Weed Strains For Social Situations
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6 Cannabis Strains To Make You Feel Talkative And Social

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Some people find that weed helps them through a social setting. There are certain strains that can loosen your tongue and let the words flow. If you think cannabis can help you come out of your shell, here are 6 strains we would really recommend trying.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. Some people find it doesn't suit them; that it gives them an anxious or nervous energy that increases their paranoia, not soothe it. Others find that cannabis is actually directly helpful for social anxiety. There may be cases where cannabis can help people with autism, ADHD, depression, or some other condition that is interfering with their social life.

Everyone has to pace themselves with a strain that suits them. There is a helpful tip for remembering the distinction between indica and sativa strains of cannabis. Indicas tend to produce relaxing effects for staying "in", whereas sativas are for going out. Many strains are hybrids that blend the two properties. Typically, sativa qualities are uplifting and stimulating. Sativas can bring a euphoric sense of excitement that helps the mind flow better for creative work. It can also reduce inhibitions to the point where one can talk more fluidly.

Social anxiety affects everyone differently. There are some who find themselves more self-conscious while high. Others struggle to make sober conversation, and find themselves more willing to engage when they care less about the direction of the conversation. For these people, cannabis can help lift their mood and make them more talkative. It is worth experimenting with for yourself! Below, we have collated six strains available right now that could be just what you need for this.


Banana (Zamnesia Seeds)

Californian genetics are celebrated throughout the world, and Banana stands as testament to why. The iconic OG Kush brings a lot of powerful indica genetics to any hybrid. Here it has been bred with a banana-flavoured strain to produce a sativa-dominant hybrid. With THC content recorded between 23–30%, Banana makes for one whopper high. The effects are sure to boost one's mindset to a delightful place, while you enjoy the sweet, tropical taste with hints of citrus and spice. The sativa high lands smoothly into an indica sensation of relaxation, making your night out run at a steady pace. Grow some for yourself and see the impressive yields after 9 weeks of flowering. It can yield up to 400g/m² indoors, and over twice as much per plant outdoors.

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Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seeds)

Super Lemon Haze is a prized addition to Zamnesia's catalogue from our friends at Green House Seeds. Famous around the world for running some of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, they pride themselves on breeding the best, prize-winning strains to boot. Super Lemon Haze quickly became famous for its crazy yields when cultivated outdoors. This plant grows very tall when given the space, yielding up to 1.2 kilograms of bud! Even indoors, it can yield an impressive 800g/m². If you grow some yourself, expect a strong citrus smell with hints of pink grapefruit and spicy incense. The effects Super Lemon Haze brings to the table feel like an indica calm at first, but then the rocket of its sativa genetics takes off. Its parents are Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, which are formidable sativas in their own right. The buzz will be epic, knowing its THC content typically hits the 19–20% range.

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Green Crack (Humboldt Seeds)

Unrelated to any other substance, Green Crack is actually one of the most flavourful strains cannabis has to offer. This plant boasts a fruity aroma leaning toward exotic fruits like mango and pineapple. The sweetness of its flavour is distinctive, as is its vivid balance between the colours green and orange. The buds themselves are frosted with trichomes, holding the plant's bountiful THC content of around 18%. Green Crack owes its genetics to Skunk #1 and an Afghani landrace. The Skunk genetics give it an impressively quick flowering time of 60–65 days. Those pure Kush genetics from the mountains of Afghanistan endow this hybrid with significant indica dominance. It still earns its place on our list for an incredible combination of sensations—namely, the face-tingling, cerebral high of a sativa and the relaxing sense of wellbeing the best indicas deliver.

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Blue Dream (Zamnesia Seeds)

Blue Dream is a popular choice among weed connoisseurs looking to socialise. In fact, for a time, it was the best-selling strain in the dispensaries of Colorado. This sativa-dominant hybrid has undoubtedly boosted many moods with the smooth calm it brings before a tipsy high sets in. The intoxication should soothe any physical discomfort and leave you feeling more relaxed. The playful mindset that ensues should make you more open to having fun. The sativa effects will certainly counteract any indica feelings of lethargy. Although the plant may look more indica, we are talking about a THC content of around 22% here. The sativa power of parent plant Haze will prevail. The indica parent Blueberry provides the delicious fruit flavour.

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Lemon Kush (Female Seeds)

Did our lemon-flavoured option sound appealing to you? Did our Kush hybrid option sound appealing to you? Hold on to your good sense as we present a strain that will capture both in one. Lemon Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that really demonstrates high-quality genetics even just from how it looks. The sweet, lemon citrus flavour suggested by the name comes across from the plant's colour. The buds tend to have a groovy yellow-golden tinge. This strain really is gold when it comes to stress relief. Lemon Kush is particularly suited for dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression. The happy, euphoric high is perfect for creative play and socialising with friends. Get thinking and get talking with a robust Kush hybrid and the eponymous delight of its flavour.

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Cannatonic (Resin Seeds)

Ending our list with something a little different is the pleasant surprise of Cannatonic. This has a much lower THC content than the other strains on our list—around 5–6%. Yet, it is matched by a CBD content of at least 6%, but ranging as high as 17%. With Cannatonic, you are guaranteed at least a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, if not a greater CBD content. This is wonderful for appreciating the anti-anxiety effects of CBD, as well as its other health benefits. With a solid amount of CBD interacting with a moderate THC content, this strain will serve you well. It will not get you as high as other strains, but this could be a huge advantage depending on your social situation. You don't want to numb yourself to your surroundings. You could approach socialising relatively sober, but with the soothing effects of CBD taking the edge off. It really is worth trying this strain, if just for its rich citrus flavour with an earthy musk.

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Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl
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