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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Hawaiian'

 4.5/5 (218)

    very fast delivery, very fast growth and very good harvest! They are powerful and so beautiful! So much love!


    Got a replacement kit for my first contaminated kit which smelled incredible yeasty and had green mould, now this one seems to be contaminated as well. My golden teachers are fine. Just annoying waste of my time!


    Good quality
    Happy little mushrooms :)


    Very statisfied
    The mushrooms were very potent and the two first harvests gave us 21 grams of dried mushrooms, enough for aproximately sixteen satisfying trips. The only hinge was that we were unable to understand clearly when we were supposed to collect the mushrooms. We let the veils brake and the spores were released onto the kit which we had to clean to avoid sterilizing the second growth. A picture or a more precise description of the moment when we should have collected them would be nice. A good product and a safe bet.


    Strong and quick.
    Grows quickly, and is really strong. 2g sends you into space. Recommended!


    Extremely fast growing, beautiful mushies! Just harvested a bigger part of the first flush, huge clusters in about 6 days from the first pinheads, and they still continue to pop up.. I'm super happy, absolutely recommend it, thank you Zamnesia and Supa Gro!


    Excellent trip
    My friend took 25 g and I took something over 54 g and had a excellent trip, laughed so hard I almost poo myself the grow kit was overall excellent, was first time doing this and now just waiting for second flush, will keep buying here, cheers guys !


    Vraiment super, rapport quantité prix excellent, et très bon trip. Un des meilleur de Zamnesia.


    Hawaiian is the go to strain. reliable, potent and abundant!


    First time growing
    The trip was pretty amazing, I was in another dimension. But harvested only 57g fresh mushrooms from first flush, I hope that second one will give me much more fruits!

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