Exciting Cannabis Growing Tech In 2024
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Exciting Cannabis Growing Tech In 2024

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Here we examine the latest advancements in cannabis cultivation technology and highlight how innovations such as all-in-one grow boxes, AI, and apps could change how you cultivate your favourite strains. Primed to assist both novice and expert growers, modern technology's role in cannabis cultivation is sure to expand with each passing year.

There are many ways to cultivate cannabis. Whether indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse, you can find plenty of methods to help you grow some amazing plants. While some of these cultivation practices have been tried and tested for decades or longer, technology has progressed to simplify and streamline the growing process as much as possible. In this article, we take a look at the latest and greatest in cannabis growing technology, and explore what it means for your grow-op!

Cultivating a new age of cannabis growing tech

Cultivating A New Age Of Cannabis Growing Tech

While the more rudimentary methods of growing cannabis will never go out of style, innovators within the tech and cannabis cultivation space have created new technology that makes growing weed easier and more accessible than ever. This means that those with little experience, or little space, can still achieve a quality crop.

Below, check out some of the new tech revolutionising cannabis cultivation.

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All-in-one cannabis grow boxes

All-In-One Cannabis Grow Boxes

When growing cannabis indoors, it's common to place your plants in a grow tent, purchase some lights and a fan, and let them flourish. All-in-one cannabis grow boxes build on this ethos by giving you everything you need to cultivate high-quality cannabis in one sleek box. A few brands on the market already provide these products, and we've pinpointed three that may grab your attention.

Hey Abby

Hey Abby is the first product on our list. Available in “Soil” and “420” (hydroponic) editions, this all-in-one grow box contains everything you need for cannabis cultivation from start to finish. From fertiliser to carbon filters, LED lights, and even a camera inside that works with an accompanying app to let you keep track of the progress of your plants—you name it, Hey Abby has it covered. The units are low-key and look like general household appliances, all while safely housing your herb. All it takes is 10 minutes of upkeep a week, and Hey Abby will take care of the rest, providing the optimal environment for your prized plants. It caters to novice and expert growers alike; the app can be tailored for more hands-on tasks, and will tell users when to top, trim, and train their plants.


The Armoire is a premium-quality all-in-one cannabis grow box designed to look like high-end furniture. There are plenty of wood finishes and designs to suit your home setup. Like Hey Abby, the Armoire houses everything you need for a successful home-growing project, except water! The Armoire offers a discreet option for growers and is unlikely to draw unwanted attention—it even keeps any aromas locked up. Inside, you'll also find powerful LED lights that provide the ideal environment for your plants. With no risk of mould, pests, or over or under-watering, the Armoire is the foolproof ticket to high-quality cannabis. Plant your seeds, place the pot inside, turn on the Armoire, and let it do the hard work.


Rounding off our selection of all-in-one cannabis grow boxes is SiloGro. This automated, low-maintenance grow box is aimed at cultivators of all levels and provides a controlled environment for plants to flourish, resulting in top-quality yields. The self-adjusting light system is finely tuned to ensure plants get the proper exposure at the correct times. Airflow, humidity, and aroma are controlled with air circulation technology and washable carbon filters. With a built-in nano-atomising feeding system, plants can be fed nutrients easily. The SiloGro features a sleek and compact design reminiscent of a small chest or even a cool box, making this a product that can easily slot into almost any space in the home.

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AI and apps

AI And Apps

With AI becoming much more prevalent in daily life, could we soon see it implemented into cannabis growing? The short answer is yes. Although in its infancy, the concept of using AI-powered trimming machines is circulating, which would take a lot of the effort out of manually manicuring buds. But we don't have to look far into the future to find examples of AI and apps in the cultivation space. Here's one that you should download onto your phone immediately, if you don't have it already!

Jointly (Spark AI)

Jointly is a cannabis-based app that utilises Spark AI to deliver a personalised experience to the user. Not only will it track down local dispensaries (where permitted), but it will tell you which strains to check out by asking you what you want from your cannabis experience, such as “boost creativity”, “energise and uplift”, or “soothe and relax”. Jointly will tailor the results to the information you provide and match you up with strains that are sure to do the job. Moreover, the AI chat system will answer any questions about cannabis growing and ensure you're getting the best possible experience. With over half a million users and counting, it's clear that the market for cannabis-focused apps is an exciting one.

VR and AR cannabis experiences

VR And AR Cannabis Experiences

Of course, we couldn't talk about apps and AI without mentioning other massively popular technologies such as VR and AR. The very first VR cannabis store was opened back in 2022 by ADC (A Distribution Company). It allowed users to take a stroll around a fully realised store and explore the products, converse with industry representatives, as well as learn some information about the science behind cannabis. While the products couldn't be sampled there and then, orders could be placed in the VR experience to enjoy later. But that's not all; many are utilising VR chat rooms to enjoy cannabis together, meeting up in outer space, exotic natural settings, or otherworldly environments—a stark difference from smoking in your living room.

Seed & Beyond

In terms of AR, Seed & Beyond is at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis shopping experience. With all the relevant information displayed directly in the line of sight of the customer, it's never been easier to learn about cannabis products and make an informed purchase. As an industry weighed down by plenty of regulations, the use of AR is bridging the gap between cannabis manufacturers and consumers. Not only primed for customers, AR could also play an essential role in the detection of pests and other ailments on a cannabis plant.

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How will technology transform your next grow-op?

How Will Technology Transform Your Next Grow-Op?

As you can see, technology is well and truly on the side of the cannabis cultivator. From all-in-one cannabis grow boxes to an array of apps, VR, and AR for growers to use, the path to high-quality cannabis has never been more straightforward. The best part is that you can pick and choose what suits you best!

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