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Animals That Can Get Us High

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You may know the tale of licking toads to get high, or have heard some other tales of animals making for a psychoactive good time. Now, before you go toad hunting or engaging in any behavior involving innocent animals, you need to read this article. Find out about animals that can get us high!

As humans, we were not the first to discover the joys of getting buzzed with mind-altering substances. Many species of animals have been getting their kicks with the help of magic mushrooms, fermented fruit or coca leaves long before man even appeared on the scene. We know of drunk birds dropping from the skies, wallabies in Tasmania getting high as kites and “going around in circles” and let’s not forget those monkeys in the Caribbean where “most of them only drink in moderation” but a good 12% of them are considered “heavy drinkers.”

It was only a matter of time before humans would come along and co-opt the fun, indulging in various substances to achieve a high. But as it turns out, plants aren’t the only kingdom providing sensational effects. In fact, some animals can get us high all by themselves. Let’s take a closer look at which animals out there can intoxicate us with more than just their fascinating appearances.



Scorpion venom’s use as a narcotic is rather common in some parts of Pakistan, India and Southeast Asia. In some regions, people extract the scorpion venom by first harvesting the insects, then grinding them into a powder. Afterwards, the powder is either smoked pure or mixed with tobacco or hash.

Reports from those who have smoked scorpion venom cite it as a very powerful hallucinogenic substance, with effects that can last for many hours. Before you consider trying this out for yourself, you may want to know that scorpion venom isn’t exactly “healthy” when consumed. While some varieties of scorpion venom “merely” cause severe side-effects like insomnia and sleeping disorders, others can be downright fatal.

Rather than acquiring and grinding up a bunch scorpions (as if that isn’t already disgusting enough), you may want to look into other (and much, much healthier) alternatives like Stargate2.0. This is an herb extract that incites some pleasurable euphoria, minus the displeasurable side effects like dying, of course.



In certain regions of India, the new craze for hard drug users is reportedly consuming cobra venom as an alternative to drugs like heroin and cocaine.

“Hey, Wanna Buy Some Cobra?”

Where previously snake charmers merely entertained with their skills, now it seems that a number of them found a decent extra income by doubling up as drug peddlers. There is an entire supply chain built on folks who catch the snakes, those who extract the venom and the dealers who sell it. All of this is of course highly illegal and done in secret on the black market.

“Youngsters Love The Cobra Venom To Get High”

The former snake charmer now turned cobra-venom-dealer has acquired some new skills. Apparently, the process to extract the venom involves milking the cobra, after which the venom is poured into a glass of water. In order to achieve the venom’s full effects, it must be consumed “in five seconds.” Some users appear to be so hot for the venom that they take it “with bread during breakfast.”

There is a lot we don’t know about cobra venom highs aside from its potential danger that has Indian doctors freaking out. Getting bitten by a venomous snake sure isn’t something that people normally look forward to.

The effects of this poison can be quite bad, and by “bad,” we mean deadly. From that point of view, we suggest you stay away from cobra venom if you want to survive its crazy high.



The belief that you lick toads to get high is a longstanding myth that is simply false. What’s true, however is that some species of toad, for instance one belonging to the funny name Bufo alvarius who can be found in the Sonora desert of Mexico and some parts of Southern Texas, do indeed produce an extremely potent hallucinogenic poison.

While the toad doesn’t carry his potent load for you to lick, this specimen has horns with glands that produce bufotoxins - and yes, these will make you trip balls! The toxin that Bufo produces contains crazy amounts of 5-MEO-DMT which is assumed to be the most potent hallucinogen known to man. For consumption, you would “milk” the horns of the toad and then dry the goo on a piece of paper.

It is believed that natives of the aforementioned areas knew about the hallucinogenic effect of Bufo toads since ancient times. Here and there you can still find the modern psychonaut roaming around in the desert, trying to find a toad for some serious trippin’. And while it is technically not illegal to be caught with the Bufo toad, it is against the law to extract and traffic the bufotoxin because of its insane potency among the likes of other hard drugs.

To learn more about psychedelic experiences with the Bufo alvarius toad, you can check out 5-MEO-DMT And The Toad Prophet.



You may wonder how bees made it on our list of animals that make you high. Well, let us explain.

Honey has attributed all sorts of healthful and miraculous benefits long before modern civilization. There is evidence that even prehistoric cultures considered honey a gift of the gods, way before the advent of more technologically advanced cultures like Ancient Egypt. Ancient tombs have been unearthed in China containing jars of still-edible(!) and sweet honey, evidence of its importance in consumption and spirituality.

Today it is assumed that honey does indeed have some pharmaceutical qualities. It is believed to boost the immune system, help with cold and flu symptoms and of course, it tastes awesome!

Now, let’s get to the “getting high” part. You may already know that honey is made by bees after collecting pollen from flowers. Now, some of these bees seem to know what’s good for them as they treat themselves with the plant Atropa belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade. Nightshade also happens to be one of the most hallucinogenic species in existence. All you need to do now is add the pieces together: Bees, collecting pollen and the super-potent Belladonna and yes, you’d be right to think that the result would be quite, well, mind-blowing: psychoactive nightshade honey!

Nightshade honey is said to have psychedelic effects that can cause altered perception, characterized by euphoria and hallucinations. Nightshade honey isn’t common per se, but can be found in some areas of the world where it is sold as liquor. Now you know why we put bees on our list!


Spanish Fly

The Spanish Fly is one of the least recognizable additions to our list. In earlier times, it was used throughout Europe in traditional apothecaries as an aphrodisiac. Historically, Spanish Fly was very popular in France with the naughty Marquis de Sade giving it to some prostitutes in an orgy. Unfortunately, the Spanish Fly had a rather negative effect on the ladies: instead of making them horny, it killed them.

The Spanish Fly is actually a green beetle that contains the active component cantharidin in its shell. This cantharidin is quite potent stuff and can cause burns and blisters, the reason these otherwise nice-looking, green shimmering beetles are also called Blister Beetles. Today, cantharidin is found in products for wart and tattoo removal, although in heavily diluted concentrations.

As for the aphrodisiac properties of cantharidin, the unlucky prostitutes of the Marquis were probably not the only ones who found out the hard way that the Spanish Fly doesn’t really work that well. What is true is that even a small dose of it incites a rush of blood to the penis, causing an erection. On the other hand, one may want to weigh the benefits of a nice erection against the drawbacks of blistering, vomiting and the unfortunate potential side effect of dying. So, no, not good at all! But no reason to panic: The “Genuine Spanish Fly” that your Granny may have gotten you as a gift on her vacay in Mexico is almost certainly fake anyway.


Wasp Venom

There is some evidence that wasp venom presents extraordinary psychoactive properties. One individual on Erowid reported being stung by a bunch of the yellow bastards, resulting in a strange and focused high along with the unexpected side effect of arousal.

Looking into scientific research on wasp venom, it is revealed that wasps inject neurotransmitters (norepinephrine) into the bloodstream when they sting, constricting small arteries in humans. As a result, blood flow slows, keeping the venom in one location so it can only do local damage.

Norepinephrine is known to benefit concentration and improve mental clarity, as well as increase sexual desire. In other words, the guy’s strange experience after meeting these yellow fuckers is awarded some scientific credibility! On the other hand, getting stung by a bunch of wasps to have a good time sure couldn’t be a more stupid and impracticable idea, even if the venom works! We think you’d be better off looking into other options that will get you high without ruining your body.

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