’t believe it was real, but after some research, he found out about the art project in 1976.

He showed it to his partner in crime and former wife Sarah Fern and they decided to pay homage to the art project of Mr. Finegood, which was done to commemorate the new and more relaxed marijuana law in California back in 1976. This new prank ties in great with the enactment of Proposition 64; a law that legalizes the recreational use of marijuana for persons over 21 in the state of California. They wrote on the bottom of the left O ‘a tribute to Mr. Finegood’ to reference and honor the original prankster.

It wasn’t an easy feat; Sarah did the preparation work; she sewed the sheets together after mapping the dimensions out from images found on the internet. Another difficulty came from the climb. Even though there are ladders at both sides of the letter, as the letters are quite high, to reach the ladder, Zach had to scale almost 20 feet just to get to the bottom of the ladders. After finally completing the climb, Zach tied himself with rope to the letters and proceeded to put the tarps on the letters with clamps, so they could later easily be removed.

Zach dressed up in a camouflage field jacket, hoping that it might rain that night, as it would severely decrease the chances of unwanted interruptions as he constructed his New Year’s prank. Armed with two tarpaulins, one with a heart and the second with a peace sign, he was recorded on camera, but the duo is not afraid of legal consequences. They expect a slap on the wrist in the form of a fine as would be understandable, for the police do have to make sure that not everyone starts unleashing their creativity on the famous landmark.

The duo hopes their prank will bring about conversation on the topic of the benefits and uses of medical cannabis, but Zach Fernandez emphasizes that it is also about staying youthful and living in the purest form. We are personally impressed! What a pair of OGs!


Written by: Zamnesia
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