The Festival Survival Guide
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The Festival Survival Guide: The Essential Packing List

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Looking forward to the festival season? Well, it's just around the corner. Read on for a brief look at our top 15 festival must-have products to help you get through the day (or night) at your next big day out.

There’s really a wide range of how much you can prepare. Some people choose to show up with nothing less than a camper filled to the brink with all possible gimmicks, toys and comforts. While there are certainly advantages to that approach, it’s a lot of work and costs equally much money. The other extreme is the un- or underprepared, convinced that „the universe will provide“. Ideally, you wanna be somewhere in between - not bogged down by your belongings, but also not left desperate for a toothbrush.

That’s why we put together the essentials to take with you. You can always bring more, but anything less and you might miss it. There is nothing worse than going to a festival, partying hard, and then realizing you have forgotten some basic supplies when you return to the comfort of your camp.

Top 15 Festival Must-Haves

Below is a list of our top 15 festival must-haves.

1. Camping gear

Camping Gear

Festival goers 101, you really don’t want to forget to take a tent, sleeping bag and inflatable mattress. Even if you don’t prepare to sleep, having somewhere relatively comfortable to chill, leave some of your stuff and retreat to for a bit of shut eye is essential to maintaining a good vibe.

Some festivals offer kitted out yurts and tipis that have all the mod-cons for the ultimate in camping comfort. This is commonly known as “glamping” or “glamorous camping”. These large yurts will often have full size beds, lighting, and relaxing chill out areas for you and your group to hang out in. Of course, this deluxe option is often limited and comes at a high price, but if you don’t like the idea of roughing it, and still want to enjoy the other aspects of the festival, then it may be the option for you.

2. stimulants 


So, you’ve sorted out your stash and your snacks. Now it's time to pack some stimulants . After all, you need to make sure your body has enough fuel to last the day. Luckily, at Zamnesia, we have once again gone out of our way to gather some of the best stimulants  available on the current market.

All of our stimulants contain natural ingredients and are designed to help put a bounce in your step, naturally. While the ingredients vary from product to product, expect to reap the energising benefits of both traditional herbs (lie guarana powder and betel nuts) to more modern stimulants.

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Below is one of our top-selling stimulants. For a full list, visit our smartshop here.


Euphor-E is a strong natural stimulant produced by Happy Caps. While it provides a strong stimulus, these pills are more renowned for producing feelings of euphoria (as the name suggests). Euphor-E contains Sceletium tortuosum, also known as kanna, which is the main ingredient responsible for producing its notable feelings of happiness. It also contains guarana, theobromine, and synephrine for an extra energy kick, resulting in a well-rounded experience that leaves you feeling social, happy, and energised.

3. Suncreen


Another simple one. It is likely you are going to be spending a lot of your time outdoors, and you do not want to get burnt. Make sure you take enough sunscreen to stay protected. Sunburn can be a real annoyance when partying, and even become a serious issue.

4. Lots of disposable lighters

Chances are, in all the fun and mayhem, you are going to misplace your lighter. So take a few disposable ones to ensure you are not without.

5. Baby wipes, dry shampoo & other toiletries

Andere toiletartikelen

We cannot stress how important these become when it comes to maintaining comfort and hygiene, especially at those week long festivals. Showering facilities are not always offered at festivals, and when they are, they can be expensive and/or pretty grotty. This is where baby wipes and dry shampoo can save the day as an easy way to clean yourself.

Hygiene is important and can certainly affect your vibe and moral as the festival progresses. So remember to take a toothbrush and toothpaste, your own toilet paper (the porta potties will run out of it at some point), hand sanitizer (there might no be any running water or soap close by), bug spray, deodorant, condoms/contraception, first aid kit etc.

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Best Vaporizers For Festivals

Your favourite band has taken centre stage, the atmosphere is electric, and the crowd is hanging on every note—festival-goers live for these moments. However, should you want to vape at the same time, nothing spoils the mood more than a clunky vaping unit, or a vaporizer with a garish design. What you need is a vaporizer that is discreet, small, and simple to use.

Flowermate Pro

The first candidate is the Flowermate V5.OS Pro. Don’t let the convoluted name put you off, this unit is nowhere near as complex as the name implies. Capable of accommodating both dried herb and concentrates, it is a versatile unit that features an OLED display for accurate temperature-monitoring. Being able to see what is going on with your vaporizer is a critical attribute when you're in the middle of an ecstatic crowd.

The other crucial benefit to this vaporizer is the size. As the name suggests, it is petite and easily held in one hand. That will leave your other hand free for those mesmerising, lighter-waving moments.

