Colorados Weed Business In Detail: The Report
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Colorados Weed Business In Detail: The Report

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A very important document in the fight for legalisation has just been publish. The state sanctioned statistics of Colorado’s first year of legal cannabis sales.

Why is this so important, because currently, the world is viewing Colorado as a test guinea pig for cannabis legalisation, and the results of the experiment are out. The report itself focuses on the retail aspect of things, detailing where cannabis is being sold, how much of it is being sold, and what the retail focuses are on. It offers some very interesting insights, and allows us to see what consumer trends are likely to be like in others places that follow suit.


One very interesting point the report discovered is that it is marijuana infused edibles dominating both the medical and recreational market. 4,815,650 units were sold within Colorado’s first year of legal cannabis sales – 2,850,733 to the recreational market, and 1,964,917 to the medical.

On the flip side, actual cannabis flower – the sweet bud you put in your joint – equated to roughly one-quarter of this, with 49.7 tonnes being sold to the medical market, and 17.5 tonnes to the recreational market.


Quite unsurprisingly, the anti-cannabis campaigners are doing their best to make it look like everything has been a disaster, and are trying to bend the stats to their cause. One such campaigner is Michael Elliott, executive director of Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana). The report shows, that of the 321 jurisdictions of Colorado, 228 of them have declined to allow the sale of marijuana in any form. According to Elliott, this shows that legalisation has been unsuccessful, and that the people do not want it. However, what he fails to mention is that if you overlay a map of population over the map of jurisdictions, the great majority of Colorado’s citizens are living where cannabis is legal. To drive the point home further, another widespread poll conducted in January re-assessed the support for legal marijuana, finding 58% of residents still supported the amendment, whilst 38% opposed it.

If you ask us, this split, and the ability of each jurisdiction to decide whether they want to allow the actual sale of pot is democracy working at its finest. Cannabis is still legal throughout the entire state, but those who do not want to be involved can still decide whether their locality sells it.

Either way, things are looking really good for Colorado. The world has not ended with legalisation, they have not been overrun by crime, disease and death, and they are generating a decent amount of tax. May the trend continue!

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