How (And Why) To Burp Your Nugs When Curing Cannabis
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How (And Why) To Burp Your Nugs When Curing Cannabis

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So, your trimmed and dried buds are ready to be packed into jars and cured. But hold your horses—remember to burp your curing jars regularly, or you might lose your harvest to mould and bacteria. Keep reading to learn exactly how to burp cannabis.

Burping is a simple process that helps to remove moisture and replenish oxygen in cannabis curing jars. It is vital for extending the shelf-life of your buds and enhancing their flavour and potency.

What is burping, and why should you burp your buds?

What Is Burping, And Why Should You Burp Your Buds?

Once you've trimmed and dried your buds, you'll need to cure them. Burping is an essential part of the curing process. Together with drying, curing helps to extend the shelf-life of your weed by further reducing its moisture content while also allowing some of the sugars and chlorophyll in the flowers to break down. At the same time, curing helps to preserve the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds that give cannabis its unique aromas, flavours, and effects. Cannabis that has been cured properly should lose some of its natural "grassy" aroma and bitterness (from chlorophyll) and instead take on the finer flavours we generally associate with high-quality bud.

As your buds cure, they release CO₂ and moisture into the air in their curing jars. Burping involves routinely opening your curing jars to let this CO₂ and moisture out of the jar while introducing fresh, cool air into it. Hence, burping is important because it:

  • Helps to regulate the moisture content in your flowers
  • Ensures an even cure that results in finer buds
  • Minimises the risk of mould, bacteria, or other pathogens affecting your bud
  • Produces weed that's smooth to smoke and full of flavour, aroma, and cannabinoids.

A quick refresh on ideal curing conditions

To maximise the quality of your flower, you should cure it at the following conditions:

  • In airtight, glass jars (plastic or metal containers may affect the smell and taste of your buds)
  • In a dark room or cupboard—light degrades cannabinoids and terpenes
  • At 55–65% humidity—to allow your buds to keep drying and thus minimise the risk of mould or bacterial growth
  • At 20–21°C to preserve volatile terpenes and cannabinoids. If you can't keep temperatures exactly within this range, aim to keep them at least below 25°C.

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How to properly burp your cannabis buds

How To Properly Burp Your Cannabis Buds

Burping cannabis buds is simple. Here's how it's done:

  1. Remove the lid from each curing jar.
  2. Shake each jar gently to move the flowers around and ensure no old air remains trapped in the jar. Do this for 10–20 seconds.
  3. Reseal your jars.

How often should you burp your jars when curing?

Burp your buds twice daily during the first week of curing, then once every 2–3 days in the weeks after that. When you open the jars, smell your buds—if you notice a faint ammonia-like aroma, they are still too wet. In that case, remove the flowers from the jars and put them in a brown paper bag or between some odourless paper towels. Store the buds in a dark, dry place for an extra 1–2 days to remove any excess moisture. Jar them up again, and start the curing process once more.

Do you still need to burp your jars if the relative humidity is okay?

Many growers opt to use humidity packs to take the guesswork out of curing. These packs work great and keep the humidity levels in your jar at the perfect range to help your buds cure. Nonetheless, you'll still want to burp your jars when using humidity packs to ensure no moisture builds up.

Burping cannabis: A crucial part of the curing process

Burping Cannabis: A Crucial Part Of The Curing Process

Burping cannabis is a crucial part of the post-harvest curing process. By releasing moisture and CO2 and replenishing the oxygen in your curing jars, burping ensures your buds cure nice and slowly, taking on rich flavours and retaining their potency—all while staying protected against mould and other pathogens.

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