Storm Vaporizer

Discretion is the name of the game when it comes to a festival-ready vaporizer. The second nomination comes via the Storm Vaporizer. Sleek and sophisticated, the subtle design will not draw unwanted attention, be it from other festival-goers or those over-zealous stewards. Being made from stainless steel means the construction is incredibly sturdy—easily strong enough to survive those mosh pit sessions.

As a final feather in its cap, the unit will automatically switch off after 5 minutes of inactivity. If the music takes over and you become absorbed by the festival experience, you needn’t worry about the Storm overheating, or wasting battery.

7. Clothes for all possible weather

Clothes for all possible weather

Taking off your cloths is never a problem, but when it gets cold or rainy a few more layers might come in handy. You do not need to take along a ton of clothes, but having a warm sweater and pants, a rain coat and possibly some rubber boots etc. can make all the difference if the weather turns for the worse; plus, it may be warm during the day, but the nights could be a completely different story.

8. Earplugs/facemask

These can really help you get to sleep in a noisy campsite – just in case you should want to take a break from partying. If you’re after total silence, even when surrounded by noise, you can double down; use both earplugs and a workshop earmuff.

9. Enough cash to get you through the festival

Genoeg geld om het festival uit te zingen

It is important to take a bit of money in order to buy food, drinks and other recreational items throughout your stay. Make sure you have somewhere safe to store it (like a money belt), and obviously don’t leave it lying around where it could be easily stolen.

Some festivals have ATMs, so it is worth checking if the festivals you plan to go to do, and if they charge for their use (often extraorbitant fees). If you do have access to ATMs then you can cut down on the amount of cash you have on you that could be lost/stolen. Also, bring small notes and enough coins for small items.


Cannabis Edibles

 While we know that most festivals sell food, it’s always a good idea to pack some extra snacks to see you through to the end of your day. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

The Zamnesia headshop stocks a wide variety of nutritious cannabis foods that are a great way to kerb those mid-festival munchies. All of these foods are made with cannabis seeds, a natural product loved for its rich concentration of omega 3 fats and a deliciously complex nutty flavour.

Below, you'll find two of our favourite cannabis snacks that we believe belong in every festival-goers pack. For a full selection of our cannabis foods, including organic chocolates, sesame bars, teas, and much more, check out our headshop here.


Made with real hemp essence, these hemp lollies are the perfect sweet treat to kerb your sugar cravings during the day. Grab a few to share because we guarantee your friends will want to try them.


Need another sugar hit but want an alternative to our hemp lollies? These babies have got you covered. Simply pop a few in your mouth and you’ll soon feel an instant sugar rush. Available in lime and mint flavour.

11. Recover-E

After D

It can be quite easy to “overindulge” at a festival. Drinking (or other substances) throughout the day and night is bound to take a toll on even the most tolerant of festival-goers. So you're going to need some backup when it comes to feeling 100% again. Cue Recover-E.

The good folks at Happy Caps have fine-tuned this collection of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help you get back on your feet and in the festival spirit. Available in a pack of 4, take 2 before you start partying and 2 when the night's over. This way, you can potentially forego all of the nasty nauseous feelings associated with overindulgence. Don't let a hangover ruin your festival experience!

12. Torch and multi-tool

Torch and multi-tool

A torch can come in handy when searching through your tent at night or when walking around in the dark. The best are those headlights that are fixed on your forehead. A multi-tool can also be a useful thing to have around – be it for opening beer bottles, a can of beans or fixing something at the campsite.

13. A solar/windup phone charger

A solar/windup phone charger

Hopefully you will not be spending too much time on your phone, but ensuring you have battery life when you need to call a lost friend can make all the difference.

14. Don’t forget your tickets!

Don’t forget your tickets!

That happens way too often. In the rush to pack everything up, the most essential piece of paper easily slips the mind. Double check and triple check to make sure have the tickets.


Stash Gear

If you’re the type of festival-goer that likes to bring along a little something “extra” to heighten your experience at the event, hiding your stash is one of your top priorities. Luckily, Zamnesia is here to help you do just that.

Our web shop contains a wide variety of products that are especially designed to help you hide your goodies, be it at a festival or even in your home. From incredibly detailed fake camera lenses to smell-proof baggies or an innocent looking stash bolt, we’re sure to have something in stock that’ll suit your needs.

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If you bring what’s in this list, you’re golden. Of course, you can always bring more - juggling equipment, instruments, mobile gas stoves, comfy chairs, etc. But most importantly - bring yourself in your best mood!

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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