5-MEO-DMT And The Toad Prophet
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5-Meo-Dmt And The Toad Prophet

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VICE have just released a new video of their reporters exploring the power of 5-MEO-DMT – the strongest hallucinogen known to man, and it is pretty awesome.

The Sonora desert of Mexico is home to a unique bunch of people. Or should we say, a bunch of people with a fairly unique resource at their disposal. This is because the desert is also home to Bufo Alvarius, a species of toad that produces insane amounts of 5-MEO-DMT within its body - and the native people have been harnessing it since before records began.

What makes this particularly interesting is that 5-MEO-DMT is currently thought to be the most potent hallucinogen known to man – and these DMT containing toads can be found all over Sonora. Not passing up the chance to find out more, VICE sent some reporters to check it out. Along with their guide, Dr. Octavio Rettig, they delve deeper into the significance of this drug, and even try it out for themselves.

You can check out their journey in the VICE video below!

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